Supreme Genetics - Creation of a Bloodline


The Fourth Great Ninja War was still looming and tenuous sides were being drawn between those who would be participating in the war. The Shinobi Alliance, still in its infancy is already threatening to fall apart over an unexpected issue that none of the great villages had foreseen. The Five Great Nations prepared for war and their representatives argued over which course of action to take in dealing with Madara and the Akatsuki. Konohagakure is currently embroiled in a controversy and was taking steps to try and remedy the issue of a political marriage proposal by the Raikage of Kumogakure that could threaten the fragile Alliance's existence, if not quickly dealt with.

The Leaf village's Council along with the leaders of the noble clans of Konoha and the Hokage had been in session for most of the day and the tension in the air was practically visible, as they discussed the marriage proposal by the Raikage towards Konoha.

"This is unacceptable!" Utatane Koharu bellowed to make her voice heard, before adding.

"As intriguing and politically sound it might be, we cannot give in to the demands of the Raikage."

"I have to agree, marrying off one of the most talented and gifted kunoichi the Leaf village has seen in over a generation to Kumogakure is beyond insanity, it's utterly ridiculous. We cannot hand over Haruno Sakura to the Raikage, her skills in the medical field are bound to surpass that of her master, let alone she also holds the Slug summoning contract. We cannot agree to such a deal." Hyuga Hiashi declared with conviction.

"Hear! Hear!" Several voices called out in agreement.

A small sigh escaped a person that had been up to now been entirely silent. The man rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers, before adjusting his glasses and stating.

"As much as I want to agree with the arguments against the Raikage's proposal, we have to think about the consequences. Kumo has agreed to suspend any hostilities against Konoha, as well as overlook our little ploy in the matter of the Hyuga incident years ago. And they are willing to formulize an alliance treaty with us to last beyond the war. Not to mention that if Kumo decides to withdraw its support of the recent enacted Shinobi Alliance because of our refusal. Can we really afford not to hand over young Haruno to the Raikage?"

"Homura are you insane?" Koharu bellowed at her long time friend, teammate, and lover before adding.

"Hiruzen as well as Sensei would never approve of such a deal. This proposal… It will only cripple Konohagakure in the long run."

"Homura-san does make a valid point. We cannot forget about the other great nations. Sunagakure has voiced their outrage at the Raikage's proposal and is threatening to leave the Alliance if he attempts to follow through with it." Nara Shikaku spoke up and silenced any arguments.

"But what are Suna's real intentions? They are allied with us regardless. If we are to fight Madara and his Akatsuki minions they have no choice than to follow our lead. None of this makes any sense!" Koharu muttered and rubbed her temples in order to release the building headache that was slowly forming.

A soft chuckle escaped from behind a tiny orange book and Kakashi spoke up.

"I wouldn't worry about Sunagakure. As many of you know, the Kazekage has a special relationship with Team 7. His objections to this proposal are purely a show of force towards the other Kages."

"Hatake-san a word please," Danzo spoke up as he gently caressed the top of his cane.

Kakashi's leveled a hard glare at the elderly shinobi and his voice turned several degrees colder, as he spoke.

"Danzo, you will address me as Hokage-sama and you shouldn't even be here after the stunt you pulled!

Kakashi raised his hand to silence Danzo's retort.

"However, you still have valuable information and assets within your Root program and I am not a blind man to see that despite your methods, you have the best intentions for Konoha at heart. But let me be clear Danzo, one more step in the wrong direction and I will end you personally, is that clear?" Kakashi proclaimed in a very calm voice that held so much murderous intent that several people within the meeting squirmed uneasily on their seats.

Danzo merely chuckled as his lone eye looked straight at Kakashi, as if a snake was studying their prey and calculating when to strike, as he replied.

"To be expected of the Yondaime's precious student, such a refined killing intent without the use of chakra, it is commendable."

"Should I take that as an insult or a compliment?"

"Take it as you wish Hokage-sama." Danzo answered with a hint of disdain in his voice before continuing.

"However, I did not come here to argue my past actions with you. I came here simply as the Black Ops Commander of Root and I have an alternative solution to propose that should solve our problem with the Raikage and keep this fledgling Shinobi Alliance from falling."

Quiet murmuring broke out and Kakashi sighed as he closed his orange book and placed it away. He folded his hands on top of his table and nodded for Danzo to proceed. The old war hawk smiled and slowly stood up from where he sat and walked into the center of the room. As he came to a stop, he studied each individual carefully, before addressing the entire council.

"Honored Councilmen and Clan leaders, you have all voiced your opinions and concerns about this marriage proposal all day, but none of us have given a thought towards solving the problem."

More murmurs broke out and Danzo raised his good arm to call for silence but when nobody obeyed, Danzo turned towards Kakashi and without asking; the Hokage nodded and slammed his gavel down calling for order.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." Danzo muttered in appreciation and returned to studying each councilman, as he continued on.

"As I was saying, we are in need of a solution that will not only let Konoha keep their prized kunoichi and our pride, but also ensure that the Raikage isn't offended. Keeping this Alliance working, while at the same time stroking the ego's of each nation is going to be difficult enough as it is and that is without having this ridiculous proposal hammer a wedge in-between us all."

"Get on with it Danzo," Koharu growled, before she spat with vitriol.

"We don't have all day to listen to your poison laced speeches. Hiruzen should have put you in place a long time ago and I regret all those years that I have listened to your lies. What is your plan in regards to avoiding Kumogakure's plans?"

Danzo smirked evilly as his lone eye studied the Elder Hokage advisor and the Root Commander turned towards addressing the Hokage.

"It is quite simple; the Haruno girl needs to marry a Leaf shinobi, preferably today in order to let Kumo and the Alliance know that the Raikage's proposal is out of the question."

Silence, utter silence was the only way to describe the reaction of the Council to Danzo's simple yet affective solution. However, there was one person in the room that was utterly furious and about to explode.

"This is out of the question. I will never allow my apprentice to marry someone from Konoha based solely on avoiding an issue with Kumo. Marriage isn't a tool to avoid or strengthen ones alliances!"

"Lady Tsunade, your over-protectiveness of your apprentice is well known and documented. However, before denouncing it, didn't you in the past consider arranging a marriage between your apprentice and a certain blonde young man?" Danzo stated, as he saw the enraged eyes of the former Hokage settle on him and he pulled out a folder out of his robes to wave it in the air to show it to everyone before turning on Tsunade.

"Wasn't it you, that ordered a bloodline research on both Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto?"

Tsunade's face took on a pensive sheepish look when she heard Danzo reveal that bit of information.

"Wasn't it you that discovered a high success rate in the creation of a new bloodline if those two shinobi were to breed? Tell us Lady Tsunade, why haven't you ever informed the Council of this discovery? Why have you held such vital information secret for all these years?"

Danzo turned back around to address the council.

"And yes, she has known about this for years. In fact, one of her first acts as Godaime Hokage was to order not one or two tests as it would be standard, no she ordered a total of five tests and had our most prized Med Nin's in the field of genetic research decipher the genes hidden in the blood of the Haruno girl and Uzumaki boy. So why don't you enlighten us Tsunade-sama, what did your research team discover?"

"Danzo!" Tsunade growled through clenched teeth and the room was flooded with her killing intent.

"Danzo that is enough!" Kakashi ordered and turned towards his predecessor and hesitantly asked.

"Is this true Lady Tsunade, did you really order a genetic bloodline research examination of Sakura and Naruto?"

"Yes!" Tsunade hissed and looked away in shame.

"Why?" Kakashi asked knowing fair well the entire attention of the Council was now upon him and Tsunade.

Tsunade looked up from where she sat and studied the shocked expression on the Councilmen. She sighed and for the first time in a long time, she finally felt as old as she had looked after her recovery from Pein's attack on Konoha.

"I only became Hokage because of Naruto and as we traveled back to the Leaf village, he wouldn't shut up about this place. He praised the village and the villagers, every last one of them, even after what they had subjugated him to. He constantly talked about Sakura as well, how much he loved her and that he would do anything for her. I was simply curious, that's all." Tsunade answered revealing parts of the feelings she held for both her apprentice and Naruto.

Kakashi was about to tell Tsunade to continue but the Godaime Hokage beat him to the point as she resumed her story after an extended pause.

"And when I finally met Sakura and saw her exceptional chakra control in one so young and then watched her master Medical Ninjutsu and training like nobody I've ever seen before. That coupled with Naruto's immense chakra reserves he possessed, I had to know what would happen if those two were to end up having children together? I also had to consider Naruto's condition as the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki as well. It is not entirely known what happens to Jinchuuriki children, let alone if they are capable of life? So I ordered that excessive number of tests to be conducted because I wanted to be certain."

"And what did the research discover?" Kakashi asked, as he steeled himself for his predecessor's answer.

"The research showed that if those two were to have children… there would be an eighty percent chance for their offspring unlocking a new bloodline." Tsunade muttered and the Council immediately started a frenzy of conversation with one another.

Kakashi leaned closer and asked in astonishment.

"Eighty percent, are you certain? That is unheard of; it's practically guaranteeing that if those two were to produce offspring, there will be a new bloodline born from their combined genes."

"I'm certain Hokage-sama."

"Then I would say this solves all of our problems." Danzo announced before adding.

"Konohagakure gets to keep one of its most talented kunoichi it has ever seen. And as a bonus our village will be blessed with a new bloodline that could rival those of the famed Hyuga or Uchiha. So Hokage-sama, I submit that in order to ensure the continuation of the Shinobi Alliance, maintain our village's strength, and keep Kumo in check…..

…..Haruno Sakura must marry Uzumaki Naruto!"


Author Notes: Originally, this story was to be written as a joint effort between myselfand Hefster. Regrettably, Hefster's job is taking up all of his time and he is no longer able devote himself to reading fan fiction let alone writing fan fiction any longer. So he is with disappointment leaving the fan fiction universe. As of now, I will be attempting to finish this story on my own. I will be editing and reposting the first six chapters we co-wrote over the coming weeks and then writing the final chapters to the tale on my own. All I can ask is please be patient with me. I will do the best I can, but this is now the second story I've been co-writing with another author that I've had to take over solely in an attempt to finish it. Of note, this story will be a rare Naruto/Hinata/Sakura pairing. Thank you all for your time in reading this story and please feel free to leave a review on it when you have a chance.

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