Prodigy Ghost whisperer

Chapter one:

The beginning

Hello my name is Sylar Gordon, I am the granddaughter of the Ghost Whisperer Melinda Gordon. I am now 25, but my story begins when I was just 7 years old. I was on the playground, being a kid and swinging like a superhero on my stomach. I went up into the sky, but when I flew back down there was this dainty little boy with dirt smudged on his nose.

"I wouldn't be doing that if I was you" His voiced cracked, a tear slid down his cheek.

Digging my heels into the soft rubbery ground, I hopped off the swing to go and comfort him.

Reaching for him, he whispered, "Don't, you probably can't touch me anyways." Shocked, I pulled my hand back, my lips going into a firm line, frustration gracing my brow. I can't comfort this boy, which is hard cause that's what I'm best at comforting.

"A'right then." My pigtails bouncing up and down, while I planted my bum on the railroad tie encircling the playground. My dainty lips opening up in a perky smile, my gapping teeth showing through.

"Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?" Tears glistened in his pale blue eyes when I mentioned hurting. He ran his pale hand through his dark hair.

"My mom, she's crying at my bed, and I-I can't help her to stop crying. I talked to her and it's like she can't hear me. I got hurt a while ago; I was swinging, like you were, I fell, and here I am." His face drooped and his eyes were foggy.

"So you got hurt? That's probably why your mommy is upset." His eyes focused, he focused on my face, his lips pulled up into a slanted smile, and he brushed some hair from my eyes.

"That's is why my mommy is upset. You're a smart little girl." I looked up at his face, I never noticed that he is older than me, maybe like nine or ten.

"Sylar Gordon, age 7" I thrusted my hand forward, trying to act mature with an adult handshake.

"Kaiden Winston, age 10" He grabbed my hand, cold electricity raced up my arm, goose bumps rose, my hair stood up. Shock must of shown on my face because Kaiden quickly pulled his hand away.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's just well you're the first person who can see me, well except you grandma over there, I didn't mean to-to shock you, literally." Sure enough Grandma Mel was watching us from the bench. I looked back to Kaiden, his slanted smile was back.

"Sylar!" My mother chirped from the bench, her purse mounted on her arm.

"I've got to go! See ya around Kaiden!" I bounded off the railroad tie, skipping backwards to give wave Kaiden goodbye, but he was gone. Shocked, I stopped dead in my tracks, the wind picked up, I heard a whisper," Bye Sylar. I'll definitely see you around."

I turned back around only to see Grandma Mel smiling at me.

"That looked like a nice boy you were talking to sweetie!" Her soft eyes brightened.

"He is Grandma Mel." She grabbed my hand , cradling it with her soft, frail hands.

"I need to talk to you about something." With those few words my life became a whirlwind of craziness! But I've enjoy every moment since.