Supreme Genetics - Creation of a New Bloodline

Chapter 2

"I'm sorry Lord Hyuga, but the Raikage is demanding it be your daughter Hyuga Hinata."

"What!...This is an outrage!" Hiashi shouted with fury, as he bolted up from his council seat and slammed his hands down onto his desk, his Byakugan flaring for everyone to see.

"Lord Hyuga, please calm down and control yourself!"

"No Hokage-sama, I will not sit idly by while you plan to hand my daughter over to the Lightning country. Hinata will not be used as breeding stock to that bloated ape of a Raikage and Kami knows who else? My family has suffered much over the years because of that infernal nation and we will suffer no more!"

"What would you have us do Hyuga, risk war with Kumogakure and the Lightning country just for the virtue of your daughter?" Homura incredulously shouted at the Hyuga clan leader, before collapsing under the sheer force of the killing intent Hiashi directed at him.

"Lord Hyuga, I've said nothing about handing Hinata over to the Raikage! I brought up the matter because we need to discuss the situation. Please release advisor Homura from your intent before you kill him."

"Very well Hokage-sama." Hiashi replied, as he turned away from the aged Hokage advisor leaving the man quaking and sweating profusely in a heap on the Council chamber floor before adding with malevolence, as he glared at the rest of Council.

"But know this; if any of you even dare equate my daughter's virtue as to why I will not allow this happen you're sadly mistaken. Kumogakure has been after bloodline traits for its shinobi for years. Hence their attempt to kidnap my daughter years ago which failed. I've already had to sacrifice my beloved brother to appease that village and keep Konoha out of war. I will be damned if I will now sacrifice my daughter to do the same again. Or perhaps you fool's relish the idea of a small army of Kumo shinobi with Hyuga powers attacking the Leaf village and your great grand children in say 100 years!"

"Hyuga-san is correct about that possible scenario Hokage-sama." Shikaku Nara declared in agreement with his fellow shinobi councilman and clan leader.

"Yes Lord Nara, I agree that Lord Hyuga does make a valid point, which is why all of us need to sit down and figure out a way to deal with this Kumo situation. We were able to find a unique alternative to stop the betrothal of Sakura to the Raikage; perhaps we can discover another unique way to solve this problem as well." Kakashi stated, while staring directly at Hiashi before his lone eye flickered a brief moment towards Tsunade's direction.

This action did not go unnoticed by Tsunade or Hiashi, who understood what the Hokage subtlety was trying to convey to the Hyuga clan head who announced.

"Why do we need to find another solution Hokage-sama? Lady Tsunade, you say you ordered as the Godaime Hokage a bloodline research to be conducted on both Haruno Sakura and Namikaze Naruto years ago is that correct?"

Tsunade's face took on a startled look, as she realized where this question was leading and through gritted teeth replied.

"Hai, I did."

"Well then, could you please tell us if you also ordered a bloodline research to be conducted on anyone else during that time?"

Tsunade sat silent and unmoving, but was seething on the inside at being maneuvered into this position by the Hyuga patriarch and the current Hokage to whom she shot a quick glare at before answering.

"I did order one more bloodline research to be conducted on one other kunoichi with regards to Naruto."

"Who would this other person be Lady Tsunade?"

"Your eldest daughter Lord Hyuga,…..Hinata!"

A murmur went through the entire Council chamber, as many of its members now realized where Hiashi was going.

"And what did the research discover Tsunade-sama?" Kakashi asked, as he sighed wearily at this not unexpected revelation.

"The research showed an even greater potential that if Naruto and Hinata were to have children, there would be a one hundred percent chance for their offspring to have the Byakugan and very high percentage their Byakugan would be enhanced into an all new Kekkei Genkai." Tsunade announced and the Council immediately started a flurry of conversation with one another.

Kakashi looked over to Tsunade and was about to ask when she held up her hand to stop him and stated.

"Before you ask Hokage-sama, yes I'm certain of the results."

"Then as Danzo declared earlier with regards to Haruno Sakura, I would say this solves all of our problems." Hiashi announced before adding just as Danzo had.

"Konoha gets to keep one of its most talented kunoichi it has ever seen. And as a bonus our village will be blessed with a new bloodline that could even surpass that of my own clan. So Hokage-sama, I submit that in order to maintain our village's strength, and keep Kumo in check….

…My eldest daughter Hinata must marry Namikaze Naruto as well!"

"I suppose there is logic to that proposal Lord Hyuga. However, I would like to know something Lady Tsunade. I understand your reasoning behind ordering the bloodline research for Sakura, but why did you also order it for Hinata as well?" Kakashi asked with curiosity.

"I ordered it for Hinata Hokage-sama because upon my return to the village to become the Godaime Hokage, I learned of Hinata's love for Naruto. So I figured that the gaki would end up one day marrying one of the girls who had fallen in love with him. I just didn't know which one it would be, Sakura or Hinata?"

"Well it doesn't matter now I guess, because it looks like our favorite knucklehead is going to end up with both girls now." Kakashi commented in amusement.

"Hokage-sama, while I am not against this marriage proposal of Lord Hyuga's daughter with the Namikaze heir. You stated that the Raikage made it clear that the Leaf village would suffer dire consequences should we also reject him of claiming Hyuga Hinata for his bride in place of Haruno Sakura. Are we not risking the end of the Shinobi Alliance against the Akatsuki and possibly war with Kumogakure if we follow through on this measure?" Koharu questioned with concern.

"I think not Koharu. I happen to know that the Kazekage, Mizukage, nor the Tsuchikage holds any love for the Raikage. And they all recognize the threat of the Akatsuki so I doubt they will dissolve the alliance simply because the Raikage can't get a wife."

"That may be Hokage-sama, but that doesn't ensure that they won't take sides if a war develops between Konohagakure and Kumogakure. Iwagakure may join with Kumo simply to help take revenge for what the Yondaime did to them in the last great shinobi war. Plus, lest we forget, Kumogakure does hold the eight-tailed Jinchuuriki, which they could use against us."

"And we have the nine-tailed Jinchuuriki at our disposal should war arise! Lord Hyuga is correct, we cannot pass up the opportunity to create not only one but two brand new bloodlines. We've already discussed that even if the children the Haruno girl and the Namikaze heir wouldn't be gifted with a new bloodline, they will still create an immensely powerful clan. Now upon learning that perhaps an even greater bloodline could be born from the union of the Hyuga and Namikaze heirs. Our chances to usher in a new era of Kekkei Genkai is within our grasp and all that needs to be done is direct Haruno's, Hyuga's, and the Namikaze's future into the proper course. Yes Hokage-sama, a union between the Namikaze heir and the Hyuga heiress is just as vital to Konoha's survival as is his union to the Haruno girl." Danzo exclaimed with all the authority he could muster.

"Yes Danzo-san, we already recognize the potential gains to the Leaf village of these unions. What concerns me is this village's losses should war arise once more between the five great nations" Koharu snapped in retort.

"That will not happen. Iwagakure will not risk war with us for fear of what we or more specifically what Naruto could do to their forces. Also, were they to ally themselves with Kumogakure, which I highly doubt given the amount of disdain the Tsuchikage has for the Raikage. The Tsuchikage knows that any aggression towards our country or village would bring in the Wind Country and Sunagakure to our defense, should we request it, which we will not. No, to preserve the Shinobi Alliance, Suna, Iwa, and Kiri will remain neutral, if the Raikage chooses to follow through on his threat. We must keep this strictly as a dispute between the Cloud Village and the Leaf Village should that arise." Kakashi commanded, cutting off any potential arguments from Koharu or Danzo.

"Very well Hokage-sama, I've stated my concerns and that is all I can do. But what exactly is going to be the reason we present to the Raikage to why we are refusing both of his demanded marriage betrothals?" Koharu contritely asked before resuming her seat in the Council chamber.

"Well, since Naruto is the last living legacy of the Namikaze clan. We can always present to the Raikage that as such the two most skilled and qualified kunoichi's were selected to become his wives under the Clan Restoration Act to rebuild his clan. Those kunoichi's being Haruno Sakura and Hyuga Hinata who in fact are the two most skilled and qualified kunoichi's we have currently available for marriage to Naruto."

"What about Yuuhi Kurenai? She's available and definitely has a hot enough body that any man would want to get with. Maybe we could offer her for betrothal to the Raikage and that might appease him, since the two girls he wanted are not available?" Homura declared, before he fell once again to his knees gasping for air, as the killing intent directed upon him was now coming from the Hokage, as the advisor heard in an icy and deadly tone of voice from Kakashi.

"Yuuhi Kurenai is not available for appeasement of the Raikage!"

After a few more seconds of uneasy silence in the Council chamber, Hiashi spoke up and announced with fervor.

"I agree with Hokage-sama, it is a perfectly logical and reasonable explanation to give to the Raikage, as to why he cannot have either the Haruno girl or my daughter. So, if no one else has any objections, I call for a vote of this Council to approve the proposed betrothal of Namikaze Naruto to Hyuga Hinata at once, as well as initiating the CRA for Namikaze Naruto to legally have two wives per Konoha law to rebuild his noble clan!"

"Shouldn't the civilian council-members also be present to vote? Koharu questioned.

"Actually no, their presence is not required, as this is strictly a shinobi matter. Their presence wasn't even necessary to vote on the matter between Sakura and Naruto, but I chose to let them stay out of a courtesy.

One by one, every clan head voted to approve the proposal until it came upon the Hokage to cast his final vote. Rising from his chair and gripping his gavel, Kakashi announced with authority.

"Upon unanimous vote of the Konoha Shinobi Council and the office of the Hokage, the measure brought forth by Hyuga Hiashi of marrying Hyuga Hinata to Namikaze Naruto and to initiate the CRA for Namikaze Naruto in order to negate the Raikage's betrothal demands and to see the births of a new potentially strong bloodlines to the Namikaze clan has been approved."

Kakashi slammed down his gavel to make the proposal official before adding.

"It is done, now since there are no more matters on today's docket; this Council session is officially closed. Lord Hyuga, if you would please stay, I have some matters to discuss with you in regards to the necessary documents I must prepare for your daughters marriage contract for tomorrow."

After a few minutes, all the clan leaders and heirs had exited the chambers leaving only Hiashi, Tsunade, and Kakashi. As all three sat in silence, it was Hiashi who finally spoke up and asked.

"What is it you wished to discuss with me Hokage-sama?"

"Nothing really, I just need to know if you have any problems with me drawing up the same marriage contract for Hinata as I did for Sakura. She will need to produce an heir within a year, starting tomorrow, but as with Sakura she will be justly compensated."

"I have no objections to using the same marriage contract and stipulations attached to it that the Haruno girl received. To be quite frank Hokage-sama, I could care less about the compensation. I did what I had to today to save my daughter because I love her. I've not been a very good father over the years to her, but upon hearing that she engaged in battle against Pein when virtually all other shinobi were cowering in fear including myself, I felt ashamed. When she almost died at the hands of that madman, I realized I was greatly mistaken in thinking she was still a weak little girl. Hinata has become a strong vibrant woman and although the actions I have taken here today will prevent her from becoming the future leader of my clan. I am proud that Hinata will help to bring life into the noble Namikaze clan and that she is a valued and honored kunoichi of this village. Although it may be late in coming, I've sworn to become the father Hinata deserves. No longer will I attempt to control her life as I did in the past."

"Ha Lord Hyuga! You say that, but what did you just do not ten minutes ago in this Council chamber." Tsunade spat in derisive contempt.

"What did I do Lady Tsunade? I just made my daughter the happiest woman on this planet once she finds out what I did." Hiashi replied with a smirk before strolling out of the Council chambers, while looking forward to seeing the expression on his daughters face when he would tell Hinata of her betrothal to her lifelong love.


At the Yamanaka flower shop, a small group of clan heir's had gathered to discuss what they had witnessed in the Konoha Council session that afternoon. Needless to say all of them were pretty stunned by what had been said and transpired. The fact that sessions proceedings had directly involved three of their closest friends made it difficult for all of them to understand what had just happened. It was the blonde kunoichi whose name adorned the flower shop sign who finally broke the stifling silence and exclaimed in surprise.

"That was some Council meeting today. I still can't believe it, Sakura and Naruto married, and now he also has to marry Hinata as well!"

"Not only that Ino, but that Naruto is actually the son of the Fourth Hokage just blows my mind." Grumbled Kiba, as he sniffed at several flowers the sweet smells irritating his highly sensitive nose.

"Well, we always kind of suspected it Kiba and Naruto becoming the next Hokage has pretty much been a foregone conclusion considering how strong he has become."

"Yeah I know Shikamaru, but still hearing it said and acknowledged by the Council and the Hokage was still a shock. What do you think about it Chouji?"

"What's there to say (munch, munch) Naruto's still my friend no matter who his parents were or what position he will obtain. (munch, munch) I'm happy for him." The Akimichi heir stated while eating his trademark barbeque potato chips.

"Grrrrrrrr, I just can't believe forehead girl is the one who gets to marry the next Hokage. That girl is so damn lucky and she doesn't even realize it. Do you believe all that vile crap she spewed about Naruto today?" Ino exclaimed in a sigh, as her fingers played with a knife with which she normally cut the stems to shorten the flowers so they could easily fit into smaller vases.

"I always knew her relationship with Naruto was troublesome, but even I was thrown for a loop by what she said about how she felt about him."

"Sakura's reasoning as to those feelings about Naruto is very misguided and illogical, not to mention most troubling to me." Shino stated in his usual monotone voice.

"Well speak of the she-devil now, look who's heading this way." Kiba remarked, while looking out the pane glass window to the flower shop to see Sakura with her head down crossing the street and walking towards the store.

"Nobody say a word about Hinata to her, I don't want Sakura screwing things up between Naruto and Hinata tomorrow." Kiba growled with authority.

A moment later, the entrance door to the shop opened and struck a bell signifying someone coming in. Sakura looked up and was startled to see many of her friends of the Rookie 9 class staring at her intently, as she stammered nervously.

"H, hi everyone. I, I was just stopping by to see if I could talk to Ino. I can see you all are in the midst of something, so I can come back later."

"There's no need Sakura, the topic of our conversation was today's Council meeting. You are more than welcome to participate about that subject. For I have one question I wish you to answer for me."

"Umm, o, ok Shino?"

"Please tell me Sakura, am I a man or an insect?"

"Wha, what, I, I don't understand the question?"

"It's quite simple Sakura so I'll repeat it. Am I a man or an insect?"

"You, you're a man Shino….. why do you ask?""

"Are you sure Sakura, I mean I do host an entire colony of insects within my body?"

"Y, yes but they're separate life-forms from you Shino."

"Yes they are Sakura. It is too bad you have never used that same logic when it came to your own teammate and friend!" Shino stated in an icy tone causing Sakura to wince and look sheepishly to the ground, before she heard Shino add.

"Come on Kiba, we should leave lest Sakura changes her mind and decides I too am some sort of insect monster and that you are some sort of canine fiend!"

"I hear that Shino, we wouldn't want our monstrous presence to upset the Godaime's little princess here."

Both members of the former squad 8 walked brusquely past the pink-haired kunoichi who kept her head down, as they exited the flower shop. As a lone tear rolled down Sakura's cheek she looked up and asked.

"I suppose you all hate me to for what I said about Naruto?"

"We don't hate you Sakura, but we are disappointed that you would say and treat Naruto the way you did today." Choji stated after seeing nobody was looking at her.

"To hell with that Chouji, I'm downright pissed at her right now! I mean seriously forehead what's your problem?"

"You all know what my problem is Ino-pig. I spelled them all out to you at the Council meeting. And I'm sorry you all are disappointed and angry with me, but it doesn't change how I feel!" Sakura shot back in a defensive manor.

Sakura stood silent and unmoving waiting for someone to speak up and agree with her or at the very least understand her position. When no one did, Sakura looked to the floor dejectedly before weakly stammering out a justification of her actions.

"You, you guys just don't understand it's not the same thing. Naruto hurt me in the past and I've been afraid of him ever since."

"Bullshit Sakura, that's a load of crap and you know it! I remember when you got hurt and I also remember Naruto apologizing and beating himself up over it for months. What I don't remember is you ever saying to me or anyone else how scared you are of Naruto. No, what I remember is you being upset about how badly Naruto was torturing himself over it. And why you felt upset about Naruto torment forehead? It's because you love the blonde knucklehead and deep down you know it. I know the reason why you're upset about what the Council did today and it's got nothing to do with Naruto."

"Fine Ino-pig, you seem to have all the answers, tell me why I'm upset about what the Council did today?" Sakura spat with derision.

"You're upset Sakura because you don't get to play the role of martyr that you've so dearly loved to play your whole life."

"Wha, what?"

"That's right, you've always loved to play the role of the victim your entire life. From when you were a little girl crying about your forehead to Naruto always having to save your ass back in your Genin days, to even a few days ago when you first heard about the Raikage demanding your betrothal. You just love to be the willing or sacrificial victim.

"You're crazy Ino-pig!"

"Am I, let's think about it. What was your reaction when you first heard the news that you might have to marry the Raikage to prevent the collapse of the Shinobi Alliance? Did you get upset or throw a tantrum like you did in the Council chamber today. No, you were all I don't want to marry the Raikage, but if I must to keep the Alliance intact, then I must do what I have to for Konoha." Ino stated in mocking fashion.

Sakura couldn't find the words to say anything in defense and could only glare at her blonde-haired friend who continued on.

"You were Mrs. Calm and collected, ready to do your duty and willing to give up your life without hesitation for Konoha. My, my, what a selfless and gallant act you were about to perform forehead, but when the Hokage and the Council decide to save you from your noble sacrifice by marrying you off to one of the nicest guys in the world and your supposed friend. What do you do but freak-out and hurt him in the worst way possible!"

Sakura felt the sting of guilt and hints of truth at Ino's words and turned her head away, but this action did nothing to stop the Yamanaka heiress from asking.

"Why is that? I mean you don't get upset at the prospect of marrying that aged, steroid induced psychopath of a Raikage. But you do get upset at marrying the one guy who has always treated you like a queen his entire life. So, I'm left with only two possible answers. One, you secretly are attracted to muscle bound senile old apes. Or two you're pissed off because now Konoha won't erect a golden statue of you in the middle of the village. Proudly proclaiming how you saved Konoha by nobly sacrificing your virtue and virginity to Kumogakure to protect us all from untold peril." Ino stated while throwing her arm across her forehead in dramatic fashion before collapsing backwards in a heap into Chouji's arms for even more theatrical effect.

Opening up one eye to peer at her pink-haired friend, Ino could see Sakura silent and standing, quivering in either sadness or rage. Extricating herself from Chouji's arms she walked to Sakura and looked her directly in the eyes before saying in a stern tone of voice.

"Look Sakura, I don't really know what your problem is with Naruto and to be honest I don't think you do either. But you better figure it out and pretty damn soon. Because there are other girls out there who already know what a kind, decent, and loving person the knucklehead can be. Not to mention he's going be the next Hokage and is smoking hot as well. If I wasn't with Chouji-kun already I'd have jumped him a long time ago. I mean have you seen those muscled arms, his chiseled chest and his six-pack abs, I mean Kami it makes me drool just thinking about it."

"You do realize I'm still here don't you Ino."

"I'm sorry Chouji-kun, you know that I love you, but I'm not talking about your special qualities at the moment. Right now I'm trying to get through to this bubble-headed kunoichi's brain and help her realize that she's about to throw away one prime hunk of man-meat forever just like you, if she hasn't already done so."

"Wha, what do you mean if I haven't already done so Ino?"

"I mean after what you said and did to Naruto in the Council meeting today; you may have already lost him for good. For your sake forehead I hope not because I doubt you're going to find a guy with the patience to put up with your bullshit like Naruto has his whole life.

"Ino's right, it's troublesome, but every person has their breaking point when it comes to someone and I fear you may have reached that point with Naruto this afternoon. I'm not saying how you feel about Naruto is right or wrong, but you've got a lot to think about Sakura when it comes to him and only you can decide that. I hope you figure it out before it's too late Sakura, if it already isn't?" Shikamaru stated with brutal honesty.

"You're right Shikamaru; I do have a lot to think about." Sakura says in a dejected tone before turning around to leave the store.

As Shikamaru and his teammates watched Sakura leave the flower shop, they could only gaze upon her with pity, while she pondered everything she had just heard.


Hinata was wringing her hands nervously as she approached her father's study that evening. Although her relationship with Hiashi had improved dramatically since the Pein invasion, Hinata was still surprised when her father had asked her to come to his study to discuss a matter of clan importance after dinner. To be honest, the Hyuga heiress has always hated her father's study, as it held precious few positive memories for her growing up. To Hinata it was a cold, impersonal, holding chamber where her father had scolded and lectured her about her failures as the Hyuga heiress and at being a shinobi. Taking a deep breath before hesitantly knocking on the formidable oak door to the study, Hinata gulped as she heard her father bade her to enter.

"You wished to speak with me Otousan?"

"Yes Hinata, please wait a moment while I finish assigning the guard rotations for the clan compound this week."

Hinata simply nodded and kept her head lowered while she waited for her father to finish.

"Neji, please make sure the lead guard receives this new rotation schedule this evening." Hiashi announced alerting Hinata that her cousin was also present in the room as she looked up to see him.

"As you wish Hiashi-sama."

"Now Hinata, the reason I've asked you here is to discuss the future leadership of this clan." Hiashi declared, as Hinata returned her attention to him and answered.

"Hai Otousan."

"After careful thought and much deliberation upon what transpired today in the Konoha Council session, I've decided you will not assume the mantle of Clan leader upon my retirement."

"I see father." Hinata solemnly replied, as she thought to herself.

'Nothing has changed, he still considers me weak and unfit to lead the clan. I was foolish to think otherwise.'

"I have decided that upon my retirement your younger sister Hanabi will assume the mantle of Clan leader. However, I want you to understand that this decision was not based upon any inability on your part to become clan leader. I firmly believe you would have made an excellent leader for the future of the Hyuga clan. However, certain events were brought forth to my attention today in the Konoha Council which forced me to make this decision, as you have an even greater destiny then clan leader my daughter."

"Great, greater destiny, I, I don't understand father?" Hinata stammered with confusion, as she had been instructed since she was old enough to understand that her destiny was to lead the Hyuga clan.

"Yes Hinata, a greater destiny. For you see it was revealed today in the Council and shall be announced to the village tomorrow that the last legacy of the Namikaze clan lives. As such seeing as he is the only living member of that noble clan which produced our esteemed Fourth Hokage the Yondaime. The Council in its wisdom has seen fit to enact the Clan Restoration Act for the young man. And with my honor and blessing, I have arranged with the Hokage for you my daughter to become one of the two wives this young man will take to help restore the Namikaze clan to its former glory."

"M, me father?" Hinata asked in a panic stricken voice while thinking.

'I don't want to marry some strange man just because he comes from some important clan of the past. I love Naruto-kun and I want to be his wife and only his wife.'

"Hinata, you seem distressed upon hearing this news? I would think you would be happy. It is a great honor to be chosen as one of the matriarchs to help rebuild this clan. If you are worried that your standard of life will decrease, I can assure you that the Hokage has established a sizable monetary compensation for you as reward for your acceptance of this proposed marriage and for any heirs which you produce from it."

"N, no father, I wasn't worried about any monetary compensation and I'm sure it is an honor to be chosen as a matriarch to help rebuild the Namikaze clan. I just, just had hoped to be able to, to …"

"To marry someone else?" Hiashi asked, interrupting his stammering daughter.

"Yes father." Hinata meekly replied.

"Hmmm, well this does change some things. I don't wish to force you into doing something you have no desire for Hinata. Are you sure you don't wish to at least consider this proposed marriage to this man?"

"I'm, I'm sorry father, but my heart does belong to another."

"Very well, if that is your decision, so be it." Hiashi grimly pronounced, before pushing a button on his desk. A few moments later, a branch member arrived at the study to which Hiashi ordered.

"See to it that this document is returned to the Hokage first thing in the morning. Also inform the Hokage our clan's deepest apologies that Hinata Hyuga has declined her proposed betrothal to Naruto Uzumaki, umm I mean Naruto Namikaze. Also please ask the Hokage to convey to the Uzumaki heir, I mean the Namikaze heir that we hope he bears no ill will towards our clan for my daughter's refusal of marriage to him."

"I shall see to it at once Hiashi-sama."

As Hiashi handed the proposed marriage contract over to the branch member for delivery, a scant second later he heard a garbled cry and then a hard thump hitting the floor. Looking up from his desk, the Hyuga patriarch saw the branch member crumpled unconscious in a heap on the floor with Hinata standing over him frantically examining the document the young man was suppose to deliver. After a moment Hinata looked to her father wide-eyed and in a daze her mouth open trying to speak when Hiashi said.

"Yes Hinata, it's true. Am I to understand you've had second thoughts about not marrying Naruto Namikaze? Because if you have, I've already signed off on the proposed marriage as you can see and you have my full support and blessing to marry the young man if you want to."

"I want to father!" Hinata exclaimed, before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fainted, as her mind overloaded at the thoughts of being Naruto's wife.

Both Hiashi and Neji watched Hinata fall to the floor clutching the marriage contract in her hands tightly to her chest. Both men could only shake their heads in amusement before Hiashi ordered his nephew to carry Hinata to her bedroom and to leave the contract with her. As Hiashi watched Neji pick Hinata off the ground, a small tear rolled down his cheek, as the smile adorning his daughters face was priceless. And this made the aged Hyuga leader feel a sense of joy at being able to grant Hinata's fondest wish and to give to her the happy life he had denied her for so long growing up.


As Naruto stormed his way to Hokage Tower, the rage he felt within him seemed to grow with each step that he took. He was still upset about what had happened with Sakura at the Council session the day before and thought it had been one of the worst days of his life. But today's events had made yesterday seem tame by comparison. The news of Naruto's true heritage as the living legacy of the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze had been announced that morning and it had turned his life upside down in the village. Now the very same people in the village, who use to shun him in the past, were now going out of their way to heap praise and kindness upon him merely for the fact of who his father was. Even worse than the behavior these pathetic hypocrites of villagers was the attitude that his friends were now showing him, as his thoughts recounted an earlier memory of his morning trip to Ichiraku Ramen.


When Naruto finally arrived at his favorite restaurant, the sight that greeted him was astonishing. There were literally hundreds of villagers milling around the stand all waiting to place an order with the ramen vendor. Naruto could see that Teuchi and Ayame were working at a frantic pace to fill all the orders they were given. Suddenly, one of the villagers noticed Naruto and shouted out effectively breaking Naruto out of his stupor.

"Hey everyone look, the Yondaime's son is here!"

Before Naruto knew what was happening, the entire crowd suddenly flocked around him surrounding the bewildered young man. Naruto grew uneasy at this as unpleasant memories of when villagers surrounded him in his youth flooded his mind. This is why it was a complete shock to him when everyone clamored around him to give compliments or just to touch him. Even some of the girls who use to look upon him with disdain were now calling out to him with date and even marriage proposals. Naruto in a panic was about to flee the scene when he noticed Ayame signal to him to go around to the back of the restaurant. Flashing through a quick series of hand signs, Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves only to reemerge moments later in the back alley behind Ichiraku's. A few seconds later, Ayame came out the backdoor and enveloped Naruto in a bone-crushing hug as Naruto stammered.

"Wha, what's going on around here Ayame-chan?"

"Oh Naruto-kun, it's wonderful. Since the Hokage and the Council announced you were the son of the Fourth Hokage earlier today, people have been beating down our door to eat the food of your favorite restaurant. We've already made more money today than we had in the last six months and it's all thanks to you!"

"Well, ummm, I'm happy for you and the old man Ayame-chan." Naruto hesitantly replied, not really sure how he should respond. A moment later a grinning Teuchi Ichiraku came out carrying a large takeout bag full of ramen dishes and thrust the bag into Naruto's hands while bowing and saying in gratitude.

"Here you go Naruto-sama, I cooked all your favorite ramen dishes for you to enjoy."

'Sama?' Naruto thought to himself in confusion, as he looked inside the bag before saying.

"Ummm, thanks old man, I appreciate it, but this more food than I was going to order and I don't have enough money to pay for all of it."

"It's on the house Naruto-sama! I wouldn't dream of taking money from you, not after all the business you've brought to us. It's the least I can do for the living legacy of Minato Namikaze."

Naruto's face became crestfallen upon hearing Teuchi's proclamation before mumbling his thanks and turning to walk away. Both Teuchi and Ayame noticed the somber expression Naruto's face had taken and the subdued way he walked away from them, before Teuchi called out with concern fearing they had insulted the boy in some way.

"Naruto-sama, you seem upset, did we do something to displease you?"

Naruto turned around and gave his trademark smile, the one he always showed when he was hurting inside and solemnly said.

"No, you didn't do anything old man. I guess I just liked it better when you guy's liked me as plain old Naruto Uzumaki and not just as the last living legacy of the Fourth. You two had better hurry back inside, you've got a lot of hungry customers waiting for you. I'm glad your business is doing so well for you now and thanks again for the ramen."

Before Teuchi and Ayame could respond, Naruto leapt away to the rooftops, leaving behind his two long-standing precious people, who both felt very sad and guilty at their behavior towards the young blonde shinobi.

(End of Flashback)

'Naruto-sama!' Even my friends are treating me like royalty now that the truth of who my father was is out! Now I understand what the teme went through growing up. Being praised and complimented for nothing more than whom he came from rather than who he is.' Naruto bitterly thought with disgust as he reached Hokage Tower.

A short time later, Naruto threw open the doors to the Hokage's office and stomped inside. Both Kakashi and Tsunade could feel the slight killing intent emanating off of his body, as he strode forth to stand in front of his former Sensei and growled out.

"What service do I need to provide today Kakashi-sensei, I mean Hokage-sama?"

Kakashi could only sigh, as he could tell Naruto was still upset about the events that had transpired in the last 24 hours. Looking towards his former student, he silently wondered what Naruto's reaction would be to the latest bombshell he would deliver to uproot the boy's life. However, as much as he hated it, Kakashi knew it was the only way to save Hinata and hoped Naruto would understand that. Clearing his throat to gain everyone's attention, he tried to speak in an upbeat tone of voice.

"Thanks for coming Naruto, there's some matters I need to discuss with you that will affect your marriage to Sakura."

"What's there to discuss? I'm married to Sakura and that's that! If it's about producing an heir with her, just have baa-chan schedule a time for me to go over to the hospital to dump off a cup of my little soldiers and we'll be done with it."

"I'm sure there's a little more to it than that."

"I don't know what else that could be? Just loan me one of ero-sennin's books and so long as it doesn't have any pink-haired heroines in it. I should be able to knockout plenty of baby-making juice for Haruno-san to use."

"Naruto." Tsunade mumbled under her breath, saddened at Naruto's attitude towards her former apprentice.

"Ahem, alright we'll table the discussion about your heir another time. That's not the reason I called you here today. After you had left the Council meeting yesterday Naruto, you were not present to hear about a secondary demand of the Raikage should Konoha refuse his betrothal to Sakura."

"What is this second demand Hokage-sama?"

"Ummm, well you see Naruto, the Raikage was fearful that we would reject his marriage proposal for Sakura and him to wed. So, he put in a demand that if we were to reject his original proposal, than another specific kunoichi of the Leaf village was to take Sakura's place at the altar. The Raikage also has made it clear that the Leaf village would suffer dire consequences should we also reject him of claiming this other girl for his bride."

"What, that's not right! You mean that bastard is going to threaten Konoha if we don't let him marry another kunoichi from the village!"

"That's correct."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"What we are doing about it has already been done. I have enacted with the Council's approval the CRA or Clan Restoration Act for the girl to marry a shinobi of a recently restored clan here in the Leaf village and help rebuild his clan, thus negating the Raikage's betrothal demands"

"Well that's a relief for her, but it still doesn't explain why I'm here?

"(Sigh) you're here Naruto because you are that shinobi of a recently restored clan that she will help to rebuild." Kakashi stated with aplomb, as he waited for the gears in Naruto's brain to slowly grind away before grasping what the silver-haired Hokage had just said. After a minute, Naruto's eyes grew wide and Kakashi could only close his eyes while waiting for the inevitable explosion.

"NO, NO, NO! I swear I'm not about to ruin some other girl's life by forcing her to marry me!"

"Naruto, you're not forcing her into marriage! This kunoichi was given a voluntary choice whether or not to marry you or the Raikage and she chose you."

"Even if that's the case which I doubt, I can't marry another girl; I'm already married to Sakura-san."

"That's why we reenacted the CRA, to make it legal for you to be married to more than one girl. It also legally denies the Raikage from filing any type of protest to our actions which will be fully recognized by the other three Great Elemental countries."

"So the only reason I'm marrying this girl is to keep her out of the clutches of the Raikage."

"That's partially correct."

"What other reasons am I marrying this girl for Hokage-sama?"


"You're marrying this other girl Naruto because I had run some bloodline research on her and the results showed an even greater potential that were the two of you to have children there would be a very high percentage that your offspring would unlock a new bloodline trait." Tsunade finally snapped in reply having grown weary of Kakashi's hesitancy.

"So, just like Sakura, this marriage is being forced for no other reason than the creation of a new bloodline for this village. Well, I see you and those Council bastards have thought of everything and screwed my life over once again. And now you've ruined another girl's life by forcing her to marry me just to gain another precious bloodline for this village."

"No Naruto that's not the only reason for the marriage. And I've already told you no one is forcing this girl to marry you. In fact she's more than happy and willing to do so and has sacrificed much in the process to do so. You have no idea, but with this particular girl you are probably saving her from a fate far worse than death."

"Yeah right, so who is this noble girl happily willing to sacrifice her life just to be married to me?" Naruto spat with sarcasm.

A moment later, as if on cue there was a knock on the Hokage's door. Upon Kakashi's command to enter, the door opened up to reveal a young male wearing a flowing robe-like shirt and pants. The man stepped aside to let the young girl he was escorted enter the office first. She was dressed in a form-fitting short sleeved kimono with a wide sash wrapped around her waist. However the most distinctive features of the two youths was not their clothing attire, but their eyes which seemed pupil-less. But in truth, both the iris and pupil were barely discernable with the male's appearing a milky white in color. While the young female held a rather beautiful shade of lavender in her eyes. As they both bowed to the Hokage in reverence of his position, the young male spoke up and said.

"Hokage-sama, Lord Hyuga gives his apologies, he was unavoidably detained with the Hyuga elders and will join us later to finalize the paperwork for Hinata's betrothal. However, he has already apprised me of the entire matter and sent me in his stead to act as witness to her betrothal to the Namikaze heir."

"Y, you Hinata, it's you that I'm supposed to marry?" Naruto stammered in disbelief.

"Hai Naruto-kun…Ashikarazu (I'm sorry) I mean Naruto-sama." Hinata replied while trying desperately to remain dignified and confer to her husband the respect she had been taught her whole life to give to him.

'Again with the sama!' Naruto angrily thought to himself before he heard Hinata continue on.

"Naruto-sama I am most honored that I have been chosen to become your wife and to help you rebuild your noble clan for the future of the village. I am very happy to accept the proud name of Namikaze and….."

"Stop it Hinata! I hate people who lie to themselves!"

"I'm, I'm lying to myself?" Hinata stammered in confusion.

"Of course you are! Back when I was just plain old Naruto Uzumaki, a princess like you never would have even considered me as a husband! But now that I'm revealed to be the Yondaime's son, now all of the sudden I'm good enough for you!"

"But, but I never thought….." Hinata stammered, as tears began to well in her eyes before Naruto continued on.

"I never would have thought Hinata that you would be someone as shallow and superficial as to pretend to care about someone just because of their title or heritage, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe your clan pressured you into this marriage, I don't know? I'll marry you to keep you safe from the Raikage because I do consider you one of my friends. But don't stand there and lie to yourself and me about being happy and honored to become my wife. When we both know you're probably as disgusted with the thought as Sakura is! I only hope that in the future you can….."

The room held a pall of eerie silence to it, as everyone was shocked by what Naruto was saying before a resounding smack was heard interrupting him and everyone looked up to see Hinata standing in front of Naruto with tears running down her face. Naruto's head was turned to the side after obviously being the recipient of the blow from the Hyuga girl when they heard Hinata say.

"Don't do me any favors Naruto! Since you believe I'm being dishonest with you, I shall go ahead and sacrifice my dignity along with my life and marry the Raikage to save the village!"

"Hinata you can't!" Neji exclaimed.

Hinata did not reply, but instead turned and ran out of the room trying frantically to escape from everyone while her heart was breaking into a million pieces. Naruto turned his head back to where Hinata had been standing, as the pink handprint was already fading from his face. Holding his hand to his cheek, he was stunned that Hinata had actually hit him. So surprised at this occurrence, he failed to notice the fist heading towards him, before it impacted his jaw and knocked him off his feet onto the floor. Before Naruto could shake the cobwebs out of his head, he felt his shirt being grabbed and was pulled upwards to stare into the seething face of Neji. The amount of killing intent rolling off of the Hyuga male was stifling to Naruto when he heard him shout with malevolence.

"Naruto you are a thick-headed idiot! How dare you say such things to Hinata?"

Before Naruto could reply, Neji yanked the blonde Jinchuuriki up and slammed him back first into a wall while continuing his death grip on the shirt before saying with rage.

"Allow me to clear up some misconceptions you seem to have baka! First off, Hinata never has in her entire life been shallow and superficial as to pretend to care about someone just because of their title or heritage. If that were true, you and she would never have become friends because she caught Hell from the Hyuga clan elders and her own father her entire life growing up by associating with you. Secondly, Hinata was not lying to herself or you when she said she was happy and honored to become your wife! She is absolutely thrilled with the idea of being your wife and willingly chose to give up her role as the future Hyuga clan leader just for the privilege of being married to you! And if you're wondering why she did this? It's because she loves you idiot and has for the longest time! Hinata doesn't give a damn whether your last name is Namikaze or Uzumaki; just the thought of sharing her life with you was enough for her! And after what I just witnessed of your moronic rant to her. As far as I'm concerned whether you're an Uzumaki or a Namikaze you're not good enough for Hinata!"

"She, she loves me?"

"Yes, she loves you, although as to why is beyond me, as it defies any common sense or logic. I can't believe you had the gall to act as though you were doing Hinata a favor by marrying her. Because let me explain what you have just done by hurting Hinata and sending her into the vicious arms of the Raikage and Kumogakure. Do you remember the story I told you during the Genin exams about the hatred I once felt for the main branch of the Hyuga clan and the reasons behind it?"

"Yeah Neji, it had something to do with your father being killed."

"But do you remember the reasons behind my father's death?"

"Ummm, no not everything."

"Well then, allow me to refresh your memory. At the end of the Third Great Shinobi War, representatives from the Lightning Country had come to Konoha to sign a peace accord. However, this was merely a ruse by them to get into the Leaf village and abduct a member of the Hyuga bloodline. That night the Head of the Lightning Country party Shinobi Gashier snuck into the Hyuga compound to abduct Hinata, during his escape he was stopped and killed by Lord Hiashi. The Lightning Country denied their Ambassador was there to abduct Hinata, and demanded the body of the Hyuga's main patriarch as compensation for the loss of their ninja. Hiashi's twin brother Hizashi my father chose to sacrifice himself in his place."

"Yeah, I remember all of that now, but what does that have to do with anything now?"

"Idiot, I tell you this to remind you of the great lengths the Lightning Country and or more specifically its Shinobi village Kumogakure have tried go through for years to get hold of a Kekkei Genkai they can use and exploit for themselves in the future. And now that Hinata has decided to sacrifice herself and willingly go to them to protect Konoha. Tell me Naruto just what do you think is going to happen to her once she arrives in Kumogakure?"

"Wha, what do you mean what's going to happen to her? Hin, Hinata will be alright won't she?" Naruto stammered in a panicked stricken voice.

"If by alright you mean Hinata becomes nothing more than breeding stock for the Raikage and Kami knows who else he may give her to so she can be raped every nine months to churn out Kumogakure babies with the Hyuga bloodline, then yes Naruto, Hinata will be just fine!" Neji angrily spat with derisive sarcasm.

"No, that can't be true, can it?" Naruto exclaimed, as he looked to Kakashi and Tsunade to refute Neji's statement.

"I'm afraid it is a potential possibility Naruto. Neji is correct about Kumogakure zealously trying to obtain a Kekkei Genkai over the years for themselves. I remember back in the Third Great Shinobi War, our forces were ordered to kill any of our shinobi who possessed a Kekkei Genkai if it looked as though they would be captured by the Lightning Country's forces, rather than allow them to obtain a bloodline trait." Kakashi grimly states, while recalling that memory.

"That order dates back to the Second Great Shinobi War Kakashi." Tsunade added with regret.

"So the Raikage may try to breed Hinata like cattle? Does she know about this?"

"Hai, she knows. Hinata has had nightmares for years of being kidnapped or captured by the Lightning Country and of what would happen to her."

"Then why would she volunteer to go there and become the Raikage's wife Neji?"

"Gee, I don't know Naruto? Maybe the fact that the man she loves just spit in her face by saying all the feelings she has for him is nothing but a lie! Do you think that might have had something to do with it?"

Naruto began to hyperventilate at the torturous thoughts of what could happen to Hinata were she to go to Kumogakure. In a panic, his control of the Kyuubi no Youko and his eyes narrowed to slits before a flare of red chakra erupted from his body throwing Neji away from him. Tsunade ran over to check on Neji who was a little shaken up, but otherwise fine while Kakashi bolted up from his chair and pleaded.

"Naruto, try to calm down. We don't know for sure if that would happen to Hinata?"

"No Kakashi-Sensei, I can tell you that will never happen to Hinata! I'll kill the Raikage myself before he ever lays a dirty finger on her!" Naruto growled out in a deep resonating voice, before flashing some hand signs and yelling out.

"Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" (Shadow Clone Technique)

A second later, the Hokage's office was suddenly filled with 50 Naruto shadow clones when their summoner ordered with authority.

"All of you spread out and find Hinata now!"

Immediately, all 50 clones started jumping out of the Hokage's office in different directions to search for the wayward Hyuga girl. While Naruto stood silently on the balcony with his eyes closed and waited impatiently for them to report back.

Kakashi, Tsunade, and Neji watched the unmoving blonde nervously to see what he would do next? A couple of minutes later, Naruto's eyes shot open and they were back to their original obsidian blue color, as he stated out loud before leaping away.

"Found her."

As the trio left in the office watched Naruto bound away, Neji spoke up and asked with concern.

"Is Hinata going to be alright with Naruto in that state of mind?"

"Hai Neji, she will be fine. I think your educational speech to Naruto was just the slap to his face he needed to come to grasp of what Hinata just did, and of the pain he had caused her. If I know Naruto, he's going to make amends to the girl or die trying." Kakashi stated with assurance.

A moment later, there was a knock on the Hokage's door. Kakashi's bade whomever it was to enter and the door opened up to reveal Hiashi Hyuga stepping into the office, as he looked around with confusion and asked.

"Where is my daughter and the Namikaze heir? I thought they were here to complete the clan betrothal act between them?"

"Ummm, well you see Lord Hyuga…."

"I'm sorry Hiashi-sama, Lady Hinata and Lord Namikaze left a few minutes ago to discuss the betrothal of the two. Lord Namikaze wished to be certain that Lady Hinata was not forced or coerced into accepting this marriage to him and wanted to make sure that it was something she truly wanted to do." Neji interrupted, as he diplomatically lied to the Hyuga patriarch, much to the shock of both Kakashi and Tsunade.

"Hmph, does the boy actually think I would force my own daughter to marry him!" Hiashi declared with annoyance.

"Please do not take offense Hiashi-sama, but I believe he's taken a prudent course of action considering our clans interactions with him in the past, as well as his knowledge of our treatment of Hinata growing up. I find his action to be commendable that he is taking Lady Hinata's thoughts and feelings into account before finalizing the marriage between them."

Hiashi winced slightly at his nephew's subtle reminder of how his clan had treated Naruto in the past, as well as its oppressive upbringing of Hinata. Clearing his throat, Hiashi replied with genuine respect for the boy.

"Ahem, you're correct Neji; I do find it noble that the Namikaze heir is considerate of my daughter's feelings on the matter before they become husband and wife. Fortunately, we already know that Hinata is quite happy and content to become his bride. So I doubt we will have to wait very long for them to return. May I take a seat while we wait Hokage-sama?"

"Please Lord Hyuga, take a seat and rest yourself. I shall order some refreshments for us while we wait." Kakashi courteously replied, before sending a grateful look towards Neji silently thanking the young man for not revealing what had actually happened.


Hinata sat with her head hanging down on a lone empty bench in a small-secluded park and the tears she had been shedding since leaving the Hokage's office heartbroken had not ceased. Never in her wildest imagination could she have ever believed that Naruto would ever think those things of her. Hinata wondered what could have brought on such a drastic and heart wrenching change in the personality of the boy she has loved her whole life? As she pondered this, she heard someone land a few feet away from her and then a voice she knew all too well called out shakily to her.

"H, Hinata….."

Hinata turned her body away from the voice and attempted to wipe away her tears before coldly declaring.

"G, go away Naruto!"

Naruto felt like someone had shoved an ice cold kunai into his heart upon hearing Hinata's tone of voice and tears began to well in his eyes, as he frantically stammered.

"Pl, please Hinata, let me explain."

"What's there to explain? I'm just some shallow, superficial gold-digger who only wants to marry you because you're the son of the Fourth Hokage! All of my feelings for you are nothing but lies remember!" Hinata whirled around and spat with venom, as her tears continued to stream down her face breaking Naruto's heart and spirit when he saw them before she added with spite.

"Just go away Naruto! I wouldn't want a scheming devious girl such as myself to ruin the reputation of the last living legacy of the Fourth by you associating with her!"

Hinata then rose and began to walk away when she heard a sound that made her heart freeze. Quickly turning around she saw Naruto on his knees with his head hung low sobbing, while his arms were hanging loosely at his sides. Walking over with a little trepidation, Hinata kneeled down and cupped his cheek before Naruto suddenly enveloped her in a tight hug and openly cried into her shoulder while begging.

"Pl, please don't hate me. (sob) I, I don't think I could live if I thought you hated me. (sob, sob) I'm so sorry I hurt you Hinata. Please forgive me, I didn't mean to do it. (sob) I'm, I'm just so confused right now? The last 24 hours has turned my life into chaos and I don't know what to think anymore? (sob, sob) Yesterday I was just plain old Naruto Uzumaki, today that's been forgotten by everyone even my friends. Now I'm the legacy of the Yondaime and everyone is treating me like royalty. (sob) People that use to treat me poorly growing up now all of a sudden want to be my friend and even my true friends are acting all different around me now. I, I, just don't understand it? (sob, sob) I'm still the same person I was yesterday, but now I just don't know who I can trust anymore?"

"It's alright Naruto-kun. I don't hate you, I could never hate you. I, I love you and you can always trust me, now and forever." Hinata stated with love and sincerity, as she lovingly stroked his hair.

"I, I know that Hinata, you're the one person I should have trusted, but like the baka I am I didn't. (sob) You've never lied to me my entire life, (sob, sob) but what did I do to the person who has always cared about me, I lashed out and hurt you because I let my feelings about others affect my judgment. (sob) I'm sorry please forgive me. I just couldn't believe a girl like you would ever want or feel that way about a guy like me." (sob)

"What, what do you mean, a girl like me?"

"C'mon, you know what I mean. You're kind and smart and beautiful, not to mention you're also a princess of one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. Why would I ever think that a girl as classy, pretty, and as special as you would have anything to do with a loser like me? So when you said you were happy and honored to become my wife, I figured it was just because you had learned of my true heritage." Naruto dejectedly said, as his sobbing subsided.

"Naruto-kun, I don't care where you come from, I never have. I love you because of who you have been your whole life and nothing more."

"I, I, just don't understand, why? Why would you care about me so much? I'm such a fool! I never saw or knew how you truly felt about me. Why would you want to be with someone as dense as me? I was no different with you, than Sakura was with me growing up. I ignored you and didn't even realize I was doing it. I'm no better than Sakura; in fact I'm worse!" Naruto said in a choked voice looking up into the face of one angry Hyuga princess who began to say.

"I can't believe you would say that about yourself Naruto-kun! You've never abused, insulted or treated me badly in anyway growing up. You didn't purposely ignore me. I never expressed to you how I felt because I was always nervous and shy around you. But that wasn't your fault but mine. When you did talk to me, you were always friendly and kind and caring. You never treated me like I was nothing, not like Sakura did to you."

"Well, I finally learned that harsh lesson about Sakura yesterday." Naruto mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I'm sorry, it's nothing. Hinata, please don't sacrifice yourself to the Raikage to save the village. Even though Neji is right and I don't deserve you, please do me the honor of becoming your husband so that doesn't happen."

"Nar, Naruto-kun, do you love me?"

"Hinata-chan, I don't know what love is anymore? I never had it growing up, so I don't know what it feels like? I thought I did, but after what happened yesterday in the Council meeting with Sakura I realized that perhaps I never knew what love is?"

"What happened in the Council session with Sakura?"

"It, it doesn't matter, let's just say I had my eyes opened to some things that's all. So I can't truthfully say that I love you. But I can tell you that you are one of my most precious people. And the thought of you being unhappy or hurt in anyway makes me feel awful inside. All I want to do is make you feel happy and safe and if you become my wife that will be my promise of a lifetime. I, I don't know if that's love, but if what I'm feeling for you is something that you can live with, then please marry me Hinata!"

"Hai Naruto-kun, I can live with that because I feel the same way about you. I will marry you Naruto-sama."

"Please Hinata-chan you don't have to honor me with the suffix. The truth of the matter is if anyone deserves that title in our marriage, it's you."

"(Giggle) please Naruto-kun, don't do that. I don't mind addressing you with that honorific, but if you wish, I won't anymore."

"Thanks my hime, we'd better get back to the Hokage's office and sign off on this marriage. Then I'm taking you to the fanciest restaurant in the village to celebrate." Naruto declared with enthusiasm, as he encircled Hinata's waist with his arm and they leapt away. The Hyuga girl sported a fierce blush on her face at the feel of Naruto's arm around her and of his affectionate pet-name of which he addressed her.


Naruto was smiling from ear to ear as he prepared breakfast. He still couldn't believe the events that had transpired the day before. The blonde Jinchuuriki's thoughts about his second marriage in as many days were certainly more positive then about the first. It still boggled Naruto's mind that a girl as beautiful and special as Hinata would ever have anything to do with him, but after last night, she had definitely proven him wrong. Blushing, Naruto returned his attention back to the eggs and bacon he was currently frying up when he heard a knock on his front door. Still grinning from ear to ear he opened the door brightly, before his smile quickly disappeared upon seeing who was standing before him.

"H, hello Naruto."

"Hello Sakura, what brings you to the monster's lair this morning?" Naruto answered, before looking to the ground.

Sakura winced upon hearing this and she had seen Naruto's smile disappear when he opened the door and saw her standing there. When she heard the tone of his reply, she suddenly felt sick to herself. Naruto always had a smile for her in the past, and his voice was always one of warmth and friendliness. Now the smile and happy voice, she had always secretly enjoyed from him was gone. The fact that Naruto wouldn't even look at her as he spoke was like a kunai to her heart. Sakura masked her pain as best she could and answered.

"Nar, Naruto I'm sorry about what I said in the Council, I wanted to talk to you about it and try to explain…."

"Naru-kun what are you making for breakfast?" A voice rang out behind Naruto interrupting Sakura who looked over to see Hinata step out of his bedroom fixing her hair. Both Sakura and Hinata froze as each of them caught sight of each other. Hinata froze upon seeing Sakura and Sakura froze upon seeing Hinata or more importantly of what the young Hyuga girl was wearing.

"S, Sakura-san." Hinata stammered in surprise.

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