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"I'll do it," said Justin

"We'll now you've got Justin I'll be off," stated Rose and before anyone could reply she stormed off.

"What's eating at her?"

"Power loss." Justin nodded in understanding.

"It can really bring out the worst in people," he muttered.

They wondered around the corridor catching up; suddenly a figure barged past them.

"Other way Mack," Adam calmly said to the person.

"How... How did you know?" Stuttered Mack.

"You had a look on your face that all reds get when they have a plan. Plus I knew you wouldn't give up as easily as the others, now go tell Rose before you burst."

Mack runs off, Justin just stares at Adam with a strange look.

"What he did!"

In the car

" So what's it like to be a ranger again?"


"... Tiring. Makes me feel old."

"Well you are old man."

"Thanks kiddo. So. why do you hate Rose so much?"

"I don't really know when it started really, but... It used to be friendly competition. I would beat her, she would beat me. If we worked together we were un stoppable. Then she changed. She started to doubt I had all my phd's. She stopped talking to me, I tried to find out why. Suddenly she had to beat me in everything, not as in just by a little, but as in eat my dust. That wasn't to bad until she broke one of my projects. It was like the watch communicators but so much better. It was the last chance I had to work on it. I walked away for a second then I heard something sliding onto the floor; I looked round and there she was stamping it into the ground... Then she became a power ranger. She thought she was the best and it was something I hadn't done. How many times I wanted to tell her she was 10 years to late. I will still help her and their team, but it doesn't mean I'll like working with her."

Pause"... Your morpher still works right?"

"Yeah and I umm kinda upgraded it."

"Well she couldn't fix the morphers and you can, also when you're done you can show her you whoop her ass anyday."

"Shouldn't you be looking out for the rookies?"

"My teams come first and she does seem stuck up. You should have seen her fave when she couldn't fix the morpher, priceless."

Laughing Justin turned around watching as the huge manor house came into view.

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