Kathleen left the General's office actually surprised and with a bit of respect for the man. Not only did he not make a pass at her the entire four hours she spent with the man, but, she could see the amount of responsibility weighing heavily on the man's broad shoulders. He explained patiently the fight his specialized team had been created for. Oh, she knew a little about this terrorist group called "Cobra", but, she didn't really understand what their ultimate goal was. And the more she learned about the group, the more she became almost glad this man had chosen her for the team, even if she still believed it was because he wanted to get her in his bed, like one too many officers had in the past. She learned the man was well-respected and liked by his personnel, men and women alike. She learned that he treated every single one of them like they were his own children, and for some unknown reason, that warmed her a bit more towards the man.

At one point, she'd followed him to the medical office where one of his team members had been taken after becoming sick on the project x course. A course, almost every Air Force base had, that was used for team and leader building exercises. It was composed of various items from a large spindle to railway ties set apart from each other with the singular goal of navigating it without touching the ground and by using team skills. It surprised her when the man was told the reason the young lady had gotten sick was because she was four weeks pregnant, he was supportive instead of angry. Some commanders would've hit the roof upon learning that one of their team members were pregnant without being married. Not this man, he just told her he and the team would stand behind whatever decision she made and then offered to be present when she told the father. The young woman cried, wondering how she was going to do her job on the team, the General simply looked at her and told her, they could make concessions until the child was born, that she would still have a place on the team, no matter what. The glimpses she was seeing in the General told her, he genuinely cared about each member of his team and he knew each one.

"Major, I was about to get some lunch and have a meeting with my field commanders, care to join us?" Hawk stopped her as she walked out of the room.

"Uhm, I'm not sure, sir."

"Major, I'm not exactly asking, I need you to get an idea of what we need and that's at the top of the agenda."

"Well, in that case, I guess I will, sir."

"Very good, We're going off base since Duke, Sergeant Hauser, and Beachhead, Sergeant Major Sneeden, you haven't met him yet, aren't able to enter the Officer's club." He grabbed his leather jacket and walked out of the office, stopping by Scarlett's desk and looked not at the redhead, but the brunette instead.

"Lady Jaye, good you're still here, I need you to start the paperwork on Spitfire here, Scarlett, call up to the pit and have them prepare a private suite for her as well and then make time to help her move her things up to the pit along with Cover Girl and Lady Jaye, here."

"Yes Hawk." Scarlett responded.

"Ready Major?"

"Almost, sir, I'll meet you out by the car in a second" Kathleen said.

"Very well , don't take very long."

"Yes sir."

Kathleen turned to Scarlett after Hawk left and smiled. "Sergeant, I assume my being transferred to this unit will not be a problem for you?"

"No ma'am." Scarlett said simply.

"Because if it is, I'm going to say one thing, I don't care. I am being transferred here against my will, but, because I am a good officer, I am going to do my job to the best of my ability regardless of any feelings of jealousy you may have about any perceived relationship you may have with your commanding officer." Kathleen smiled the entire time. "I do, however, recommend that you remember that you are a sergeant and I am an officer and I expect you to treat me with the respect due my rank. Regardless of the personal illusions you may have about me or any 'relationship' that you may beleive exists between your commander and myself, because, Sergeant, first, there is no relationship and second, even if there were, it would not be beyond the regulations. Unlike a relationship between yourself and the General." With that, she turned on her heel and left both Scarlett and Jaye standing there, mouths agape.

"Damn! Has she got you pegged Shana" Jaye said.


"Listen, we all know that as the first woman on the team, you're used to being queen bee, and Hawk's go to girl when he needsto go to various functions, and we all know you're Snake's girl. But, she's right, she's an officer and we do have to treat her with more respect than we may want to. "

"I am not the queen bee around here."

"No, that's why the first day I came here you just about tried to sting me. " Jaye laughed.

"Alright, so I'm a bit more used to being the princess, but, you're one of Hawk's favorites too."

"True, but, I'm not as jealous of other women as you are. And come on, doesn't he deserve to be happy too?"
"Yes, he does." Scarlett sighed. "I just don't like her attitude" She scrunched her face up and said in a sing song voice two octaves higher than her own "I'm an officer and you're a sergeant".

"Shana, seriously, that has to be the most juvenile thing I've ever seen from you and you can be pretty juvenile at times." Jaye laughed. "Come on, admit it, you're used to being the highest ranking woman here and now, you aren't so, you're jealous."

"Just a little. But."

"No but's Shana, you get jealous easily and be honest, you like hob nobbing with the higher ups which, is probably going to stop now that he's got an officer to take with him.' Jaye smiled. "Come on, lets get some lunch and then start working on Spitfire's transfer."

"Fine." Lady Jaye laughed as her friend huffed out the word and sounded almost like she was going to stomp her foot and have a temper tantrum.