Bellaangelz: Hello every one of the fanfiction network. I will be writing a story.

Katie: Well, no really?

Bellaangelz: What are you doing here?

Katie: I'm in the story. I am also a main character and your main character's best friend.

Bellaangelz: Well…duh…I knew that.

Katie: Huh. Sure you didn't.

Chris: Will you two stop fighting!

Bellaangelz: I'm going to start the story now.

Chris: Wise choice.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WARRIORS books. My friend and I only own our OC's. Katie owns Katie (well dur) and I own Bella (cuz she's me, obviously) and Chris.

My name is Bella; I have dirty blonde hair that has natural light blonde and brown highlights. My hair is about 3 inches below my shoulders; I have green eyes, light freckles across my nose, and glasses. I am also 5'3" and 14 years old.

My best friend (one of them) Christina, or Chris as she likes to be called, has elbow length black hair, hazel eyes, light freckles across her nose. She is 5'2" and is 14.

My best friend (or one of them) Katie has shoulder length curly brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. She is 5'3", also 14 years old.

We all are huge Warrior fanatics. We are normal girls like any other girl except until one day all that changed.

Bella's POV

I sat upstairs in my room on my bed with my best friends Katie and Chris. We were reading the Warriors series…again. I was just finishing up The Last Hope for the 6th time, while Katie was in the middle of The Forgotten Warrior and Chris was at the beginning of her copy of The Last Hope. We had all gone through the series about 7 or 8 times, so it was no biggie.

I put my book down and Katie and Chris closed their books.

"So…" I say not sure if I want to go into this conversation.

"So…what?" Chris asks.

"Who is your favorite pairing?" I ask knowing I'm going to regret it.

"Dovewing and Tigerheart!" Katie screams.

"Cinderheart and Lionblaze." Chris shouts.

"Dovewing and Bumblestripe," I say, "who should become leader in your opinion?"

"Brambleclaw," Katie states simply.

"I think it should be…Lionblaze!" Chris says.

"Well it should be Hollyleaf—I mean Hollystar," I retort.

We went on like this for a while but I think we dozed off somewhere. Next thing I knew I was waking up in some random forest.

I sat up and looked around in confusion.

What the heck? I thought, I'm not this freaking short!

Everything around me was really, really, really tall. Even the bushes were taller than me! I saw a puddle and walked—more liked stumbled—over to it. I looked down and nearly had a heart attack. A medium gray cat face was staring back at me.

I started to scream and run in circles—more like stumbled around in circles. I then finally noticed two other cats asleep around me. I stumbled over to them. It was sort of like a pattern. Pad, pad, pad, pad, fall, pad, pad, pad, fall on my freaking nose! Pad, pad, pad, pad, pad, DARN IT STONE!

One of them had an almost fire color to it. The other had different shades of brown all over.

Suddenly they started waking up. I guess all of my noise had awoken them. The fire one started screaming and then tried to get up but fell down all wimpy like.

The brown one started murmuring to itself. All of a sudden it opened its eyes and said simply, "Where am I?"

The fire one was still trying to walk correctly but it suddenly crashed straight into the brown one who crashed into me. We fell to the ground, me on the bottom of the pile.

I squirmed out and thought to myself, well we dozed off so this must be one off my weird dreams. "This is some weird dream but I command you, my dream minions, to dance!" I said to the two cats.

The fire one said, "I'm not your freaking minion and who are you and where am I?"

The brown sat up and asked, "Bella, Katie, where are we?"

The fire one, apparently Katie and I exclaimed at the same time, "CHRIS?"

"Yes it's me. Now will someone tell me where the hell we are?"

"Well this is some weird dream," I say.

"Why do you think it's a dream?" Katie asks.

"Well for one thing, WE ARE CATS! And we don't know where we are and we fell asleep!" I shout.

"That is very true," Katie agrees, "but what if since we are all 14, does that mean we can transform at night?"

"I don't think so," I state, "I think it's the power of Starclan and awesome wishing."

"Hey did anyone else notice that we are our made up Warriors cats?" Chris asks, "and isn't this a dream? If this is a dream can we fly!"

"What are you, OH MY STARCLAN!" Katie screamed as she looks at herself for the first time.

"I don't know if we can fly. Let me check," I say running to a tree.

As I climb I say to the others, "hey did you guys notice that we are only like five moons old?"

I reach the lowest branch which happens to be five feet up.

I jump and scream, "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!" Then I do start screaming because I realized something.

I couldn't fly.

I was about to land on the ground when something or someone caught me by the scruff. They put me down and I realized with a jolt that it was Lionblaze. I mean the Lionblaze of Thunderclan!

"What are you doing here?" he asked. "We don't know how or why we are here but I am Diamondkit and this is Wildkit and Brownkit," I say pointing to my friends and using our cat's names.

We all stared in shock when Lionblaze said, "How did you kits get out of the camp?" He seemed to know us already.

"How do you know us?" Brownkit asked.

"Wow you guys forget your parents pretty quickly. Brownkit and Diamondkit, your parents are Dovewing and Bumblestripe." After he said that you could see Wildkit fuming. "Wildkit your parents are Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. Your siblings are an all-black she-cat called Nightkit and a yellow she-cat called Firekit."

Then Brownkit had to say, "Well we were trying to see if we could fly and there wasn't enough room in the camp."

Lionblaze just chuckled.

We start to head back to camp and we were asking Lionblaze random questions when the rest of the patrol came. The patrol was made up of Toadstep, Foxleap, Icecloud, and Bumblestripe. Bumblestripe rushed over to Brownkit and Diamondkit and gave them a stern talking to, which made all of us feel guilty.

When he finished he licked Brownkit and Diamondkit on the forehead and said, "Come on, let's go home."

When we arrived at camp Dovewing and Squirrelflight came running up to us. Squirrelflight was talking to Wildkit and Dovewing stood by Bumblestripe and she gave us the same talking to as Bumblestripe did.

When they were finished that's when Bramblestar came out of his den looking very angry and a hint of worried. All three of us were lined up in a row when he walked over. He kept on saying how unwarrior like that was, he was worried about all three of us and then he ended on that matter with a punishment of helping the medicine cat clean his den for a week.

We all moaned but were kept quiet by our mothers. When he said we were dismissed our mothers hurried us back to the nursery and grounded us there for the rest of the day. It was a little after sunhigh so we were going to be there a while.

Nightkit and Firekit kept on asking us a dozen or so questions about how our time was, what did we do, what type of punishment we had and then finally ended their questions with a We told you so!

We stayed in the nursery until it was time to sleep. Brownkit and I curled up against Dovewing and Wildkit, Firekit, and Nightkit curled up against Squirrelflight. I couldn't stop thinking on how we were here after the big battle between the dark forest and Starclan and what our arrival meant. And why we were here in the first place. I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning Squirrelflight and Dovewing ordered us to the Medicine cat den to start our punishment. When we arrived Jayfeather was sitting in front of his den almost as if he was expecting us, which he probably was. He simply said come inside and then turned around and walked inside.

We walked inside after him and saw herbs scattered everywhere. He did that on purpose, I thought. He told us to start sorting them and we set to work. It was long and boring but finally sunhigh rolled around and we got a break.

We all went to get a drink then when we got back to his den he just glared at us. That's kind of creepy, I thought. I think he was looking for something but couldn't find it.

We walked past and kept on going with our work. We were just finishing when Squirrelflight and Dovewing walk in and told us it was time to come back to the nursery.

We went back the nursery and tried to fall asleep but couldn't. "Why do you think we're here Diamondkit?" Brownkit asked. "I don't know, Brownkit. But whatever it is, it can't be good."

Well that was fun.

Come to the dark side.

We have chocolate chip cookies.

JF: What's wrong with the good side?
Me: Jayfeather, the good side has only oatmeal raisin cookies. Those are gross. You are such a goody goody two shoes.

Dovewing: Hahahahaha!

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