LBY – Scene change

Love before the Yakuza

Chapter Four

September 1992

"This is my younger Sister Kushina Uzumaki" Kyuubi smiled moving aside to see a teenaged girl with long red hair that reached her back side and had swept bangs across her forehead "Kushina this is Arashi's younger brother Minato" Kushina gave a head nod.

Minato turned round to Kyuubi "I'm going out to meet a couple of friends. Can I go?" Minato asked.

Kyuubi gave a gentle smile "you don't have to ask but be back before we lock the door" she said kissing Minato's cheek. Minato smiled "have fun"

Minato waved "it's nice to meet you Kushina" he said turning and leaving.

Kushina drunk some of her coffee and taking a deep breath "he certainly looks like Arashi" she said drinking some more.

Kyuubi placed a bowl in front of Deidara as he sat in his high chair, Deidara went for the food with his hands she looked at Deidara who had just placed his hand in his dinner "Don't make a mess Deidara" she wiped his hand.

Deidara looked up "Mama" he said licking his hand, Kyuubi fed him with a reasonable amount on the spoon but Deidara firmly shut his mouth closed and shook his head.

Kushina sneered and drunk the last of her coffee "I can't believe you had a kid they are a waste of time" she shook her head and opened the newspaper to read.

Kyuubi sighed "not this kid subject again, it's all you talk about not having kids and how they take all of your money and time. But frankly Kushina they are worth having" Kyuubi said wiping Deidara's mouth.

The front door opened "Honey I'm home" Arashi called he had placed his keys at the front door "what's that limo doing outside?" he walked in "Oh Hi Kushina"

Kushina glanced up "Hi"

Kyuubi looked up at the doorway as Arashi unbuttoned his jacket "what Limo?" she asked looking out at the window across from her.

Arashi looked out "it's gone that's strange"


Fugaku looked out of the limo window as it passed the many houses 'I saw Arashi Namikaze but no Minato' the limo phone rang. Fugaku reached over and put it to his ear "Yes" he answered.

"Fugaku-Sama, Master Yutaka passed an hour ago"

"Thanks for telling me" Fugaku sighed "I better start making arrangements can you get the funeral home a call for me" he said licking hip lip and hanging up. 'old man is gone but I still need to find out about Minato'


Minato sat in a room with several other students in the cafeteria "hey Minato you coming to Nigel's party this weekend?" a guy asked.

Minato looked up "I'll think about it"

The guy rolled his eyes and sat down next to him "you always say that when someone invites you out anywhere" he said going back to his work that was open in front of him.

Another guy looked up from his own book opposite Minato "Jello-o" the guy picked it up "you want it?" he asked Minato shook his head "you sure?"

Minato nodded again "I'm sure Nigel?" he picked up his tray and walked "so you coming to my party this weekend" he asked him.

"I don't know"

"You always say no" Nigel gave a pout

"I'll think about it okay" he said to him.


Fugaku sat in the limo that was parked outside the college; he looked out of the window.

Minato walked down the steps with Nigel "whoa a limo" Minato came to a stop and had a look then his eyes widened at the car.

The door opened and Fugaku got out Minato stared at him as hew walked up to them "hello again Minato Namikaze".

"I told you I never wanted to see you again" Minato stated.

"I'm not here to see you Minato Namikaze I am here to give a speech" he walked passed him and walked pass him and up the stairs.

"Who was that?" Nigel asked him.

"Just some douche I knew back in Japan" he told him and began walking.


Minato sat down on his bed lying on his back he covered his face and sighed into them 'What are you doing here Fugaku? Why now when I have finally decided to forget you"

Minato removed his hands and sighed once again staring at the ceiling 'God he has not aged a day'


Fugaku walked up to the house and knocked on the door he put his hands in his pockets and then the door opened. "You" Minato's voice said.

Minato stood in the middle of the hall, Fugaku walked in and shut the door behind him "Hello Again"

Minato hitched Deidara on his waist "Why are you here?" he asked him.

"Am I not allowed to say hi" Fugaku teased walking in more.

"No you are not and why are you coming in" he asked him and Deidara watched from his uncles arms.

Fugaku looked at the child "he looks like your brother" he said stating the obvious.

"Yeah I know….I was just about to put him down for his nap" he walked up the stairs and then the older man followed him up

Minato walked out of the room once Deidara was safely tucked in bed "what the" Fugaku pushed him against the wall Minato blinked "over a year" Fugaku gave a shake of the head.

"Yeah which makes me 16 now and here I am officially legal" he raised an eyebrow and gave his lips a licked.

"Your right" Fugaku moved his hands either side of Minato's face. Fugaku stroked down his jaw line with his forefinger and thumb. Minato breathes out just as Fugaku's face moved closer. Leaning forwards their lips hovered over each others "do you want me to kiss you?"

Minato give a mumble "if you want" he stated.

Fugaku gave him a soft kiss "hmmm" Minato sighed, Fugaku then kissed him again "my rooms that way" he inclined his head.

"No…..not yet" he kissed him again "w-w-why I" he kissed again "your worth more than a quick lay" Minato put his forehead on his shoulder.

"At least let me take you to my room" he took his hand and pulled him "okay".

Minato opened the door and they walked into the room "its not much but its home" he faced the bed and Fugaku came up behind him he placed both ands on his hips.

Minato's eyes closed

"Hmmmmm" Fugaku kissed at the side of his head "you really smell nice" Minato chuckled "if I smell nice then" he took his hand and moved it "I know what you said is true".

Fugaku continued kissing his neck "get on the bed" he told him "on your back" Minato moved and did as he was told and removed his shirt.

Fugaku undone his tie and got on the bed after him.

Arashi got out of the car and looked at the limo that was again parked outside his house and walked and entered the house.

"Minato I'm home" he called to him and entered the kitchen "I ordered pizza…did you see that limo out there again" he asked.

There was a noise on the stairs.

Fugaku walked to the door "so Min a…you" Arashi turned round "hello Mr Namikaze came here to see Minato" he told him.

"Well you wouldn't be here for any other reason" Arashi folded his arms. "I would like you to leave please" Arashi said to him.

"I will be leaving" he turned "I will be here for a while and Minato knows" he left.

Arash sighed.


Fugaku took his suit jacket off and on to the bed he walked to a cabinet and took out a glass and poured himself a drink "hmmmmm" he sat on the bed and rubbed at his temples before finishing the rest of his drink.

There was a knock on the door "yes" he answered the knock. The door opened and a guy walked in "you have a phone call from Master Madara" he told him.

"I will take it here" he handed him the phone and the guy left "Hello Madara….business has not been completed here yet…..I am making progress" he stated "I'm not debating this with you" Fugaku put the glass down "see you soon brother" he hung up and leaned back.

"Don't worry Minato Namikaze everything will be sorted out soon"


Minato walked into the crowded house "you made it" Nigel walked up to him "yeah" he answered "come on can I get you a d rink" he asked and Minato followed him.

"Just a coke will do thanks" he answered "oh come on" Nigel raised an eyebrow "fine just once and that's it" Nigel gave a nod.

Minato walked to the food table and picked up something to eat "Minato you came" a girl with curly black hair came up to him

"Oh hi Jennifer how are you" he asked.

Jennifer smiled "so I was thinking" she put her hand on his arm he looked at I "me and you could hang out" she asked.

"Um…..you see" he scratched at his cheek "his in a relationship" a familiar voice said and Minato turned his head "Izuna".

Izuna smiled "who the hell are you?" she asked.

"I am sorry my English is not so good" he looped arms with Minato "I'm just going to take Minato with me for a while" they walked off.

"But you just used perfect English" she called out

"I thought I remember telling you and all Uchiha's to stay away from me" he said "look it's been a whole year and I don't know what Fugaku did" he stated.

"Nothing I just had enough that's all" he folded his arms "yeah sorry" Izuna smiled.

"So how do you like it here?" he asked.

Minato shrugged his shoulder "its home" was the answer he got.

Izuna nodded, Minato licked his lips "So what's the real reason you are here?" Minato asked.

"Fugaku had business here and I tagged along" Izuna said and smiled.

"Are you going to leave now"

Izuna rolled his eyes "okay fine, fine I'm leaving" he moved "I will see you Minato" Izuna left

Minato gave a sigh 'I can not get away from the Uchiha's'


Fugaku got out of the bed, stretching he reached over for his rope and put it on. Tying it up now as he stood up pushing the covers away from his body.

Fugaku opened the door "Minato" he stated.

Minato blinked "ah hi" he rubbed his upper arm

"Come in" he let him in and shut the door

Minato looked around "this place is nice" he walked to the bed; Fugaku locked the door after closing it.

"I'm glad you decided to come here" he said to him.

"Yeah me to…..I was debating coming" Minato told him. Minato walked and sat on the bed he looked around. Fugaku walked dup and Minato then undone his robe and opened it.

"Hmmm" he gripped a hold of his cock and nuzzled above the base "you're definitely hard" he slid his mouth over the head and sucked.

Fugaku placed his hand on the back of his head "yes" he closed his eyes.

Minato was on his side curled up in the middle of the bed, Fugaku slept spooned behind him he opened eyes and looked at the other man sleeping peacefully "Hmm" Minato gave a little moan.

Fugaku then kissed his shoulder "hmmmm what time is it?" he asked but didn't move.

"4am" he answered.

"Hmmmm" Minato nuzzled the pillow "my arse is fucking killing me"

Fugaku smirked against his skin "can you guess why?"

"Duh" Minato sighed and took a deep breath shifting his body "I really should go" he said.

Fugaku tightened his arm round him "move back to Japan with me" he asked.

"I can't" he paused closing his eyes "not just yet" he told him putting his chin against his collarbone and relaxed against Fugaku's body.


Deidara clapped his little hands Minato sat opposite him "come on say my name?" he asked him.

"Don't wanna" he stated.

"Oh come on Deidara just say it" he whined Deidara shook his head "fine" Minato stood up "oh jeez my back".

Deidara stood up and hugged his uncles leg "Un"

Minato picked him up "un that's a funny word…..is that my name is it un" he asked Deidara the blondes little ponytail bouncing.

"Okay my name is Un" he kissed his forehead "your such a cutie" he kissed him again "hmmm" Deidara rubbed at his eyes.

The door bell rung "come on let's go see who that is shall we" they left and walked to open the front door he opened it.

"Flower delivery for Minato Namikaze" the guy on the door step held a clip board in his hands

"Um yes" he took it and signed his name "Here you go" he handed him it back "okay kitchen is on the left" he told him and walked into the kitchen.

Deidara placed his thumb in his mouth the man walked in and held a bunch of roses he put them down and left "it doesn't have a card" said Minato. The guy walked back in with some more "there's m-more?" Minato asked.

"A couple more yes" he left again.

"Floosers" Deidara stuck his tongue out.

The guy came back in "those are the last of them" he put more down thanks" he left.

Minato walked up and picked up the little card

Minato Namikaze

See you soon xxxxxxx

Fugaku Uchiha