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Natara sits at the kitchen table looking over some case files for a recent case herself and Mal have been working the past few days, when suddenly she hears the front door slam open and voices shouting.

Mal:"Erin please talk to me!"

Erin:"Talk to you?! I can't even look at you right now!"

Mal:"I said I'm sorry!"

Erin:"That doesn't make things better dad!"

Natara walks into the living room to see Mal and Erin shouting at one another and sighs while shaking her head.

Natara:"What's happened now?"

Erin:"He was spying on me during my date with Oliver!"


Mal:"What? I was just keeping an eye on her that's all!"

Erin:"Well thanks dad, because of you, Oliver doesn't want to talk to me anymore! This is getting ridiculous, most of the guys at school are too scared to talk to me because they're all terrified of you!"


Mal stands with a grin on his face and Erin rolls her eyes then storms upstairs. Natara leans on the doorframe leading to kitchen, glaring at Mal.

Mal:"What? I'm guessing your angry at me too?"

Natara:"No, I'm just disappointed."

Mal groans and huffs in frustration.

Mal:"Aww that's even worst!"

Natara:"Mal you promised you wouldn't do this anymore!"

Mal:"I know but she's my little girl I'm just trying to keep her safe."

Natara sighs and walks over to Mal and gently takes his hand.

Natara:"I know, but she's 14 Mal, you've got to let her branch out on her own and that includes when she goes out on dates."

Mal:"I know ."

Natara smiles and kisses Mal softly then drags him into the kitchen to work on the case files.

The next day

Erin walks home from school with Daniel, they walk down the quiet pavement covered with autumn leaves, in mid-converstaion.

Erin:"I just don't understand him you know, I love him and everything but I hate that he's so over protective!"

Daniel:"Well he's your dad and dads can be like that with their daughters, he's only like that because he loves you but you'd complain if he never spoke to you!"

Erin:"Hmmm, I guess I was a little hard on him, speaking of dad's hows things with yours?"

Daniel sighs deeply.

Daniel:"Well the divorce should be final next week and then he's moving in with his new girlfriend Lara, womans young enough to be his daughter for godsake! I don't even know what he sees in her!"

Erin:"Hows your mom taking it?"

Daniel:"She pretends that she's okay with it but I know different, I mean she was heartbroken when she found out my dad cheated, hurt like that doesn't just go away that easy."

Erin takes a breath as her and Daniel stop walking for a second, long enough for Erin to pull Daniel in to a friendly hug.

Erin:"You know if things ever get rough at home, your always welcome to come to my house and stay, my parents won't mind, in fact they love you!"

Daniel laughs softly as he pulls away and smiles at Erin.

Daniel:"Heh thanks that's nice of you but I think I'll be okay."

They both grow quiet and continue walking till they have to part ways to get home. They says their goodbyes and go home.

Erin, now 16 ,sits by a campfire next to Daniel, as they sit roasting marshmellows together.

Erin:"You know, coming on a camping trip for the weekend was one of the best ideas you've had in a long time!"

Daniel:"Don't sound so suprised, my ideas are brilliant."

Erin:"Yeah sure they are..."

Later in the night, Erin and Daniel sit under a tree near their tent, watching the fireflies dart around creating beautiful light.

Erin:"Dont you just love fireflies, they look so magical and beautiful."

Daniel doesn't answer, instead he stands and pulls something out of his backpack; an empty jar, Erin sits and watches as Daniel catches a few fireflies in the jar, he then walks back over and hands the jar to Erin.

Erin takes the jar and smiles as the fireflies glow lights up her beautiful blue eyes, she tucks a piece of her long coffee coloured hair behind her ear and blushes.

Erin:"Thank you."

Daniel:"Your welcome."

Daniel stands awkwardly running a hand through his short messy black hair, then clears his throat.

Daniel:"I think I'm gonna get some sleep."

Daniel crawls into the tent, leaving Erin alone. She looks back at the fireflies in the jar and smiles, then lifts the lid letting them fly free. She enters the tent to join Daniel, then crawls into her sleeping bag opposite Daniels and without much effort, eventually falls asleep.

17 year old Erin sits on the beach as the music blasts all around her. Daniel appears next to her and hands her a drink then sits down beside her.

Daniel:"You okay?"

Erin:"Yeah fine."

Erin takes a sip of her drink then almost chokes on it when a guy with dark blonde hair and blue eyes walks passed.

Daniel:"Go talk to him."


Daniel:"That's Alex Jones right? The guy you've liked for two months and the same guy that invited you here tonight after he told you he had feelings for you?"


Daniel:"So go talk to him!"

Erin takes a deep breath then stands and pats the sand from her short flowing blue dress. She then walks over through the crowd of the party to find Alex. She pushes through the people on the dancefloor and passed the roaring bonfire, and behind the changing tents set up in the sand. As she walks around, her hearts drops and tears prick up in her eyes as she stands watching Alex making out with another girl. Erin runs back and passed Daniel whos stood talking to a girl.

Daniel:"Erin? What- excuse me."

Daniel runs after Erin and finds her sat on a rock over looking the tide, with her knees presses up to her chest and tears rolling down her face.

Daniel:"Oh Erin..."

Erin looks up at Daniel with red, puffy eyes and sniffles before trying to choke out a few words through her tears.

Erin:"He...was kissing another ggirl Daniel...I thought he liked me, he said he liked me!"

Erin breaks down again , Daniel sits next to her and wraps his arms around her holding her close.

Erin:"What the hell is wrong with me?!"

Daniel:"Hey, there is nothing wrong with you do you hear me!"

Erin:"But Alex-"

Daniel:"Screw Alex, he's a jerk. If he can't see what an amazing girl you are then it's his lose!"

Erin looks up at Daniel and smiles.

Erin:"Thank you Daniel."

Daniel grins while wiping away Erin's tears.

Daniel:"Eh what are best friends for?"

Erin giggles at pulls Daniel in a tight hug.

Two weeks later...

Erin, Mal and Natara all stand in the kitchen, staring at a envelope on the kitchen table.

Erin:"I'm to scared to open it."

Mal:"Well your not going to find out if you don't open it , I'm sure it's good news."

Erin:"You really think so dad, I mean I worked really hard but-"

Natara:"I'm sure you got in Erin, just calm down okay?"

Erin takes a deep breath and picks up the envelope and rips it open and reads intently, while Mal and Natara both stand on edge holding eachothers hands.

Mal and Natara:"Well?"

Later that day...

Erin sits nervously on the couch when there's knock on the door. Erin stands up and goes to answer the door.

Daniel:"Hey, I got your message what's up?"

Erin pulls Daniel over to the couch and they both sit down. Erin sits nervously tapping her foot.

Daniel:"What's wrong you look nervous."

Erin:"Daniel I have something to tell you and I'm not sure how your going to take it."

Daniel:"Okay shoot.."

Erin takes a deep breath and trys to collect herself.

Erin:"Okay I errr I got a letter today saying I got accepted to the university I applied for..."

Daniel:"Erin that's great you must be so happy!"

Erin:"I got into Grantmore University..."

Daniel's smile disappears.

Daniel:"Wait, so your.."

Erin:"Yeah I'm moving to Connecticut and I'm leaving at the end of the month."

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