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Love before the Yakuza

Chapter One

"Minato" a blonde haired man said the guy had his hair in a high ponytail and his long bang that covered his right eye.

"Yes dear big brother" Minato gave a sunshine smile.

Arashi Namikaze soon to be Uzumaki folded his arms "are you going to come and see your nephew?" he asked.

Minato nodded "of course" he replied "what was his name again?" he asked.

"Deidara" Arashi replied.

Minato clicked his fingers "that's it" he said Arashi grabbed a hold of Minato's ear and pulled him upwards "oww that hurts old man"

"What did you just call me?" Arashi said pulling a bit harder.

They both walked to a door opening it wider a woman with red hair that was hanging past her shoulders was tied into a messy bun she laid back in the bed with a bundle in her arms. Minato and Arashi stepped into the room "I see you bought him" she said.

"Yes Kyuubi what a brat he is" he said pushing Minato in and let go of his ear.

Arashi moved forward as Minato started to rub his ear and walked towards Kyuubi "let me" he said Kyuubi Uzumaki handed the baby to Arashi "Minato this is your nephew Deidara" he said handing the baby to him.

Minato looked down at the small baby in his arms pushing back the blanket that covered his forehead "look at that" Arashi said peering over "he has a little red hair"

Minato smiled leaning down and kissing the baby's forehead. The baby pursed his lips "hello cutie" Minato smiled.

Kyuubi and Arashi watched Minato smooth down the baby's tuft of hair before gazing at the small creature.

Minato smiled "if you ever need advice on girls don't bother coming to me" he told the baby who grappled at the air "now boys we'll get along mighty fine" Deidara yawned.

Deidara gripped a hold of Minato's pinkie once he grasped his small hands.


"Look its Izuna Uchiha" a couple of girls giggled.

Minato looked up from his school books where he was sitting at the back of the class raising an eyebrow as the girls continued to giggle and fawn over the Uchiha kid.

"Can I take this seat?"

Minato looked up speak of the devil and he will soon appear Izuna stood beside him "Izuna right?" Minato said. Izuna raised an eyebrow "don't worry everybody knows your name" Minato smiled "what does everybody say about you again 'oh Izuna he's so hot" he teased.

Izuna smirked "I like you" Izuna sat down.

Minato got back to his work.


Minato put his bag down at the foot of the stairs "I'm home" he called walking into the kitchen and opened the fridge door he took out some instant ramen "yum" he said moving over to the counter to prepare.

The front door opened and somebody called him Minato turned round as a younger Tsunade walked through the door with less wrinkles "Minato"

Tsunade walked in and put her car keys onto the table "where were you?" Minato asked.

Tsunade hit Minato round the head "oww ma why did you do that for?" he said rubbing the back of his head.

Tsunade put her hands on her hips "your making Ramen and not doing me or your father any" Tsunade scolded him.

"Because I didn't know you were here. Where is dad anyway?"

Tsunade unpacked the groceries "up in his study writing those Pervy books again" Minato nodded pouring the hot water into the ramen pot.

Opening the cupboard after putting some cereal onto the shelf Tsunade threw the paper bag away "how is my grandson" Tsunade asked.

Minato stuck the fork into the pot "Arashi is meant to be bringing him later" he said stirring the hot water.

Tsunade placed her closed fists on her hips "we'll call your brother up then I would like to see my grandson now rather than later" she said clipping Minato's ear and left.

Minato pouted "why me"


"Deidara is a fine name" Jiraiya said he had shorter hair, holding the baby in his arms "why'd you call him Mud for?" he asked.

Arashi rolled his eyes "we didn't name him mud Father, Me and Kyuubi liked the female English name Deidre and we wanted a girl but we got a boy instead"

Jiraiya bounced the bundle "it still means Mud Arashi no matter how you look at it" he said handing the baby to Kyuubi.

Kyuubi settled the baby against her "thanks dad" she kissed his cheek and smiled.

Minato slapped his hands together "well I'm going to go upstairs and whack off" he said.

Tsunade seethed "what did you just say?"

Minato smiled "I said I'm going upstairs to watch telly" he walked off.

Tsunade sighed "what a brat"

"Don't worry Ma somebody will sort him out" Arashi said raising and eyebrow "eventually"


A tall man with Black eyes and ebony coloured hair got out of the limo straightening his suit a whole group of students watched his movements.

Izuna walked down the tiny hill from the school "Fugaku" he called running faster up to the man leaning against his limo.

The man looked at Izuna's ruffled outfit "you're late" Fugaku Uchiha stated.

Izuna stopped in front of him "sorry big Brother I got distracted"

Fugaku sighed "just get in the car I don't think I want to know what you were doing" he opened the car door and Izuna got in.

Minato walked down the tiny hill with a group of people the limo had already driven from the curb "Minato are you alright?" a guy asked.

Minato nodded "yeah I just thought I saw a really hot guy"

"Okay I changed my mind I don't want to know"

Minato watched he curb where the limo was and Fugaku once stood.


"Uncle Izu" a black haired child ran up to Izuna and crashed into his legs "hey Tobi" Izuna said leaning down and picked the small boy up.

The kid rubbed his nose "is Tobi a good boy?" the child said.

Izuna smiled and ruffled his hair "you're a very good boy Tobi" he replied putting the boy down once another boy walked into the room he was much older than Tobi.

"Hey Uncle Izuna" he waved at him.

"Hey Shisui are you looking after your brother?" he said with his hands in his waist.

Shisui put his arm round Tobi's shoulder and gazed up at Izuna "yes of course I am"

"Good is your father here?" he asked Shisui nodded and pointed to his office Izuna left.

"Uncle Fuu" Tobi ran up to him "where are Sai, Sasuke and Itachi?" Tobi asked.

Fugaku placed his hand on top of Tobi's head "with their mother" Tobi nodded and smiled up at his uncle "now go play" he said Shisui and Tobi ran off to the other room.

Fugaku walked up the stairs and into his parents' bedroom "ah Fugaku you came" a man with grey hair sat up in bed.

"Father it's good to see you again"


Deidara blew some bubbles "Ewww nasty" Minato held him away from him under his arms.

Kyuubi walked into the room with a bottle of milk "don't hold him like that" she scolded "do you want to feed him you might need practice when you have your own" she said.

"I doubt that Kyuubi" he said "I'm gay if you haven't noticed and we're kind of missing an important body piece for that" Minato handed Deidara to Kyuubi.

"Your only fifteen Minato you don't know that yet" Kyuubi said setting Deidara against her.

"I've known since I was ten" Minato slurped up his Ramen as Kyuubi fed Deidara.


Fugaku walked round the desk to sit in the chair he leaned on his elbows onto the desk 'sometimes I hate this kind of life and other times' there was a knock on the door he looked up "enter" the door opened.

A women with black hair walked in "Fugaku" she said.

"Mikoto" Fugaku stated.

"Are you coming down to eat dinner with me and the boys?" she asked.

Fugaku shook his head "not today I have work to do" he said moving the paper.

Mikoto huffed crossing her arms "seriously work is more important than having dinner with your children and your wife" Mikoto asked.

"The current situation is more important" he said looking down at the paper.

"Fine the boys will start to ask questions" Mikoto left.

Fugaku steeled his finger and leaned back in the chair.


"Minato-sempai" a grey floppy haired 11 years old called out running towards him. Minato turned round "Kakashi"

Kakashi Hatake hesitated and stopped beside Minato he was shorter than Minato "guess what happened today?" he asked "remember I told you about Obito Uchiha right?"

Minato squinted his eyes "you might have mentioned it"

Kakashi rolled his eyes "of course I have Sensei Obito's uncle is in your class you know Izuna" he informed him "Obito invited me for a sleepover with Dolphin-Chan and Yamato Kohai" Kakashi smiled.

"Well good for you" he said ruffling his hair "your finally making friends" he said they both started to walk.

Kakashi and him walked outside and stood on the path "we're waiting for Obito's other uncle to pick me up" Kakashi rubbed his nose "I think his name is Fugaku something" they waited for a second "oh look there they are" he waved as a black haired and a black haired kid ran towards them.

A car pulled up Minato watched them leave and carried on walking.

Inside the car Kakashi strapped in the car seat "was that your brother Kashi?" Obito Uchiha asked.

Kakashi shook his head "no that's my cool sempai you baka"


Mikoto Uchiha held a shopping basket with her both hands and her handbag across her shoulders she walked through the supermarket 'I'm getting quite tired of everyone else doing my shopping for me' a man in a suit followed close behind her she stopped "I'm okay Maximillion honestly"

The man smiled "I know Mrs Uchiha but it's my orders to guard you"

Mikoto smiled and picked a punnet of small baby tomatoes "these type are Sasuke's favourite and I should pick some Fishcakes too he seems to be taking a liking to them" she mumbled to herself picking some tea from the shelf.

They walked out of the supermarket her and Maximillion walked over to the car "I'm glad I can get what I need" there was a gun shot and she slumped to the floor Maximillion ran to her side as she was on the floor on her back "Mikoto-san"


Tsunade switched the TV on "what's happening in the world today" she switched the channel over.

The news flashed across the screen "breaking news" the news reader moved some papers "there has been a shooting just outside the Cosnet in Shibuya we have no new information in who it was yet but we are still working on it"

Tsunade shook his head "oh dear it's getting worse" she tutted and turned it off.

There was a slamming of the door "Mom I'm home" Minato called walking into the room.

"Hi Brat" Tsunade looked up.

Minato sighed and sat on the sofa dropping his bag by his feet "what have you been doing all day Baa-chan" he asked Tsunade hit him round the head in response "fuck" Minato cursed she hit him again.


Fugaku watched the coffin that was being lowered into the empty hole, his three sons stood sat beside him as they huddled together crying.

Izuna turned his head to look at Madara and the rest of his family before watching forward 'life of the Yakuza nobody is safe'


"Minato it's good to see you again" Izuna said

Minato turned round "Uchiha"

Izuna gave a smile "it's Izuna we're friends after all right?" he asked.

Minato turned to him "that's what's you call it but I call it hello and goodbye relationship" Minato said.

Izuna smiled "so you staying after school?" he asked and began to walk alongside Minato.

Minato raised his eyebrow "do I look like a guy that would stay after school?"

Izuna looked at him up and down "I guess not" he shrugged.

"And yet you're still following me"

Izuna itched his arm "no I happen to walk in the same direction as you" Izuna laughed.

"Izuna are you terrorizing people again" a voice said they both turned to look Izuna smiled up at his brother "Madara"

Minato looked at him "whoa you're huge" Minato blinked.

"I thought Fugaku was picking me up today?" Izuna asked

"He was but I offered so" Izuna looked at Minato.

"See you later Minato" Izuna said. Minato turned and left waving his arm up.

Izuna sat down in the car opposite Madara "I can't believe I got interrupted again" Izuna leaned on the window the limo started to move.

Madara smirked "did I ruin your wooing" Madara asked with a raised eyebrow he had his arms closed.

Izuna looked at him "so what if I was Maddy" he asked and looked back out of the window.

"For one thing he is younger than you and plus he is the Mayor Jiraiya Namikaze's son" Madara explained.

Izuna shrugged "so"

"Father has already got a bride for you"

"Fuck that I like Men"