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[Setting: Landis High School...]

Mitzi Peacock, Student Body President. Everyone loved her and looked up to her. She was extremely popular. And she maintained that by keeping secrets.

So what if she'd bribed some students to help her win? Her mother was corrupt and she succeeded in life...until some "mysterious incident" involving Hill House. Her parents always denied her the real story of what that "mysterious incident" was, but she was sure it wouldn't happen to her. Who would care about a high school election in time?

Of course, it'd help Mitzi get into a good college and succeed in life. Student Body President was a big extracurricular deal.

But Hill House? That was where Sandy lived, the creepy girl who talked to nearly no one. Who was having a party.

A party where she wasn't invited? She would invite herself.

"Sandy?" Mitzi tapped her on the shoulder.

"Yes?" She turned around. "Mitzi! Just the girl I was looking for! I'm having a party soon and just to let you know, you're invited."

"Oh. Great! Who else is invited?"

"Well, Howard Plum, Loretta Scarlet, and a couple of people I haven't gotten around to talking to yet."

"Interesting. Well, I'll be seeing you the night of the party, won't I?"

"Yes, you will." She grinned. "So nice to see you again, Ms. Presidente."

"Great." Mitzi nodded, watching Sandy bound off. She was glad to be invited to a party...but was a bit suspicious. What business did Sandy have with her?

She shook her head and her straight, blonde bangs fell into place. There was nothing to worry about; it was just because she was so popular.

Wasn't it?

[Setting: The streets of a New England city...]

Sandy knew she could've been someone great by this time. She could have been Student Body President, like Mitzi, or head cheerleader, like Loretta, or an Academic Decathlon winner, like Jonah Green - who she still had yet to invite.

She stared down at the cigarette her client, so to speak, had offered her, and the twenty she had received for her services. This was really all she had. She was in chains at Hill House, and Mr. Boddy was out to break her just like he broke her mother.

"Excuse me?"

She looked up to see a kid about her age - blonde hair, red glasses, a deep frown on his face. She'd known this kid from somewhere... "What's the deal?"

"Sandy Wadsworth?"

Her eyes widened. "How do you know my name?"

"I go to Landis with you. My name's Quentin Mustard."

Oh my God. "Quentin? Hey! How could I have not known?" She tried to smile and laugh.

"Don't try that with me. What are you doing out here?"

Sandy scowled. "You think you can just waltz over to me and talk like you're a detective or something? I'm not telling you anything. And you want to know something? I know who your father was."

"But I'm not my father." He sat down next to her. "So give me answers."

"Why should I?"

"Why not? What are you hiding, Wadsworth?"

"Why are you probing around in things that are none of your business, Mustard?"

"Because there's something strange about you and I'm going to find out what it is."

"Why are you so obsessed with me?" Sandy stood up and began walking away.

Quentin chased after her. "Once I get out of high school, I'm going to be a cop. Regardless of who my father was. And I'm going to wipe out all the scum of the streets like...How do youknow my father?"

Shit. "W-who doesn't?" She stammered, trying to think of a competent explanation. "Everyone knows what your father did."

"Nobody knows what my father did." He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously.

Not knowing what else to do, she ran back home.

He didn't follow this time. "You can run, but you can't hide, Sandy!" He called after her.

Once he was out of sight, she just began walking, clutching the twenty and the burned-out cigarette in her hand. He didn't know how right he was. She could run, but she couldn't hide, and not just from him either.

[Setting: Hill House...]

Sandy was walking towards the study, about to ask Mr. Boddy if he wanted some wine, which he always did. She stopped outside the door, however, when she heard some commotion inside the room.

"What do you mean, you're leaving?!" Her employer yelled.

"Only for a short while, Mr. Boddy!" Mrs. Ho pleaded. "Please. I want to visit my family so badly. My heart yearns for them."

"Do you think I care? You're here to work for me! I thought you knew that part of this deal was never getting to see them again, unless you want them to know about Jace Wong."

"You...you wouldn't dare tell my children about Jace Wong."

Who's Jace Wong? Sandy thought, pressing her ear to the door to listen in.

"That was an accident!" Mrs. Ho defended. "He should've been someone else!"

"What?" She murmured to herself, unable to understand what was happening.

"Enough!" Mr. Boddy screamed. "Sandy!" He called loudly.

"Yes?" She hurried in.

He smirked wickedly, standing beside his chair. Mrs. Ho was quivering across the room. "Would you get me some wine?"

"Sure. What's, uh, going on here? Having a party without me?"

"Sandy, get the wine. Mrs. Ho and I are just having a talk, aren't we?"

Mrs. Ho nodded fearfully.

Sandy scurried out of the room, the name Jace Wong frozen in her mind.