by Shadowy Star

June 2006

Disclaimer: I don't own the Coldfire trilogy. It belongs to C.S. Friedman. I do own this story. Characters not appearing or being mentioned in the original trilogy are likewise mine, f.e. Kasari. Do not archive or translate or otherwise use the story without permission.

A/N: Life is hard with the ex-Hunter for father-in-law. Not to speak of the rest of the family.

This is another sequel to 'Survivals', set a couple of years after it and much more years before 'Family Matters', a WIP.

"Karril!" Geraldine da Silva called, frowning sternly.

"What?" the god of pleasure answered far too innocently, slowly manifesting in front of her angrily narrowed eyes.

"Would you please tell your daughter to remove these illusions from my living room? I don't find this amusing!"

"Why not?" the goddess of dance asked, perfectly imitating her father's look.

"Because sprouting jungle complete with snakes, spiders, ants, and frogs doesn't exactly match the décor," Geraldine answered dryly.

"Kasari," Karril said, shaking his head in mock disappointment. "It's not funny to anger the family."

Kasari seemed to have a different opinion on that but wisely decided to obey. The illusion vanished in a last sparkle of light.

"Speaking of family," Geraldine said. "I think you know where my father is far better than I do."

"Yes," Karril admitted.

"And?" She raised her eyebrows. "Would you kindly share this precious piece of knowledge with me?"

Karril grinned broadly. "Right now, he's having … fun."

Geraldine rolled her eyes. "Can't remember when he did not – over the last five years." She looked at him, curiosity peaking. "What exactly are they doing?"

"Are you sure you want to know that – exactly?"

"No!" her husband said, sounding slightly horrified, from his armchair where he was sitting, carefully cradling their two days old second child. The boy was sleeping peacefully.

"Why not, dear?" Geraldine smiled lovingly at him. "Sometimes, they're so … inspiring."

That sent Karril into gales of laughter.

Kasari cast an irritated glance at her father. "Oh," she said then, and "Ohh," again as she was finished with reading the both humans' minds. And with a sly grin, she disappeared.

"They're sailing east," Karril finally said.

"Oh no! Not again!" Both da Silvas said in unison.

"Whose harebrained idea was that?" Geraldine asked, purely rhetorically of course.

"I give you one guess," Karril answered dryly.

She shrugged. "Well, would you be so kind to inform them of their youngest grandchild?"

"As you wish. You know, I do anything for my family."

"Anything?" Geraldine asked interestedly.

Karril hastily vanished from sight.