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Know each other better

That Sougo sees the girl on the floor and went on his sadistic way only to find that an evil aura from this young man.

Kagura gets up with a facial expression that would shake even his father umibosu, but that the prince of planet sadistic not concerned at all, but Kondou was shaking while Hijikata was alert for any reaction of the girl, then breaks Sougo the silence by saying - look where you walk ... China girl - with her poker face, this alone did increase the anger of Kagura and her two companions to panic - you say idiot, I was You who demand an apology demolition - damn look what you did because of you and can not be repaired, she reached out to see a pocket watch that at first seemed very expensive and had no choice.

Seeing this made a face Sougo sadistic saying - not my problem you're so stupid you break anything with those hands of monster you have, with that said Kagura broke and began a struggle in the classroom, when Otae appears to stop his dear friend - Kagura-chan please stop have things to do, with this automatic withdrawal Kagura in your foot off the boy's arm again - you're lucky that drowned me down, with the two girls that were removed from the room, Kagura seeing with his own hand the little clock failed.

Once the girls left the room all those who were near Hijikata even Kondou and relaxed, with good reason since Kagura was well known in the school to a non force had appeared Otae moustrosa and looks cute but has its turbulent times of anger, especially when it comes to bone stalker kondo gorilla.

Hijikata then broke the silence, not to mess with them, 'said a voice from tired and annoyed.

-Hijikata-san this girl annoying me first, said Okita your pocker face - see Sougo you should not mess with the Chinese girl, in your day-who cares-Sougo spit out of hand.

-We toshi forget the matter and after school we celebrate that Sougo is with us again if - what you say kondo-san - Hijikata said and left the classroom.

Kagura was casting light but, as he was with his drenched not able to show it physically.

-Kagura-chan happens Otae said with a smile a little worried.

-It's okay, it's just that - he paused to get the shabby-clock was the last gift I gave that person before leaving.

With that said Otae - ohh my god, she covered her mouth with her hand and suddenly felt a dark aura coming out of it.

Given this, calm down worried Kagura was very old so why not take the blow-trying to calm her experiment because it has already impulsive reactions and suffering the consequences was ginpachi-sensei (¬ ¬).

-Moving on Anego remember the favor I asked you this morning Otae nodded his head - then why is that? - Ask Otae completely forgetting his anger-

-Well, while I live alone in my house and I do not like being alone after school, Kagura sigh before speaking, and I like to have a part time job-Kagura Otae I watch for a reaction but none so continuous-and wondered if you could work in that business-to Otae that gave him a smile clear that if Kagura-chan, but ginpachi-sensei already know this,

Kagura gave a great sigh have not told this even if my temporary guardian, he would not pay attention so it does not matter anyway if I get the job and found out who goes where strawberry desserts Anego works not -Otae only let out a small chuckle along with Kagura.

While they were returning from Okita and buy lunch was very popular with the girls in the classroom and other groups, of course Otae Kagura and gave such importance as a gum stuck on the ground.

Sougo-hear what was your old school? - Ask kondo eating lunch.

Sougo boring answer-mmm say that was smaller than this school, unlike that girl over there is no Mostros-everyone in the room fell silent as they waited for the explosive reaction of a certain person, but as lunch Kagura was more than concentrating on their food, to the misfortune of Okita

-Seriously do not mess with the girl from China who Hijikata Sougo-spit a little tired sigh.

-By the way, you say we Toushi to celebrate where you work-kondo spit with a big smile.

-Eh so you have a job Hijikata-san - Sougo wonder with a dull face - yes, but you only want kondo see Otae-san in turn Hijikata said a little irritated by the latter. Then something heavy hit to kondo something like a bank, if it was Otae-san who unlike Kagura she was hearing what he said Hijikata.

-Ups as the bank went flying into the face of said Otae gorilla-faced innocent, while the other students thought - perhaps it was she who threw wtf-faced, clear except for Kagura who already was on his 15 sandwich without noticing what happened. Sougo suddenly snatches the sandwich n ° 16 of the hands causing Kagura mad.

-Fence to be small and not eat much, breasts with his pocker face, giving him a bite of bread.

By doing this all were silent and watching Sougo somewhat surprised, as they awaited the countdown.







Everyone ran out of the classroom including Otae, Hijikata and Kondo.

Kagura by inertia jump on him and was shocked demolition Sougo is both a sandwich, but he would not sit back and so the second raund in class 3-z new guy (Sougo) vs. the Chinese girl (Kagura), was disaster such as other groups knew about it, Kagura had a table in hands on his head which was ready to throw Okita but was stopped by someone who subject her arm and she turned to see who it was ...-gin-chan - Kagura said, his voice angry.

-Hey should not fight in the classroom she said in her face slack but serious eye towards Kagura - and Who started it? - Said the teacher

- It was blatantly said Sougo his face and monotone voice, while all his companions returned to their posts they thought it was you who caused it.

- NOT MY FAULT! He started stole one of my sandwiches Kagura said his face red with anger.

-Mmm according as the first day of school I will not punish ginpachi-sensei said - but that is a warning to return to the fight to remain in detention after school, so I do not do it he said, pointing to all.

-The principal and is eyeing us so I do not want my paycheck deducted, much less stay for their actions, they heard -

But they said, if two people appear not heard this since they were busy looking at each other.

And the day passed without interruption, until the end of classes.

Kagura-chan-well and I telephoned the owner and told me that if you start today Otae said closing her cell phone - that's fine Anego Kagura said enthusiastically - seem to forget the events of today, thought to Otae itself.

Meanwhile in the classroom Sougo, Hijikata and Kondo gori ... ups say they kept their things. - Hurry up, 'said Hijikata somewhat desperate

- What's the rush Hijikata-san? Do not tell me that you want to die Sougo said with an expressionless face.

-Not that Sougo is that he has his turn in the cafeteria today and do not want to tarnish his impeccable record of attendance, not Toushi said cheerfully kondo kondo-san if so I will go, opening the sliding door, I see there ok .

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