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"Geez, Harry."

Harry looked up and saw an amused Bella standing over him.

"Hey," Harry grinned.

It was the end of July, and the Demigods were visiting the Burrow for a day. Izzy, Miranda, and Erin were somewhere with the Weasley twins, proabaly setting boobytraps in Percy's room.

Sam was talking about wedding plans with Fluer, along with an under-enthusiastic Ginny.

Emily was last seen in the kitchen before dissapearing mysteriously.

Even Victoria and Hannah were present, Alexa and them were helping Mrs. Weasley in the kicthen currently.

Meanwhile, Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Bella were up in Ron's room.

"Didn't know how big of a party your seventeenth was gonna be," She yawned sitting on the arm of the chair Harry was sitting on. She grinned, with her stromy gray eyes.

"We British can party too," Harry said, rolling his eyes. "Just because you Demigods can party doesn't mean we can't."

"Yeah," Bella said rolling her eyes. She took a long, thick package and handed it to him. "Happy Birthday."

Harry took it and glared at Bella. He held the Mythology book up with a bemused expression.

Bella laughed and ruffled his hair, while Hermione and Ron roared with laughter.

"SHERMAN!" Emily cried, carrying a box. Miranda, Erin, Victoria, and Isabelle entered the room too.

It was seriously getting cramped.

"These are all for you," Miranda said, dumping the box carelessly into Harry's lap.

Hermione blinked. "All of them?"

"Yeah," The daughter of Posiedon said rolling her eyes. "That's from Luna," She said pointing at the orange box in Harry's lap.

"I got 'Luna and Neville's mystery child'," Victoria said, with a confused expression on her face.

"Not going to happen," Ron laughed, not knowing how wrong he was.

Izzy looked at the two she was carrying. "This is from Tonks and Fluer."

Erin held her box up. "I have Lacy Love."

Bella took another box from Emily's hand. Her expression paled. "Um, Harry?"

Harry stared at her.

"T-This is from Lily Evans."

Harry gaped at her, and took the said box with shaking hands.

"H-How is this possible?" He gasped, looking at the signature bearing his mother's name.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Harold please! Sherman and I obviously know that these are actually sent from people that are equal to you loved ones. People that live outside the fourth wall!"

Miranda whipped around and pinned Emily against the wall. Emily pushed her, and Miranda smacked her. The two ran out and tumbled down the stairs.

"Well, then," Victoria said, wide eyed. "Let's ignore everything that just happened, shall we?"

Bella nodded, and grinned at Harry. "Let's open the boxes, shall we? Which one do you want to-?"

"My Mum's," Harry said. "Definatly."

With trembling fingers, he opened the gold box which bore his mother's name. Harry took the lid off and found...

a note.

Harry's eyebrows furrowed, and he took the note.

Dear Harry,

I might as well tell you now that I am not the Lily Evans. I am but a person who relates to her the most. These boxes hold gifts from your loyal allies from a different universe. But in the meantime, I just want to say...

Happy Birthday. Because of you I've grown up to be a whole different person than I'd thought I would ever be. I've become brave, I've become strong. Just as you should be, just as you are. My imagination deepened and I my thirst for literature, for adventure increased.

I am happy to report that I did make it to Gryffindor in Pottermore, and I know you would've been pleased. But just try not to ho making enemies everywhere. Not all Slytherin's are bad. Look at Sam and Miranda! Slytherin allies that'll be there for you (Even if I have to force them).

What I'm trying to say...well, there arn't an words. But I think they're two simple ones when I think about it:

Thank you.

Even if I can never meet you phycially; Even though we are separated by a viel I'll always be there for you. As I know you will be for me. You inspire me, just like Percy Jackson (You'll meet him evetually ;) ). You are in every decision I make, and are part of my life. Everyone. Just because we're not together doesn't mean that we're not a family. So as I close my letter I have these words for you.

Be Safe.

Be Strong.


I love you,

Lily Evans.

Harry stared at the paper, and when he squnited at the signature at the bottom he thought he saw the name flicker briefly. Lily Evans: Amber Tate.

Harry felt Bella gasp, and Harry's attention returned to the box. It had been empty just moments ago, but now a small flower lay at the bottom.

A Lily Flower.

Harry picked it up, and turned it in his hands. The flower did not wilt, but actually soomed to bloom at his very touch.


Harry looked up and saw Hermione's anxious expression.

He smiled slightly. "I'm fine 'Mione. Honestly, I am."

Hermione nodded, and Ron rubbed her shoulder.

"Weeeeelllll," Izzy said, loking at the ceiling. "Now that, that little touchy moment is over...which one you opening now?"