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Chapter One

Three days after Jack's death, Alex stood looking out over the Thames listening as the clock struck 12 noon, marking the start of her funeral in California. The hustle and bustle around the teenaged-superspy made no difference to his grief. In fact it made it easier to cope.

He stayed for three-quarters of an hour before moving off to make his 1 o'clock appointment with Blunt and Jones.

At 17 years old, Alex had seen almost everything that a person could see and still be sane; he'd made it his life's mission to bring Scorpia down to their knees and three years on it was crashing down around their heads. MI6 had finally given him the official status of Agent on his 16th birthday, avoiding any legalities, and had been adding to his trust fund as he completed various missions since he first began working for them at 14.

They'd provided for a tutor for the second year of his GCSE's and his grades had shot up giving the school no reason to not accept his request to continue studying at Brookland for his A-levels, apart from his absences of course.

Now, in the February of his AS', Scorpia had struck back intending to kill him but killing Jack instead. He body had been flown back to her family in California but MI6 had refused his request to attend her funeral. He understood, but was still bitter at not being able to say good-bye for the last time. That was what his time opposite the London Eye had been about.

But he had to move on with his life and was ready to see what Blunt and Jones felt was so important to talk about. He parked his Yamaha YZF-R1 across the street and walked into the Bank taking his helmet off as he went going straight to the elevator and up to the 17th floor.

Blunts' office was exactly as he remembered it, spacey but empty. Blunt, looking grey as usual, was seated behind his desk while Jones perched on a seat to Blunts' left sucking on a peppermint. For the hundredth time Alex wondered why she had that specific habit.

He smiled briefly and sank on the only remaining seat in the room opposite Blunt.

"Alex," said he. "We need to discuss an arising problem for you with this new government initiative. As you have heard our prime minister and his party have decided that due to the cuts made by the coalition to the Army, Air Force and Navy has left us without enough soldiers and they have devised a plan for four Comphrensive School's in London to visit a Navy, Army, Air Force and SAS base in England. Brookland has been chosen to take part in this initiative."

Jones took over as Blunt paused. "We tried to head them off Brookland but the more we did the more determined Mr. Miliband became that it would be your school to take part."

Blunt continued; "obviously this poses a threat to your secrecy but you are one of the students chosen for the initiative and there isn't much that we can do to stop it. So, we're going to take advantage of it. Your fitness will be tested at the appropriate level and you will continue to work towards increasing it."

Jones carried on; "Unfortunately Brookland has been chosen to visit the SAS in Brecon Beacons for the month trial. It begins on in one month and you may recognise some of the recruits and officers as they have a refresher course each year. None of them will be told that you are going back to Brecon. We are relying on your skills and the fact that you look different than you did three years ago."

Alex nodded and ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to take it all in. He understood of course, but he was still worried. If he met the unit he had trained with it may lead to some difficulty as he had bumped into them over the years. Luckily Ben wouldn't be there as he was the only one who could see through his 'disguises'.

Blunt spoke up again; "Your school will be told tomorrow that their school has been chosen to participate and that it is your year that is lucky enough to go. You will be all given a medical examination, but there are things that we can't explain away, so we will send word that you will be checked by your doctor before you leave. Good luck, Alex."

Alex smiled roughly, nodded to Mrs. Jones and left heading back to his house in Chelsea. As time had gone by he'd realised that he couldn't not be a spy and that it made no difference if he argued. Now that he was older he had more rights to backup, rest periods and medical help. His rest periods were still short but that was his choice, he found trouble on a regular basis and couldn't leave it alone. Alex had also become quieter, he could prod people in the right direction and was brilliant at getting most to give him all the information he needed but he was a great listener and picked up on things others might not.

Back home, Alex sighed and picked up the phone to call Tom, but unsure how to tell his best friend put it back down again. Making a cup of tea he switched on his laptop, found his chemistry coursework in the bottom of his bag and set to it.

He finished within a couple of hours, way ahead of all of his other classmates, thanks to his tutor, and headed to the attic where he had transformed Ian's old office into a training centre. He had mats, punch bags and weights. For the rest of his training he had his dojo down the road, his daily runs and the gym. Not to mention the monthly tests that MI6 set to make sure he stayed in shape.

Pulling out a mat, Alex set to push-ups and sit-ups before moving on to the punching bag. He attempted to wear himself out before eating warmed-up spaghetti bolognas and heading for a shower and bed.

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