Once a ranger

Summary: Alpha needs help to reconnect the oo rangers to the morphing grid. He needs a certain blue ranger to help.

Disclamer: I don't own power rangers. I wish I did.

In the 'command centre'.

"Adam I think I will need some help while you and the others are away fighting is it possible for you to contact Billy?" Alpha stated.

"Sorry Alpha he is on Aquitar." Adam said apologetically. He paused for a moment, "what about Justin could he help?"

"If you can't get Billy then Justin will do." Adam had a think about this and started to wonder where Justin would be. He suddenly smiled and left the basement saying "I'll go get him then."


"We've decided to leave operation overdrive." Dax was saying. Adam decided this was the point when he should walk in.

"Before you all leave, I need some directions for a way to speed up getting your powers back. As I know I can't stay for much longer and I'm sure it's the same for the others as well."

"Where to?" asked Mack

"The nearest university?"

"That's San Angeles tech, why do you need to go there?" asked Rose.

"Justin will be there, Billy would be better as he knows the most about this stuff and is a genius but he is on Aquitar so he can't really help."

"Who's Justin" Ronny asked curiously.

"And why is Billy on Aquitar?" asked Tyzonn.

"Where even is Aquitar." Will asked very confused, "and who is Billy."

Adam sighed. "Justin is the blue turbo ranger who became a ranger when he was 11, he stayed behind on Earth when the rest of his team went into space as his father finally could spend some time with him. Billy was the original blue ranger who then helped with all the technology when it was the zeo era as he thought he would be more help doing that and there were only five zeo crystals between six of us. He is on Aquitar as one of his experiments went wrong from when we were all turned back into kids and he wouldn't stop ageing. The only way was for him to have water from Aquitar and he decided to stay there as their technical person. Aquitar is another planet almost totally covered in water and I think it is on the edge of this galaxy. Is that enough information?"

"Yeah, I'll take you to the university if you want as I'm going there anyway." said Rose.

"Thanks that would be a great help"

"Ok let's go, see you soon guys."

"Bye" they all replied.

In the car

"... You know you shouldn't give up being a ranger just because you don't have powers anymore." Adam told Rose.

"You speaking from experience or regret?"

"You could say both, but not really my regret. I didn't get a choice when I left, but I know Rocky and Kim both regretted leaving." Rose didn't answer so Adam continued. "The first time I lost my powers..."

"It happened more than once?" Rose interrupted.

"Oh yeah, I was a ranger a long time. As I was saying. The first time I lost them everything was destroyed our zords, morphers and anything else to do with our powers. Unlike you we couldn't get them back. So we went on a quest to find ninjor, who was thought to be a myth, to help us. We got the power of the ninja with that a new zord from our spirit animals."

"What was your animal?"

"I... I was a ... Frog." Adam paused until Rose stopped laughing "Anyway we got our powers back. A little while later we got turned back into children which caused our morphers to crack which included our coin so we couldn't morph and it really hurt if you did. I won't tell you how we got them back that time as it is a long story. But my point is you have a chance to get your powers back, don't give up, just think about that."

Rose didn't reply she just sat there taking it all in.

"We're here." she announced after five minutes.

"Thanks, do you have any clue where he might be? His full name is Justin Stewart he is around 21 with at least 7 degrees and I believe he did a phd at one point. He may be teaching or a student. He will probably where a lot of blue."

"I think I know who you are talking about but I will check the records to make sure, if it is he's not going to like seeing me."


"Let's just say I sort of 'fell' into one of his experiments which then proceeded to fire lasers everywhere and he got into major trouble for it."

"Unfortunately Justin can hold a grudge if he puts his mind to it."

"He certainly can..."

Classroom/ lecture hall

Justin's POV

This is such a boring lecture. I knew I shouldn't take geography but I still did... I would give anything to get out of this lesson. Well maybe not my morpher but you get the picture.

Knock knock knock

Oh no it's Rose I wonder what she wants... Probably get at me or something. She thinks I am 'so jealous' that she is a ranger and one day I am going to tell her that I did that ten years ago. That will shut her up.

"Yes miss Ortiz, can I help you." mr whatshisface asked.

"Can I have Justin please, it's really important?"

"Of course." The teacher replied. I really don't want to go with her.

"Justin you will need your things." I followed her out the room everyone was looking at me.

In the hallway

"What do you want Rose?" Justin asked. Then someone tapped him on the shoulder. So he turned around.

"Adam?" he gasped "what are you doing here!"

"Nice to see you to short stuff."

"You can talk frog boy."

"you know it's like..."

"The one you kiss and turns into a handsome prince." Justin cut in.

"What?" Rose asked.

"He told you about the frog thing right?" she nodded "well that's why he was one or so he says."

"Well its true."

"Come on, you know you wanted Billy's wolf or one of the others. But you still haven't answered my question."

"Justin." Adam looked around then continued, "we need your help with a colourful problem, well alpha needs your help."