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Rosepetal rose from her small nest and stretchted her tired limbs.

"What a dream" she murmured sleepily.

It was a bright sunny day full of hope. Oh joy.

The birds were chirping blissfully, the sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear light blue..

It almost seemed as if they were laughing at her.

"We're happy and peaceful!," they seemed to say "while you're sad and you're life is a mess!"

"And your food!" Rosepetal growled back unconsciously.

The she-cat crouched forward into a hunting crouch and silently crept closer and closer to her prey.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as the mouse lifted it's head in an almost puzzled matter.

Luckily it didn't seem to notice the hunting she-cat as it went on doing it's bussiness.

So innocent yet ignorant.

Rosepetal licked her lips hungrily as she eyed her prey and was about to jump when CRACK!

Somewhere a twig broke and the mouse now terrified scurried of to safety.

"Oh no you don't!" Rosepetal practically shouted as the she-cat raced towards the mouse.

Getting closer. Almost there!

A slick paw suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the mouse.


"I believe you're looking for this?" said a smug voice.

Rosepetal turned around snarling... And came face to face with the most handsomest tom she had ever met.

His dark golden fur gleamed against the sunlight and each paw was dipped in white including the tip of his tail.

"Pardon me for being rude. My name is Russet son of Pandora and Metal", he mewed politely.

Rosepetal gulped nervously as she gazed at his sincere emerald eyes and stammered "I'm r-r... I'm Rosepetal."

Russet purred as if he knew he was very handsome...

Which made Rosepetal extremely annoyed.

"I believe you come from the so-called... I mean Skyclan?" he asked.

"What?!" Rosepetal answered incredulously.

"SkyClan! Do you come from Skyclan?" Russet replied impatiently


If I say yes then he might bring me to them and I can still live the lives of the warriors code!... If they have the warrior code...


Russet nodded in reply but seemed puzzled.

"Don't you cats live farther away?"

"I'm lost", Rosepetal answered and cringed.

How stupid does that sound?

The tom just blinked.

"You're lost"


"Okay... You're lost when YOU live there"

Rosepetal winced at his sceptical answer.

"I was hoping you'll show me back home", she asked hopefully.

Again the other cat just blinked.

"If you don't know you're way home how am I suppose to know?", Russet snapped.

Woah! How did he become so grumpy?

"Please?", Rosepetal begged

Russet sighed "I'll try but first you need to eat"

He handed over the mouse that Rosepetal had failed to catch.

Rosepetal blushed and murmurmed a thanks before devouring the mouse like she was starving... Which she was...



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