Hot Blooded Three

Sorry for the late update. I just moved into my new house. Anyways so glad to have Bones back on tv. Anyways here is part three and the last chapter of Hot Blooded.

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Booth was sitting at his desk working on paper work from his and Brennan's case. He was almost done when he got a call Booth was waiting for. "Booth. Hey Angela so Bones don't suspect a thing?... Okay great, Angela you're the best… and thanks for watching Christine for the night. Yeah I know I haven't forgotten that Bones and I will watch Michael next weekend. Alright Angela I have to try to finish up my work and I will see you tomorrow afternoon." Booth hung up the phone with a huge grin on his face. Tonight he was going to celebrate the one year anniversary of Brennan's return and it was a huge surprise.


Two hours later Booth just got a text from Angela saying she just picked up Christine at their house after letting Max off of babysitting duty. Booth smiled at the thought of him and Brennan having the house all to themselves after dinner and his special surprise. Booth walked into Brennan's office after texting back Angela and saw the love of his life typing away. So he just leaned against the door watching his Bones.

"I see you Booth," Brennan said as she glanced over to the door way. Booth chuckled and then walked behind Brennan putting his hands on her shoulders. Brennan shut down her computer and looked up at Booth with a smile on her face. "We done here Bones because I'm hungry." Then bent down and kissed Brennan softly on the lips. They stayed that way for a moment to let the feeling linger. As they broke apart Booth stood straight up as Brennan got up and pushed her chair in her desk, then wrapped her arms around Booth waist. "Booth, I think first we should go home to Christine and I will cook us my macaroni and cheese."

Booth looked down at Brennan shaking his head, "Nope! I have a better idea." Brennan looked up at him with her confused look, "I don't understand Booth, what could be better than going home to our daughter?" Booth just gave her back his cocky smile, "Well you see Bones; I called Angela if she would watch our daughter until tomorrow afternoon. I was kind of hoping to have an evening alone with my fiancé to celebrate."

Brennan looked confused at first then realized why Booth wanted to celebrate. "Oh today a year ago was the night you came looking for me and you did find me. But why not include Christine?" Booth started walking out of Brennan's office as she followed, "You see Bones tonight is our night and tomorrow we will celebrate with Christine by going to the zoo or something like that. I just want to be alone with you." After hearing Brennan locking her office door Booth turned to her wrapping his arms around her waist once more. "You get it now Bones, alone with the woman I love. Tonight we go home and change into some casual clothes, go out to eat and maybe a drink at the Founding Fathers, then…" Booth let go with one arm and put it inside his suit jacket and pulled out two tickets. "Take you to see Foreigner at the park." Brennan grabbed the tickets to take a closer look, then smiled up at Booth. "Booth I think I would enjoy an evening alone with you, but are we going to dance like we are fools once they start performing Hot Blooded?" Booth leaned down and gave Brennan a kiss on the lips. Then gave her his cocky smile, "Most defiantly Bones, it's our song, I wouldn't want to celebrate our life together any other way." Then he moved his free hand to Brennan's stomach. "While we dance to our song it will remind me how far we have come since we first heard Hot Blooded together. Look our daughter will be two in four months, that ass Pelant is out of our lives forever, we are engaged, my mother is back into my life, and in fourteen weeks we will be welcoming our son into this world. Bones if it wasn't for you I have no clue what my life would be like. I love you so much."

Brennan brushed a couple tears away knowing their lives would be very different if Booth never found her in that hotel. Then placed her free hand over Booths and smiled back at him."Booth I love you too, now lets' go home to change. So we can eat and go to that concert. And if you do not mind Booth when Foreigner begins to sing Hot Blooded I would like to get up and dance with you."

Booth kissed Brennan on the lips as they were leaving the Jeffersonian, then winked at her, "Only if we only dance like fools."