Chapter 4 of Vicissitude. Special thanks to suika1021 for helping me so much and for being a beta reader! Ignore any typos or missing words that may have been missed. This chapter contains some adult themes between two guys so if you don't like that kind of stuff, please read something else. Enjoy!

I don't want to get raped by my Pokémon!

Ash screamed strongly in his mind while the teenage boy above continued to kiss him senseless. Pikachu used his left hand to roam over every inch of Ash's body as his right hand traveled to the back of his head to secure his former trainer in place. Then he maneuvered his left hand to travel down Ash's chest then stomach to make a final stop just between Ash's legs. The action elicited a loud moan to escape from Ash's mouth as he shifted his head to the left, away from Pikachu's lips.

"That's a cute sound, Ash. You should make it more often," Pikachu whispered softly with his breath against Ash's sensitive earlobe then proceeded to nibble on it. Another moan came from Ash's throat after he had failed to hold it in.

"P-Pikachu… Please… s-stop," Ash mumbled weakly, his mind rendered incapable of thinking as Pikachu introduced all of these new sensations to his body.

"Shh… Don't worry, Ash. The fun's just getting started," Pikachu sneered deviously then used both of his hands to lift Ash's plain black shirt. He slowly lowered his head to the right nipple and flicked it slightly with his tongue. The feeling of Pikachu's wet tongue against his naked skin caused Ash to moan louder than he thought possible.

"N-no… I don't w-want this…" Ash muttered as he tried in vain to push Pikachu's head away which only resulted in Pikachu latching his whole mouth on to Ash's body. His tongue swirled agonizingly slow around the already hard nipple as both his hands moved south to undo Ash's belt buckle. Ash tried his best to pull the hands away but Pikachu chose that moment to harshly nip Ash which resulted in the black-haired boy to cry out in pain.

"What… what the hell was that for?" Ash hissed quietly, his brain completely overwhelmed by everything that was happening.

"Stop resisting and I won't do it again," Pikachu said sternly as he moved himself to Ash's navel then stuck his tongue into the hole which made Ash arch his body and scream out in pleasure. The slimy organ did wonders to the delicate areas on his body.

I never knew I had so many of themWhere did he learn all of this? Ash thought to himself as he stared down at Pikachu. His whole body became alert as he saw Pikachu's hands pull down the zipper of his dark blue jeans.

"W-wait! Stop fooling around already!" Ash shouted as he bolted up and held tightly on to Pikachu's hands, his zipper already undone so that his blue and white checkered boxers were visible.

"Awww, but we were just getting to the good part," Pikachu whined as he pouted his lips with his hands clasped on to the top of Ash's jeans.

"J-just stop it already!" Ash yelled as he tried desperately to remove Pikachu's hands from his waistband.

"C'mon, you'll like it…" Pikachu cooed quietly while he nuzzled his face into Ash's neck.

"Quit it, t-that tickles!" Ash screamed then tried to get off the bed and away from Pikachu.


At the sound of Pikachu's suddenly serious tone, Ash turned around to look Pikachu directly in the eyes. Of all the mistakes he could make.

Pikachu jumped forward at the opportunity and wrapped his hands around Ash's waist as he pulled their lips together. With Ash completely dumbfounded, Pikachu moved his hands to the bottom of Ash's t-shirt and with one swift motion; he successfully peeled the shirt off Ash's body and threw it aside. Ash gasped at the sudden contact with the cold air and quickly wrapped his hands around his bare chest. Pikachu then pushed Ash up against the wall and moved his mouth to lick the skin on Ash's pale neck as he straddled his hips. With his hands placed on either side of Ash's head, he gently grinded his lower body against Ash's groin which caused a strained gasp from his trainer.

"You like that, don't you?" Pikachu said with a wide smirk on his face as he stared at Ash. Then he pulled back much to Ash's relief. That relief was short-lived though as Pikachu suddenly stuck his hands into the rim of Ash's pants and pulled roughly to expose Ash's manhood.

"Wah, you're already this hard, Ash. I never knew you were so perverted," Pikachu said in awe as he slowly rubbed his cheek against Ash's member.

"What the he-mmph!" Ash exclaimed behind closed teeth as Pikachu gave a tentative lick to his lower region.

"I think you'll love this, Ash…" Pikachu stated softly with his breath against the tip of Ash's member as he looked at it with an almost animalistic look in his eyes.

Ash squeezed his eyes shut as he thought, please, someone, help!

Pikachu slowly lowered his mouth with thoughts of engulfing Ash entirely when…

"Hey, Ash! Are you awake yet?!"

A female voice shouted from outside the room then a series of knocks were heard as another voice said quietly.

"He's probably still asleep. It's still early, maybe we should come back later."

"But it's already 7:45. If he doesn't get up now, he'll miss all the good stuff they have for breakfast," the female voice replied.

Ash and Pikachu stared at the door then back at each other as panicked thoughts filled their minds.

"Get off me already!" Ash whispered urgently as he glared at Pikachu.

Pikachu obeyed instantly and quickly climbed off from Ash's lap then looked around for Ash's shirt and when he found it, tossed it into Ash's hands. Ash frantically pulled it over his head and proceeded to fix up his pants then belt as Pikachu wrapped a blanket around his chest. The lower part of his body was surprisingly still covered with the towel from earlier despite all the activity the two boys had engaged in. Ash looked over at Pikachu after he was done fixing himself up and thought, they shouldn't suspect that we did anything weird now but it'll be hard explaining Pikachu to them…

Ash sighed in defeat before he walked over to the door then grasped on to the knob. He stared intently at the door as he thought about how to explain this abnormal occurrence. Then he opened it slowly to come face to face with his two best friends.

"So you're saying that…" Dawn started as she stared at Pikachu in shock.

"This boy is Pikachu?" Brock finished for her as he stared at Pikachu as well.

Dawn and Brock were both seated around the small table in Ash's room while Ash and Pikachu sat next to each other on the bed.

"Yeah, I know it's strange but that's what happened," Ash told his friends. I wouldn't blame them if they didn't believe it though, Ash thought as he glanced at Pikachu.

Pikachu hadn't said much while Ash explained to Dawn and Brock about the events that happened earlier. Instead, he just glared at the hardwood floor as if it was the most interesting thing he'd even seen before.

"So… what are you going to do about it? Try to find Team Rocket?" Dawn inquired as she turned her to face Ash.

"Yup, it seems like the only logical thing to do in this situation. But we have no idea where they are…" Ash said as he scrunched up his face to think about where Team Rocket could be.

"They'll turn up somehow," Brock said simply.

"R-right, so in the mean time we'll have to teach Pikachu how to walk," Ash said as he stared sideways at Pikachu who still hadn't taken his eyes away from the floor.

"But we can't have him walking around naked like that…" Dawn said quietly. Then her whole body sprung upward as an idea struck her. "Can I go shopping for him?!" she asked Ash eagerly as she pounded her fists against her thighs to contain her excitement.

"Sure… But you would have to hurry. We'll need all the time we can get to teach him," Ash asked with an arched eyebrow. Don't girls take forever to shop?

"No need to worry!" she shouted cheerfully then stood up and dashed out the door as she yelled, "I'll be back in 20 minutes or less!"

"She's all fired up now that she gets to shop," Brock said while he chuckled quietly.

"Haha, yeah… Brock, could you help Pikachu get dressed when Dawn comes back with the clothes?" Ash asked softly as he stared at his friend.

"Sure but why?" Brock replied while he looked at Ash questionably.

"It's nothing, I just don't think I'd be able to handle the job, he he…" Ash said sheepishly as he remembered the nosebleed from earlier.

"I see… Leave it to me, Ash," he said with a small smile on his face as he nodded. Something's going on with him… But it doesn't seem like anything serious so I guess I'll just let it go for now… Brock thought as he stared at Ash then at Pikachu. The blonde-haired boy continued to bore holes into the floorboards as Ash and Brock made small talk while they all waited for Dawn's return.

"Dawn… where exactly did you get the money for all those clothes?" Ash asked hesitantly as he and Dawn waited outside the door while Brock helped Pikachu get dressed.

"I have a separate stash of money for emergencies like this," she replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

"A-ah, I see…" Ash said slowly. This counts as an emergency? She brought back like five shopping bags, Ash thought as he stared at Dawn who had a large smile plastered across her face. What's with that smile?

Frustrated grunts and exclamations could be heard from the other side of the door as Pikachu struggled into his clothes. "Alright, we're done," Brock shouted. Then rattling was heard as he turned the knob and slowly swung the door open. Ash's eyes widened considerably as he stared before him.

His back turned, Ash could see that Pikachu sported a bright, sleeveless and yellow shirt that had a black trim along the collar and a cropped, black vest that stopped just below his elbows. Each of his hands was adorned by a single thick, deep red bracelet on each arm along with fingerless black leather gloves. As Pikachu brought his hand up to adjust his vest, Ash could see two simple rings stacked on top of each other on his left ring finger. His eyes traveled down Pikachu's back side to stop at his waist where a thick silver chain attached itself on to two of his belt loops. He looked at the dark grey skinny jeans for a second before he made his way down to stare at a pair of simple black and white converse. Then Pikachu turned around slowly to face Ash with a deep scowl on his face. Ash took notice of a lightning bolt charm that was strung on a thin chain around Pikachu's neck as it gleamed slightly in the sunlight. Handsome doesn't even describe him anymore… he thought slowly as he gaped at the gorgeous being in front of him.

"Wow, you look amazing, Pikachu!" Dawn exclaimed excitedly as she walked through the door to get a better look.

"Yeah, you picked great clothes, Dawn. Sorry if I didn't organize it the way you imagined it," Brock said apologetically.

"No way, this is even better than what I thought of! Do you like it, Pikachu?" she asked enthusiastically.

"It's… Okay…" Pikachu said simply as he looked down at the floor while he brought his left hand up to tug at the collar of his shirt.

"Good…Well, we should go get some breakfast or brunch or whatever now," Dawn said quickly as she sensed the uncomfortable air that surrounded Pikachu. "Come down whenever you're ready, Ash!" she shouted while she suddenly tugged Brock's arm and rushed both of them out the room.

"Do you not like the clothes?" Ash asked Pikachu as he closed the door.

"They feel so… constricting. I really don't understand you humans…" Pikachu mumbled quietly as he stared down at his jeans that were a bit too tight for comfort.

"But you look great," Ash said with hopes of lifting Pikachu from whatever mood he was in.

"Whatever…" he muttered to himself as he picked his head up to look out the window.

"Hey, what's wrong? You've been acting weird ever since Dawn and Brock came in," Ash told Pikachu as he walked up to him. He stood in front of him and moved his hand up to pull Pikachu's head to face his own. "C'mon, what's bothering you?" Ash asked again with his eyes filled with concern.

Pikachu gave Ash a death-stare before he sighed, as if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. He slowly brought his arms up and placed them on top of Ash's shoulders then pulled him into a tight embrace.

"H-hey, what a-are you do-," Ash started to say as a bright pink blush appeared on his face but was interrupted when Pikachu's arms suddenly tightened around his neck. They stayed like this for a few minutes before Pikachu spoke up.

"They just had to come in at that moment…" Pikachu muttered quietly into Ash's hair with his eyes closed.

"You mean Dawn and Brock?" Ash managed to say after the blush disappeared slightly from his cheeks.

"Yeah… I finally get a chance and they just ruin it…" Pikachu whispered cryptically.

"A chance for what?" Ash asked as he carefully brought his arms up to hug Pikachu's waist.

Pikachu's eyes shot open when he realized that Ash was hugging him back. A soft smile spread across his face as he closed his eyes contentedly. Then he nuzzled into Ash's dark hair which caused the latter to laugh in response.

"Never mind, don't worry about it," Pikachu said slowly as he pulled away from Ash. Then a low rumble sounded in the room.

Ash automatically blushed then brought his right hand up against his empty stomach as if that would quiet it down.

"Let's go eat breakfast, shall we?" Pikachu said with a slight smirk then grasped Ash's hand and pulled him out of the room downstairs to the cafeteria. He laughed at Ash's futile attempts to pull his hand away while he shouted "Pikachu, let me go!". As Ash protested some more, Pikachu thought optimistically in his mind, I'll get another chance someday…

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