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Chapter One

Peeling her eyes open, Rae is meat with the warm sunlight. Internally groaning, she rolls over to her side, and drags her blanket over her head. She allows her heavy eyelids to droop closed again as she struggles to ignore the oddly uncomfortable feeling that is resting heavily in her stomach.

Today is going to be a shitty day.

Her phone alarm blasts an Eminem song, time to get out of bed.

Throwing off her blankets she leans forward and stretches her body like a cat awakening from a long nap. Hoping into the shower, she begins to sing a random Adele song. Her gruff morning voice only adds to her butchering the song and singing off key.

Furiously brushing her teeth, she continues to hum the rest of the song as the hot water relaxes her sore shoulder that she seems to have slept wrong on. A loud knock on the bathroom door startles the young woman.

"Hurry it up in there, I have an interview today." Victoria shouts from outside the door.

Spitting her toothpaste out towards the shower drain, Rae hollers back, "Then you should have gotten in the bathroom before me!"

Although her body is relaxed and enjoying the morning shower, her mind still feels on edge. Rae furrows her brows as she stares at the opposite tiled wall. These past few weeks have been a pain in her ass, all because of this ridiculous feeling that just won't disappear.

Lathering her thick hair with conditioner, she finishes her shower and hops out, drying off her wet body. Unlocking the bathroom door she steps out, "I left the water running." She says as she watches Victoria hurry into the bathroom. "Good luck with your interview!" She shouts and hurries back into her bedroom.

Throwing on a clean bra and underwear, Rae hurries into a pair of jeans and black T-shirt. "Shit," She curses as she notices the time. Frantically running around the small apartment, she tosses a breakfast bar and water bottle into her purse and slides her feet into her black sneakers. Running out of the apartment she hurries into her car and heads towards the hospital.

Groaning Rae feels like smashing her head against the steering wheel. She would get every red light possible. She slams on the gas as soon as the light turns green and speeds down the long street. "Hello?" Rae answers as her car is filled with Victoria's voice. Rae lowers the volume of the radio music so she can hear her roommate's voice better.

"Hey, there was an accident on the freeway, so I would take the back route to the hospital." Victoria says as she walks through the apartment searching for food.

"I've noticed." Rae replies bitterly. "Thanks for the info though, and don't you dare eat any of that chocolate cake I made last night." Victoria giggles as she swallows a piece of the cake.

"Too late!" she laughs out as she hangs up.

"Call Lynett," Rae instructs her car and she can hear the numbers dialing.

"Hello," Lynett's sweet voice answers.

"Hey Lynett, I'm stuck in traffic but I'll be there in ten minutes." Rae says alerting her boss that she would be late.

"Okay, thanks for letting me know. There are a lot of patients today so be prepared for a full shift." Lynett replies before hanging up.

After sitting in traffic, Rae parks her car and heads to the women's changing room. "Hey Paula," Rae says casually noticing her fellow nurse is also running late. The older woman of forty smiles at Rae,

"Good morning." She says as they change into their blue scrubs and begin a long day's work.

After dealing with gashes, broken limbs, blood, and vomit, Rae drags her body into her apartment to see Victoria wearing one of her sexy outfits. "Can we not go out today?" Rae asks weakly as she flops face first into the black leather sofa. Victoria's tall black pumps click against the wood floor as she takes a seat beside her friend.

"Sure, we can go another night." She says. She certainly isn't going to force Rae to a club when she can barely stand on her two feet. "You should get some rest."

Rae groans, she hates disappointing Victoria like this. They haven't been out for the past month with Rae working ridiculous hours and Victoria trying to find a job, the two need a break. "Actually, maybe we should go out tonight. You are already dressed, and I need a good drink."

Victoria's plump lips spread into a smile as she squeals with delight. "Yay! You should wear that nude colored dress."

Rae returns the cheerful smile. One night out can't hurt, and she doesn't have work tomorrow so she can get piss drunk tonight. Slipping her body into the tight nude dress Victoria suggested Rae admires her reflection.

She is no super model that right goes to Victoria. During her high school years, Rae worked hard to lose weight, she doesn't poses the wonderful genes that Victoria has and needs to exercise to keep her healthy figure.

Throwing her hair into a bun and straps on a pair of black stilettos, "I'll do my makeup in the car." Rae says as the two girls head out to Victoria's Mercedes.

"I wish I had boobs like you." Victoria wines as she admires Rae's full C-cups.

"And I wish I had your legs," Rae retorts as she envies her friend's slim Barbie legs.

"Come on, let's get this party going!" Victoria shouts as she slams on the gas and they speed to the club.

After her first two drinks Rae is finally relaxed and is able to have a good time. She finds her body swaying against a cute man. The pounding club music resonates off the walls, and pounds in her ears as she feels a hand on her hips.

"Shots!" Victoria says beaming as she hands her best friend a shot of tequila. A handsome man already has his arms snaked around her slim waist. After five shots later, the rest of the night is a blur. From the pounding music, to the various dance partners, Rae can feel the alcohol getting to her.

The pulsation in her head will not stop. She clumsily sits up, banging her head against her headboard. "Fuck," she curses as she gently rubs the back of her head and glances to her right, thankful that there isn't a strange man lying beside her. The last time Victoria had dragged her to a club she wound up having crazy sex with a stranger and not being able to remember anything from that night.

Peeling her body out of her bed, she shuffles her way to the bathroom. Feeling as if someone shoved a brick of lead in her head, she struggles to open her eyes. When the blast of light hits her retinas, she squeezes them shut.

She hates hangovers.

A strong gust of nausea rips through her and she finds herself leaning over the toilet, puking whatever is left in her stomach. Closing her eyes, she runs a frustrated hand through her hair as she flushes the toilet. Forcing her body to stand up, she brushes her teeth staring like a zombie at her horrific reflection.

Her thick head of dark mahogany hair is a bird's nest and her smeared makeup makes her look like a half crazed raccoon. She can hear Victoria running down the other hall and into the half bathroom. Smiling to herself, Rae is pleased that she isn't the only one that drank too much last night. If she is going to suffer through this bitch of a hangover so is Victoria.

Finishing up the second round of brushing her teeth, Rae takes a shower and throws on one of her favorite tank tops and girl boxers. Crawling back into her bed, Rae drifts back to sleep.

Demons. Fucking demons.

Dean glances over to Sam who finishes the exorcism with a few last words of Latin. "Your turn sweetheart," Dean says as he turns his attention to the demon possessing a poor soccer mom while Sam checks the lawyer's pulse.

"He's gone." Sam says.

Dean quickly exorcises the second demon and frowns when he too can't feel a pulse from the soccer mom, "Great, just great," he mumbles as makes his way up from the basement.

"Dean, Sam!" Bobby's voice calls out.

Dean and Sam rush towards Bobby's and find a girl lying flat on her stomach in the middle of the living room.

"What the hell." Dean says as all three men are not sure what to make of the situation.

"How did she get here?" Sam asks Bobby who shrugs.

"Wouldn't believe me if I told you." He responds gruffly folding his arms across his chest. "She fell out of the ceiling."

All eyes turn upwards to the ceiling for a brief moment until Dean scoffs. "Out of the ceiling?"

"Do you think she's a demon?" Sam questions as the three men hover over the limp girl. Dean kicks the girl's leg. "Dean," Sam says shooting his brother a glare.

"What?" He asks innocently, "Just seeing if she's alive. What demon comes to a hunter's home wearing this?" He questions noticing her choice of clothing.

"Mother fucker," Rae gasps out as she opens her eyes and finds herself lying on a hard surface.

All three men step back and grab their guns aiming at Rae who struggles to stand on her two legs. She yawns covering her mouth with the back of her hand before opening her eyes to stare at the guns, then the three men, and then back at the guns.

"What the fuck?" She cries out and glances down at her body. She is still wearing the pajamas she had managed to get into before she had hoped to sleep off her hangover.

Sam looks at Dean who glances at Bobby. "Who are you?" Sam questions watching as the girl's brown eyes move frantically around her surroundings.

Rae's breathing begins to become labored. Is she dreaming? Is she still drunk? Has she been kidnapped? Rae's mind is slowly processing the situation, why were there three men pointing guns at her? She had to have been kidnapped, that is the only logical explanation she can manage to scarf up at the moment.

She stares at the peeling red paint and the musky smell; this is so not her apartment. The world around her begins to feel unreal and she blinks trying to focus her mind. Where is Victoria? Did they take her too?

"Hey!" Dean shouts watching as the girl jumps back in surprise. "If you don't want us to blast your head off, why don't you start explaining how you got here."

"Excuse me," She finally squeaks out. "How did I get here! You were the ones who kidnapped me! How did I get here?" Her voice is now a loud scream, "Where is Victoria? I swear to god if you do anything to us I'm going to kick all of your asses and shoot your heads off!" Rae flinches, her head still in pain from the hangover. "That's it, this is a dream. God, I knew I had too much tequila last night." She continues to ramble on to herself, still not able to fully understand the extent of her situation.

"This chick is crazy." Dean mutters to Sam as he watches Rae talk to herself. "Do you want to shoot her?"

"Dean." Sam says incredulously, "We can't shoot her; she could be human for all we know."

"Human? Bobby just said she fell out of his ceiling. I don't know if you can do that but I certainly can't."

As the two brothers argue, and Rae tries to convince herself that this is a dream, Bobby reaches over and grabs his flask of holy water. For a split second Rae winces as she fears the liquid is acid or some form of chemical that will burn her flesh. But nothing happens and she can taste the water on her lips. "Great, I've been kidnapped by psychos, oh my god, I knew my love for watching serial killer shows was going to bite me in the ass."

"Lady, shut up for one second." Dean shouts as he cocks his shotgun which seems to instantly shut up the strange woman before them. "So now what?"

"She isn't possessed; maybe she's a shifter or a witch." Sam suggests.

As the three men begin to discuss whether Rae is human or not, her mind begins to realize something. The men in front of her seem familiar as if she saw them before. "Wait," She says causing the men to stop their conversation. All eyes watch her as she points to Dean. "Weren't you the guy from that movie My Bloody Valentine?" She accuses and turns her attention to Sam. "And you, I swear I saw you in that crappy remake of Friday the 13th,"

"Dude, this girl must have escaped the loony bin." Dean scoffs as he lays his shotgun down but grabs a silver knife.

"Holy mother of fucking god!" Rae shouts out as it hits her. "Holy shit, holy shit!" she chants over again in what appears to be delusional excitement. "I'm in Supernatural! My drunken mind has placed me in an old favorite show!"

Sam watches as the woman begins to laugh and he turns to Bobby who is carefully watching Rae laugh until tears are leaking out of her eyes. "Boy, I think she's human. Demons and witches are sick and twisted but this is too bizarre even for them. She seems too…unstable." Bobby says to Sam who can only nod in agreement.

Dean is only a foot away from Rae who wipes tears from her eyes and spots the knife in his hands. "Holy shit!" She screams out in fear as she backs up. "Stay back!" she screams as she continues to back away from Dean. "Even if you are a figment of my imagination, I would rather you not chop me up."

Rae watches in terror as Dean continues to approach her with the blade. There is no way she can overpower him, in fact Rae couldn't even do a single pushup. Her upper body strength is zero. If she can get to a door and out of this crazy house, she might stand a chance at running. She hesitantly glances between the three men that are blocking the only doorway.

"Someone help!" The scream of a woman is heard by all four pairs of ears. Rae can't help but feel as if her prayers are answered as she watches the tallest man hurry out of the room. She can feel the adrenaline beginning to pump through her veins; this is going to be her only chance to escape.

Dean glances over to Sam who is hurrying down to the basement to where the origin of the voice came from. "Bobby!" Sam calls out and Bobby leaves the room.

Rae doesn't waste a second, she grabs a stack of books and flings them at Dean and sprints around him running towards the front door. "Son of a bitch," Dean curses as the books smash against his face and he picks up his knife and heads to the front door and sees Rae sprinting through the pile of cars.

Her legs pump beneath her as she sprints for her life. Winding around a stack of cars, her eyes spots the driveway and she urges her legs to move faster. Unfortunately, her short stature of five foot four only allows her legs to move so far. And Dean is able to quickly catch up to her, his strides longer then hers.

Panic sets in as she can hear the crunch of the gravel under Dean's boots. She risks a glance behind her and lets out a squeak of fear. She makes a sharp right turn noticing her pursuer is just in arms length.

Dean growls under his breath as he pursues the petite woman but he knows she can't run forever especially without shoes or socks on.

She is about to make a dash left, when she feels the man tackle her to the ground. His weight smash against her back, and the gravel digs painfully into her torso and exposed skin. "Let me go!" She shouts as she wiggles around trying to get out of his grip.

Dean pulls the knife from his belt. He watches the fear sink into Rae's eyes as she begins to thrash even harder. "Stop moving around," He grunts as he pins her legs down with his own.

"I don't want to die. I'm only twenty four, I still need to get married, have kids. I want to see the Eiffel tower and lounge on the beach in Hawaii!" She sobs out. Dean grips her forearm and slices the skin.

Rae can feel the blade slide over her skin and then the blood begins to pool. Dean watches as nothing happens. He grumbles under his breath as he gets off the woman. "Sorry sweetheart, we still have questions for you." He says as he swings the woman over his shoulders and heads back into Bobby's place.

"What happened?" Sam asks seeing Rae over Dean's shoulder and her bloody feet.

"She ran. Where is Bobby?" Dean asks as he flings Rae onto the couch.

"He is helping the lady to get back home." Sam says noticing the clean cut on Rae's arm. "So she isn't a shifter either."

"Nope, but this little midget can run pretty damn fast." He huffs as he heads into the kitchen to grab a beer.

Rae can feel the pain in her feet now that all of her adrenaline has vanished and while she can physically feel the pain, she is also fully aware that this can't possibly be a dream. Sam hands Rae a towel that is soaked in warm water. "Can you tell us your name?"

Rae gratefully takes the towel from Sam's outstretched hand and begins to clean her feet. "Railey but everyone calls me Rae."

Dean snorts, "Isn't that a dudes name?" He asks rhetorically leaning against the kitchen counter as he watches Sammy work his puppy-dog-magic.

"Rae," Sam says with a light smile as he holds out his hand. "My name is Sam and that's my brother Dean." She frowns as she stares at Sam's large hand and decides to be polite and slides her small one in his.

"Bobby said you fell out of his ceiling. Can you explain that?" Sam asks gently watching as Rae cleans her other foot. She stays silent for a moment.

She is sitting in Bobby Springer's home with Sam and Dean Winchester. She honestly wishes this were a dream, but from the cut Dean left on her arm and the pain to her feet, the idea that this is a dream left a while ago. When she was a teenager around seventeen, she had seen her first Supernatural episode. Victoria is the obsessed fan, and a Dean girl at heart. Rae on the other hand enjoyed the show and watched it faithfully but only up through season three.

Just the sheer idea that she has somehow wound up in a parallel universe is mind boggling. If anyone should be transported to the Supernatural universe, it should have been Victoria.

"Sammy I think you broke her." Dean muses as he notices how silent Rae is. Just a few minutes ago she was laughing hysterically and spouting nonsense.

"Rae?" Sam asks as he touches her arm. She lifts her gaze and meets Sam's hazel eyes.

"This day sucks ass." She groans with a sour look. Sam cracks a smile waiting for her to continue.

"The lady is on her way home. Did you catch the girl?" Bobby's voice breaks the silence as he walks in. "So not a shifter either." He also notices the cut on her arm.

"Rae, this is Bobby." Sam introduces the older man.

"Hi Bobby," Rae says weakly, "Could I have some Band-Aids or something?" Bobby nods as he notices her bleeding feet. "And a pair of tweezers, please," She needs to remove the small bits of rocks that are dug into her wounds. Once she is bandaged up and sitting crisscross on the couch, the three men wait for her to explain.

"Okay," She begins, "So I don't really know where to begin. I mean yesterday I was working my shift at the hospital, my roommate Victoria and I went to the club. I got piss drunk and by the time I fell back asleep I find myself on the floor of this house with you guys pointing guns at me. I don't know how the hell I got here and I honestly just wish I could go home."

"That doesn't explain all the stuff you were babbling about with Sam and I being in movies." Dean points out.

Rae shrugs, "This is going to sound ridiculously crazy but I guess you guys aren't strange to crazy." She mumbles the last part more to herself. "What year is it?" She asks even though she knows the answer.

"It's 2009." Sam says watching Rae's lip twitch.

"Right…where I was, it's already 2012." She says softly.

You can hear a pin drop with the silence that holds the room hostage. Dean is the first to speak, "You're shitting me." He looks over to Sam and Bobby who are staying silent. "So what are you a witch, come to mess with our minds? I mean this is low even for your kind."

Rae snaps her head to Dean. "Fuck you." She spits out, "I'm not a god damn with, shifter, or any other demonic supernatural being. I am a human, as in a Homo sapien dumbass. And since I have a vagina that makes me a female homo sapien," Sam laughs at Rae's snappy response as he looks to see his brother's face. "All I know is where I come from, you and this world," She says gesturing to the room. "All of this is a TV show called Supernatural. Created by Eric Kripke, it is about two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who travel across America killing the supernatural."

Rae watches as Dean's jaw clenches, "Okay let's say you are telling the truth." Bobby chimes in as he scratches his beard. "If you come from 2012 and this is a TV show, then you must know the future as well as the past."

Rae bites her lip as she feels the scrutiny from the three men. "That's right, but I didn't really watch the latest season's faithfully." She admits. "I only really watched the first three seasons but then I got hooked on the show Dexter about the serial killer and I just kind of forgot about Supernatural."

"I need a drink." Dean mutters as he gets another beer. "Out of everyone in the world that happens to land into our reality that has knowledge of our future, didn't watch what happens next. Fantastic, this day is getting better and better."

Rae sighs as she begins to feel guilty. "So does that mean you all believe me?"

Sam nods and Bobby sighs, "This doesn't make a lick of sense but we don't have proof to say anything else. How about we go and find you some suitable clothes to wear." Bobby suggests as he leads Rae upstairs.

"Do you believe her?" Dean questions his baby brother who sits up and heads towards him.

"It sounds crazy but I mean that would explain her reaction to us when she came here. If I woke up to find myself in a different reality I would freak out a little bit." Sam admits as he accepts the beer his brother offers.

"I don't know man, something just feels off about her. With the impending apocalypse, the last thing we need is a girl from a different dimension to deal with."

A few minutes later Rae appears back downstairs. Bobby is in his study looking through all the texts he can to figure out how Rae has found herself in a different reality while Sam is clicking through the internet and Dean is watching Rae. Besides the strong annoyance she holds for Dean at the moment, Rae can't help but feel like she is almost experiencing an out of body moment. Her mind just can't accept the fact that she is in the Supernatural world. Victoria would kill her right now if she knew.

A sigh escapes her lips as she is unable to stand the awkward silence. "Do you have a question?"

Dean smirks as he stands up from the seat across from Rae. "Yeah actually I do," Rae doesn't like that mischief grin on his face. "Were you a Dean-girl or Sam-girl?"

Rae sends Dean a death glare. "Really, that's the question you wanted to ask me." She replies icily, "For your information I was a Sam-girl," Rae can see a small smile spread across Sam's face before she continued, "I have a thing for tall guys you know like Alexander Skarsgard? But after being next to Sam, he is huge. So I think I've decided to be a Bobby-girl now." Sam's smile fades and it's Dean's turn to grin.

"Did you hear that gigantor?" He teases his younger brother who then tells Dean to shut up.

"What was your guys' last hunt?" Rae asks, there is a moment of silence before Sam replies.

"We met our half brother, Adam." Sam says softly as he remembers burning his brother's body just two days ago.

Rae nods, that episodes sounds familiar as she tries to remember what is to come.

"Do you know if we stop the apocalypse?" Sam can't help but ask. Rae's stoic expression slips and both Dean and Sam notice the sympathy in her eyes.

"Sam," Rae begins, "You know there are seven seasons…and I'm pretty sure Victoria mentioned there was going to be an eighth." Her voice is just above a whisper.

"What? Eight seasons?" Dean repeats not sure if he heard her correctly. "God dammit! Who the hell watches this show? Fuck, eight seasons!" Dean keeps repeating as he leaves the room and slams the front door as he heads out.

"How old are you?" Sam asks as he closes his laptop. Rae turns to the younger brother,

"Twenty four, I know people say I look younger, it's my Korean blood that I got from my mom." Rae grins.

Sam nods when he first saw her, he could tell she was a mix of ethnicities. "You said you worked at a hospital are you a doctor?"

"Nope, I'm a nurse. Graduated a year ago from San Diego State," Rae says pleased. "You know it's strange, I still can't believe that I'm here." She says slowly as she stare at Bobby's poorly kept house. "Sam," Rae begins as she tilts her head and a sad smile touches her lips. "I may not have watched most of the episodes past season three but Victoria talks a lot. She is in love with the show. And I know about the…" She begins and leans in towards Sam. "Demon blood," She finishes as she stares into the larger man's eyes. The flickering of emotion from anger, to embarrassment seem to be battling against each other.

She leans against the couch, giving Sam his personal space again. "You should tell him." Sam stares into Rae's large brown eyes an can see the sincerity behind her words.

"I can't." He whispers before sitting up and leaving too.

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