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Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop


Rachel winced as the latte machine roared to life. Yoli's Coffee was a fun, vibrant place to work, but it was the epitome of loud.

Loud customers yelling their orders at her.

Loud machines grinding coffee beans or ice.

Loud assistant managers being jerks.

But it wasn't like she had a choice. At this point, she could either keep working at the shop, or pack her bags and move back in with her father.

Which wasn't an option, as her father was a crack addict and practically lived in his own feces.

And anyway, her two other jobs, one at a nightclub, and the other at a grocery store, were worse. So, she cut her losses, and decided it was best for her to just buy earbuds and deal with it.

The worst part about Yoli's was that it was situated next to her community college. So she got frat boys and prissy sorority girls popping in, laughing at her, ordering outrageously difficult orders, and popping out.

She also got Reggie Brown.

Reggie was the football captain. He was blond. He had gorgeous blue eyes.

And the IQ of a toilet.

All of which made him the prime target for all of the female affection.

So, he'd gotten a blown up head and a swagger that most people found intimidating.

Rachel found it exasperating.

At first, she'd felt bad for him. She knew how ruthless her gender could be when they wanted a guy, and she figured he'd be the point of attacks.

And then he'd started flirting, and it had all gone downhill.

She did not like Reggie like that; it was the simple truth.

But, being the idiot he was, he couldn't contemplate any female not liking him and chalked it up to her playing hard-to-get.

So, whenever she was working, she could count on him coming in, with a group of footballers and a blonde dangling from his arm, and start.

Accidentally brushing her chest or grabbing her butt. Trying to follow her to the bathroom, planting cameras in her employee locker…he wouldn't stop. Once, he'd actually grabbed her waist and tried to take her out.

Luckily, her friend Kori and Kori's boyfriend, Richard, the heir to Wayne enterprises and one of the few truly good guys in town, had walked in, and Richard had gone crazy.

There was nothing going on between Richard and Rachel, of course. He was like an older brother, and Reggie never bothered her when he was there.

But as he and Kori got closer and closer, they stopped coming as often.

And when he wasn't there…

"Rach! Looking as smokin' as ever!" A deep voice said from behind her.

"What do you want, Reggie?"

"A black coffee," He grinned, showing off his mouthful of pearly whites. "Oh, and you."

Rachel tried to suppress her shiver. The idea of getting touched by his meaty bear paws, his hot breath in her face and slimy tongue in her mouth….was repugnant.

"Sorry, Reggie. We only sell what's on the menu," She said, turning around to start the coffee. A hand reached across the counter and pulled the strap of her bra so that it snapped on her shoulder. With a growl she whirled around. "Reggie, what the he-"

And then he kissed her.

She pulled away as fast as she could. "What the hell, Reggie?"

"You like?" He grinned.

"No, no I don't." She seethed. "Now get the hell out of my shop, before I call the cops and sue you for sexual harassment."

"But I like it here," Reggie leered, leaning forward as if he was going to force another kiss on her.

Quickly, Rachel grabbed her heating cup full of black coffee and threw it in his face.

It wasn't hot enough to burn or scald him, just hot enough to give him a scare.

"You...," He seethed, wiping the liquid off of his face. "Oh, god, as soon as I get you…"

This time, Rachel did shudder.

And at that moment, a hand tapped on Reggie's back. He whirled around. "What?"

"Look, man, she doesn't like you like that," A calm voice said. "Why don't you just leave and find some cheerleader to play with?"

"You know what, I will," Reggie growled. "But I'm coming back, Rach. You're going to love me."

And with that, he stalked out, and Rachel got a good look at the owner of the voice.

He was tall, dark, and handsome. His skin was pale, pale enough that it look green in the light, but his eyes were wide and deep brown, and had huge smile lines. His black hair was tousled and he wore a gray polo and black jeans.

"Thanks," She said, tossing the empty cup into the trash and sighing.

"No problem. Does he do that often?" The man asked. Judging by his height and voice, he was about her age, maybe a year or two older.

"Every time he comes in. Which is every day." Rachel tried for a smile, but couldn't manage it.

"Have you told anyone? You could file a lawsuit or-"

"Can't afford one." She said shortly. "Anyway, I've been dealing with Reggie for months."

"Okay," He said. Rachel was surprised that he didn't pressure her into telling the cop or something. "And I'm Garfield."

Rachel snorted.

"It's a family name," He shrugged, blushing.

She instantly felt bad. "Yeah? Well, I like Garfield. I think it's…cute."

And then she blushed, realizing what she'd just said. "And, anyway, no body's ever been able to keep Reggie from doing….Reggie. I'm surprised he actually left."

"Well, I've got a thing with animals." He smiled gently, and leaned forward. She was about to jerk back when she realized he was reading her nametag,.

"I'll see you around, Rachel."

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