LBY – Scene change

Love before the Yakuza

Chapter Seven

November 1997

Minato placed Naruto in the swing "okay smile for me Naruto" he held a camera Naruto had an ice cream lolly in his hand and gave a sunshine smile.

"Good boy" he smiled Naruto waved "Deiii" he called.

Deidara ran over "yes" he said "push me eeee" he asked him "okay but I hafta do it slowy" he went behind him and the swing.

Minato stepped a little back he held up the camera again "smile boys" both boys did as they were told.

"Hm" he sat down on the bench and leaned "hi" Kyuubi sat down next to him he didn't react to her presence "I am so glad it is all out in the open".

"You do know why we did it" he said.

"I don't need to talk about this anymore" Minato said


29th December 1998

Madara held Izuna close to his body with his arms round Izuna's shoulders as he had his head on his shoulder "do you know how much I look forward to the days you come to see me" Madara nuzzled under Izuna's chin.

Izuna closed his eyes as he inhaled Madara's scent kissing his neck.

Madara put his hand on Izuna's shoulder "stop Izuna" he said.

Izuna pulled back from his neck and straddled Madara's lap "why do I need to stop Maddy" he asked talking before Madara could say another word "you love me don't you?"

Madara stroked his brother's face "you know I do Zuna" he said kissing Izuna on the lips gently.

Izuna closed his eyes putting his arms round his neck and deepened the kiss.

A younger Fugaku walked into one of the rooms "have you seen my brother?" he asked a teenaged Anko. She looked up "sorry no Uchiha-sama" she smiled.

Fugaku bit his lip and left.

Fugaku walked along the stairs Izuna walked past him with a bounce to his step "Izuna have you seen Madara?" he asked.

Izuna stopped in the middle of the stairs "I think he's in his room Fu" he said waving as he walked down the rest of the stairs. Fugaku walked up.

Minato was waiting at the bottom of the stairs "Min your here" Izuna said exuberantly walking up to him. Minato smiled and they hugged "Izzy"

Minato hugged him back "it's good to see you" Minato said stepping back. "I thought I might as well come with Fu and see you at the same time"

Licking his lip Izuna frowned "well you are married" Izuna said bitterly.

"Please don't Izzy don't do this" he said.

Izuna shrugged him off "whatever I'm going out"

"Little brother what do I owe the pleasure for your visit today?" Madara asked

Fugaku placed his hands on the desk and leaned over "I know what you have been doing with Izuna" he said.

Madara looked up "I don't know what you are talking about Fugaku" he shrugged.

Fugaku stepped back "I don't care what it is but we don't keep secrets in this family" he turned and left.

Madara walked to the window and watched Fugaku and Minato talking by the limo Madara crossed his arms smiling as he watched the car drive off.

Madara picked the phone up and redialled putting it to his ear "Zuna hey" he licked his lip.

"We've only just parted ways Maddy" Izuna said from the other end.

Madara sat down "doesn't matter meet me usual place" he said.

"Kay bye" Madara hung up.

Izuna looked side to side down the road licking his lip he ran to the other side of the road walking down the alleyway looking back over his shoulder; he opened the door pushing it wide. Walking further in the deserted room he walked over to Madara who had his back to him.

Madara looked over his shoulder and took Izuna's hands and raised them higher leaning down he kissed Izuna on the lips "what did Fugaku want?" he asked.

Madara put his arms round Izuna's shoulder "nothing"

12th January 2000

Fugaku's hands slammed down on Madara's desk "I told you to end it" he said "you and Izuna are brothers. Blood relation Madara you finish or I spill" Fugaku turned and left.

Madara leaned back in his chair 'it has to stop your right but how can I make it stop'

Izuna sat at the desk there was a light knock on the door "yeah" he called.

"You have letters"

Izuna looked back down at his book "just leave them there Kikamaru" he said the guy placed them down and left the room. Izuna picked the letter that was written up and moved the rest aside opening the envelope.


Fugaku knows about what we have been doing and I have argued with him but he doesn't understand what we have but I have seen his reasoning behind ending this relationship.

I have seen that our bond has overstepped the boundaries and we cannot continue what we have been doing Izuna we are blood and this affair is wrong we're brothers in all sense of the word. I don't want to hurt you but this is the only way for our bond to be kept a secret you have got to understand that I have no intention in seeing you once you have read this letter.

I hope that you can understand my reasons once we are apart.

All my love

Madara x

Izuna hit on the door "Madara open this door I want a damn explanation" Izuna hit the door with his fists. The door swung open.

"Izuna-Sama" a women answered the door.

"Where is he Amaya?"


Madara stood by the door as it slammed opened and hit the wall. Izuna held the letter in his hand "what is the meaning?" he said waving the letter in front of him.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked with the back to Izuna.

Izuna wiped his face "why?" he said letting the tears fall.

"exactly what it says Izuna it's wrong, we've always been wrong no matter how we look at it" he explained "we have responsibilities Zuna we have to settle down and get married" Madara crossed his arms as Izuna watched from behind.

Izuna scrunched the paper up in his hands "I hate you" he sneered "what we had wasn't love Maddy I wish you were dead" he shouted turning round and leaving shutting the door with a slam.

Madara opened his eyes they were bloodshot red and tears were formed in his eyes.

21 May 2002

Izuna entered through the window he wore all black he tiptoed across the floor making sure 22 year old Tobi slept peacefully and didn't stir he glanced over "Tobi's a good boy" Tobi mumbled.

Izuna petted his head "you are Tobi" he left the room.

Izuna walked along coming to a stop at a door reaching down he opened it quietly he stared over at Madara asleep on the bed with the covers pulled at his stomach he had a vest top on Izuna walked to the bed kneeling down and watched him sleep for a few seconds.

Standing back straight lifting his leg over Madara he pressed his knee on either side of his body reaching into his pocket he put the soaked tissue over Madara's mouth. "I love you Maddy" he said as Madara's eyes widened.


Madara was tired to the chair his head was slumped forward the door opened Izuna stepped in and walked over towards Madara "wake up Maddy" Izuna said stroking his face.

"Hm" Madara's eyes opened "Hm Una" he mumbled pulling at his bindings kneeling down he removed the gag from his mouth "what are you doing Izuna this is stupid"

Izuna shook his head "no Maddy it's not" he said standing up "I'm going to set fire to this place and we can be together forever like you said" he nodded kissing Madara's forehead.

Madara jumped on the seat "stop it" he shouted.

Placing his hand on Madara's cheek he smiled "I'll be back" he said leaving the room.

Madara's looked around "Izuna" he shouted struggling against the rope.

After a few minutes Izuna came back into the room holding a gas can that was already opened covering the floor around the room and caked Madara at his feet with the petrol once he had finished he threw the gas can on the other side of the room.

Licking his lip Izuna reached into his pocket and pulled some matches lighting it he looked over at Madara "nobody can stop us now Maddy" he said turning his back to him he threw the match outside in the hall and the fire roared to life.

Madara toppled his chair over and squeezed his hands out of the rope Izuna dropped to his knees next to Madara clutching onto his arms "don't you want to be with me" he pleaded tightening his hands on his arms.

Madara pushed his arms "no Izuna not like this" he said standing up pushing him away.

The beam holding the ceiling crashed down on top of Izuna's crushing him to the floor he screamed as it hurt "no" Madara kneeled down trying to push it away but the fire started to travel and Madara couldn't budge it

"Just go" Izuna said looking up at Madara "I'm sorry just go"

Madara looked down at Izuna in the eyes "I'm sorry too Zuna" he said leaning down and kissing him on the lips "I love you"

"Love you too" Izuna pushed Madara on the chest "don't forget me"

Madara stood outside of the burning building crossing his arms "I could never forget you Izuna" he said licking his lips and slumping his head forward his body shook as he sobbed into his hand.

A car pulled up behind him and the door swung open "Madara" came Fugaku's voice said from behind he placed his hand on his shoulder "we've got to get out of here before the feds turn up"

Madara shook his hand away walking away from Fugaku in the other direction coughing hard.


Minato sat down "I can't believe it" he whispered Fugaku sat with his arms crossed "neither can I" Fugaku said.

"Are we going to see Madara" Minato asked.

"Yes" he stood up "he collapsed just after he walked away" he said and left.

"Fuu are you okay?" Minato whispered to himself


Madara was in the hospital bed he had a mask over his mouth Orochimaru held a folder "he inhaled a lot of smoke".

"And a burn on his leg but he's going to be fine" he told him and then left. Minato patted Madara's hand "it's going to be all right Fuu" he said.

Madara's eyes opened and he coughed "I-Izuna" he asked and turned his head away Minato looked at Fugaku "were leave" Minato said and both he and Fugaku left the hospital room.

Madara looked straight head and a tear slid down his cheek


Minato opened his eyes and sat up Fugaku was in the bed "morning" Fugaku kissed him on the lips and leaned over him

They kissed again and again "hm god I love you I don't know what I do if I lost you" Fugaku told him.

"You will never lose me" Minato kissed him again


Sasuke walked into the kitchen "Sasuke-Sama" Anko smiled "what can I do for you on this lovely evening?" she asked him and smiled.

"I h-h-have a date" his face went red "really a date, do I know this person?" she asked him and he shook his head.

"Okay, so what can I do for you?" Anko asked him.

"I need a picnic sorted" he asked.

"I can do that Sasuke-Sama".


Madara looked at the burned out building he walked over the rubble and kneeled and picked up a photo it was burnt.

It was a picture of Izuna and Madara. Madara folder the photo up and placed it in his inside pocket of his jacket and turned round. "I'm sorry I wish things could have been different" he walked towards the limo and got in.

"Let's go" he said to the driver and drove away


Arashi picked up the phone "hello…..Minato it's been a while….oh I am sorry to hear that…..okay there love to see you" he put the phone down.

Kyuubi walked into the room

"Who was that?" she opened the oven and took something out "boys dinner" she called there were thumps Deidara and Naruto walked in and sat

"Calm down boys" Kyuubi smiled and put their plates down.

"Thanks momma" said Naruto and ate some beans.

"You okay Dei?"

Deidara drunk some juice and sighed "I'm just nervous about secondary school" he said.

"You'll be fine" said Arashi.

"Your be fine Deidara" Naruto repeated grinning up at his brother

"How can you be sure?" asked Deidara.

"We've all been through school" Kyuubi told him.

Arashi drunk "oh uncle Minato just called he should be visiting soon"

Naruto's face lit up "uncle Minato" he said and cheered.

Arashi and Kyuubi both smiled


"You didn't have to get me anything for my birthday" Fugaku said they were in bed "your my husband remember" he said to him.

"Okay" Fugaku kissed him on the lips "Are you going to give me a birthday blowjob? or do I have to ask for it?"

Minato raised an eyebrow

Minato sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand "did you enjoy yourself?" he asked straddling his lap.


Minato leaned down and they kissed on the lips and then again "love you"


January 2013

Minato got out of the bed and got dressed in a suit he walked and opened the door. "Master Minato" a servant walked pass he walked down the stairs the front door opened and Sasuke walked in "morning Sasuke-kun".

"Oh hello Minato-san" he said.

"What brings you out today?" Minato smiled.

"I'm leaving to see my family" he said.

"Okay…see you when you get back".


A limo pulled up outside the house the door opened and a blonde haired man in a suit got out. The man had spiky blonde hair blue eyes an older version of Naruto. "Bryce I won't be long" he went.

The man knocked on the door it took a lot longer to open.

"Uncle Minato" Naruto said "hello Naruto is your mother or father in?" the older blonde now known as Minato asked.

"Um no dad's not back from work and mum is out shopping, are you coming in?"

"No I can't stay long I'll come back soon"

"Okay" Minato left.

Minato sat in the limo "Arashi and Kyuubi should be back…..what's taking so long" he then looked at his watch

Minato looked out of the window a cop car pulled up 'what the hell' he got out and walked up to them "excuse me?" one of the policeman turned to him. "Hi I'm Minato Uchiha" he stated "my brother and his wife live there" he said.

"I'm afraid we have some bad news" she said

Minato's eyes widened


Naruto's face buried in Minato's neck "Shh" he rubbed his back "hic I" he cried.

Deidara just had his forehead on Minato's other shoulder.

"I'm sorry boys" Naruto cried and Deidara sniffled "were going to get through this together" he stated

"As family" Naruto asked and looked at his uncle.

"Yes a family".

The End…