"Jamboree Jambalaya"
A "Fireside Diaries" Feature

Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Welcome to the fourth feature of the "Fireside Diaries" series, after "Phineas is Mine!," "My Salty Sweetwater," and "I'm Your Next Class President!" This is "Jamboree Jambalaya." The second season of the "Fireside Diaries" built up to this feature, which is a 12-chapter story that's going to be delivered to you guys over the course of three weeks, in four chapter increments!

Although I tried to make this accessible to any Phineas and Ferb fan who wants to read this, obviously if you have not read any of the "Fireside Diaries" to this point, there are going to be some characters and a few callbacks to the series that may be confusing to newcomers. Having read the series to this point (to the end of Season 2) is recommended.

To those of you who do follow the series, this feature will use the format of the other features and not of the series. By that, I mean you won't see the normal narration at the beginning and end of parts, as given by Isabella or one of the other girls, as per usual. Anyone who keeps track of entry numbers, though, let the record state that this entire story is numbered as Entry #411.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy! Today's installment will be the prologue and the first four chapters (with the Prologue and Chapter 1 in this entry).

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney. All others belong to me.


The Fireside Girls World Jamboree Jambalaya!

Known nowadays by most people as 'The Jam,' scores and scores of Fireside Girl troops from all across the United States, as well as the world, gather to mingle with their fellow sisters, share stories about their many patch-collecting adventures, as well as compete for numerous honors.

The biggest honor of them is Troop of the Year. Given out every year since the first Jamboree 33 years ago, the Troop of the Year is given to the troop who best exemplifies the spirit, principles, and traditions of the Fireside Girl organization, and whose members possess both the smarts and the athletic talents to succeed in their present and future lives.

At last year's Jam, Troop of the Year was awarded to Troop 28933 after delivering a flawless singing performance in the final event of the festival. Unfortunately, they were later stripped of the title after an appeal was made by Troop 46231, specifically from their leader, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. The judges for the event failed to cite Troop 28933 for using visual aids, which was against the rules. The violation would have disqualified the troop from that event, which in turn would have cost them the Troop of the Year award. Despite the appeal, though, it was decided because it came after the end of the Jam, that the award would be vacated rather than given to Troop 46231, who finished second.

The news would be worse for Troop 28933. The leadership of Troop 46231 was charged with not only self-knowingly violated the rules, but also not self-reporting said violation. As a result, then-leader Sarah Anderson was kicked out of the Fireside Girls. In protest, the rest of the troop quit soon afterward, with the exception of one member…

Elizabeth Griffiths-Hollingberry.

Elizabeth quickly enlisted the help of some of her closest friends to join the troop and keep its membership above the minimum membership requirement, then went to work fixing the troop's reputation. Even if that meant they had to butt heads with a few rival troops. Especially Troop 46231, who was headquartered less than 40 miles away.

Because of the incident, the two troops crossed paths often. Some tussles were better than others. But once Elizabeth and her girls proved to Isabella and her troop that they were able to stand on their own, their efforts were rewarded with an all-expenses trip to the Jam.

Meanwhile, Troop 46231 continued to be one of the crowning jewels of the Fireside Girls. Led happily by their leader, Isabella, the girls of 46231 have earned more patches in the last year than any other troop of their size. She and her girls have represented the organization well, and have done everything that has been asked of them. They are active in the community, they all maintain a high academic standing, and no troop can move cupcakes like them. Their troop is one of the favorites to win Troop of the Year as a result. All they have to do is close the deal.

And to do that, they first have to get to the Jam…

Chapter One

The sun was out early on a warm Thursday morning in July. The major roads and highways in and around the Tri-State Area were bumper-to-bumper for the morning rush hour. Somewhere in that mess were many of the members of Fireside Girls Troop 46231, on their way to the airport on the south side of the city. One of them was Ginger Hirano, who was getting dropped off there by her family at that moment.

"Do you have your ticket?" asked Dr. Hirano, her mother, as she pulled her youngest daughter's suitcase out of the trunk.

"Yes, Mom," Ginger said, holding it up.

"Do you promise to stay with the girls at all times?"

"Yes, Mom."

Dr. Hirano pulled the handle out and passed it over to Ginger.

"You're not going to hook up with any unsavory boys, are you?"


Stacy stepped in to come to her sibling's rescue.

"Relax, Mom! This isn't the first time Ginger's gone on a trip halfway across the country by herself. She's a Fireside Girl!"

"I know, I know," her mom said.

She then leaned in and gave Ginger a hug.

"Have a good time, honey."

She headed back to the driver's seat, leaving the sisters alone.

"I know you'll do well. Knock 'em dead!"

The two hugged goodbye, then Ginger headed into the terminal. Stacy got back in the car, and then it pulled away. Once inside, she headed for the check-in area. She saw Gretchen, Adyson, Holly, Katie, and Milly waiting off to the side, along with a young adult couple she did not recognize, along with all of their bags.

"There she is!" exclaimed Holly, as Ginger walked up to the group.

Gretchen handed Ginger her plane ticket, which revealed that their destination was Washington, DC. As she did, the other girls started getting in line to check their bags and get their boarding passes. Before Ginger joined them, though, she looked over towards Adyson and the two adults with her. Adyson began her introduction.

"Ginger, meet our chaperones! First, this is my cousin, Blake. He's nothing special."

The brown-haired male win chin stubble did not take too kindly to that statement.

"College graduate, cuz! Remember? Majored in art history, duh!"

Adyson whispered to Ginger, sarcastically, "I'm sure that's paid off well."

The brunette then turned to the woman, who had mostly black hair save for the streak of carnation pink dyed locks on her left side.

"And this is Marie, Blake's girlfriend. She's originally from DC, so we're staying at her place during the Jam."

"Nice meeting ya," Marie said to Ginger. "My name is Marie, but you can call me Streaky. It's what my friends call me."

"Oh!" Ginger exclaimed. "Because of the streak in your hair!"


Adyson grabbed her bag and she and Ginger joined the others in line. Marie was about to follow, but Blake stopped her. He had a shocked look on his face.

"That's not what you told me!"

Back with the girls…

"Anyone thinks it's odd the Chief isn't here yet?" asked Gretchen as she stepped up to one of the self-serve check-in kiosks.

"This is Isabella we're talking about," Adyson said in assurance. "She's our leader! I'm sure she's on her way here even as we speak! It's not like she overslept or anything."

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro slowly opened her eyes, and she was quickly blinded by the sun's rays pouring through her bedroom window. She raised her right arm to shield her eyes as she sat up in bed.

"What time is it?" she asked herself aloud.

She thought about it for a second. Suddenly, her eyes opened up wide in fear.

"What time is it?" she asked again.

She turned to the digital clock on her nightstand. It read 4:29 a.m. and it was flashing. Isabella knew that could not be right, as the sun was already out, and the fact that the time was flashing meant that the power had gone out temporarily at some point overnight. She quickly hopped out of bed, not caring at all that her hair was a poufy mess, and went to her computer desk, where her cell phone laid. She pressed the on button and waited for it to come to life.

When it finally did come on, she stared directly at the top center of the display to see what time it was.

7:12 a.m.

"No, no, no, no, no, NO! I'm late!"

Isabella ran to see if her mom was awake, then she would scramble to get ready.

15 minutes later, Vivian Garcia-Shapiro walked out the front door of her house and went over to unlock her car and open the trunk. As she did, though, she noticed some activity across the street. Lawrence and Linda Flynn-Fletcher were at their station wagon, currently stuffing some luggage in the back of their vehicle.


"Hey, Viv!"

Vivian crossed the street to talk with her neighbor and friend.

Inside the Garcia-Shapiro house, Isabella, having changed into her everyday clothes, was carrying a suitcase and a duffel bag down the stairs. She saw that the front door had been left ajar. Once reaching the bottom of the steps, she dropped her belongings by the door and ran to the kitchen to get something to eat for breakfast on the way to the airport.

On the counter, she saw a box with a logo for Dante's Donuts sitting there. Peering into the see-through top, she saw there was one chocolate-covered donut with rainbow sprinkles left inside. She was about to open the box to take it when she noticed the fruit basket next to it, as well as the lone red apple sitting in it. And to the left of that was her 'Famous Quotes' Calendar. Today's quote just so happened to be, as Isabella read it aloud…

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Oh, you!"

Following the advice, she grabbed the apple instead and sprinted back to the front door. She bit into the fruit and held it in her mouth as she used her hands to grab her luggage, then stretched out with her foot and pushed the door open so she could get through it.

Isabella made her way to the driveway, and noting that the trunk had already been opened, she headed there to deposit her bags. She saw her mom across the street, talking to Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher.

"What's she doing?" thought Isabella. "Mom knows I'm late!"

She would shout her mother a reminder once she had gotten her stuff into the car. Isabella turned her back to her mother as she tried to lift her bags up into the trunk. They seemed to be heavier now than they were just a minute ago, when she had carried them down the stairs.

Thankfully, that feeling only lasted a brief second, as they got much lighter real quick. And no wonder. Phineas and Ferb were on either side of her, and they had come over to help her. Once the bags were in, Isabella turned to Phineas. She wanted to show her thanks.

But first she had to remove the apple from her mouth. Then she could speak.

"Hi, Phineas! Whatcha doin'?"

"We're going to the Grandest Place on Earth!" Phineas replied.

"I wish I could come."

"Oh, that's right! You're flying out to DC with the Fireside Girls today. Say, aren't you running a little late?"

"Yes. Yes, I am… MOOOOOOM!"

Both Linda and Vivian turned to look at Isabella. Vivian then looked at Linda.

"Sorry, Viv. Force of habit."

"Oh, right," Vivian suddenly remembered. "Isa, we have to get to the airport!"

"See you, Phineas!" Isabella said as she waved goodbye.

Both boys waved at Isabella as she and her mom jogged back across the street and to their car. Once in and buckled up, they were off.

"Don't fret, Isa. You're not missing that flight!"

"I trust you, Mom!"

The station wagon backed out of the driveway, headed down Maple Drive, and towards the freeway. Isabella, who was sitting in the passenger seat, whipped out her cell phone to text Adyson.

"'On the way,'" Isabella read aloud as she typed.

Once the message was sent, she sat back and watched as her mom made the turn onto the freeway, heading north.

At the airport…

"The current time is 8 o'clock," stated a woman over the PA system.

Isabella and her mom made their way to the check-in counter. The Fireside Girls troop leader pulled out her plane ticket and handed it to the attendant.

"I should have enough time to get through security and to the gate," Isabella said, doing the calculations in her head.

The male attendant looked at the ticket, then at Isabella.

"Excuse me, miss?"

"Don't worry," Isabella said, cutting him off. "I'm traveling with friends and a couple of adults. They should already be on the plane…"

"It's not that. Your ticket is for a plane departing from Frank Deringer Airport, on the south side of the Tri-State Area."

Isabella felt her heart drop like a rock.

"Isa," her mom said behind her, "you told me last night you were leaving from Danville International."

"I must have been so excited that I forgot to double-check the ticket! Oh, why couldn't have that new airport opened tomorrow instead of two weeks ago? Now what am I going to do?"