Duke looked from his commanding officer to Flint and back again. He wasn't sure he had heard what he had. They were headed to Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico for training. The very place Hawk had to be escorted from in his skivvies. That was a visual Duke knew he could've done without. Where the man had found boxers covered in howitzers, Duke had no idea.

"We're going to be training with the Air Force PJs at Kirtland, sir?" Duke asked.

"Yes, we're going to learn some of their tactics to increase our rescue abilities. Not to mention take a look at some of their recruits. Do you have a problem with that, Sergeant?" Hawk responded.

"Uh, no sir. I just wondered. But, I do have to ask are you sure you want to go to Kirtland? Surely, there are other bases with PJs we can work with."

"What's the problem with Kirtland?" Duke and Flint looked at each other and then back to the General.

"Do you remember General Worthington's retirement party last month, sir?" Flint asked

"Of course, I remember it." The general smiled, thinking back just a few weeks ago. "One heck of a party. Hadn't had fun like that since my academy days." Hawk smiled.

"What exactly do you remember, sir?" Duke asked, narrowing his eyes in question. Both younger men were just a bit hesitant to bring up the incident that had caused their commander to be brought back to compound by an Air Force Security Police Major. A major that was at least five eight, blonde, gorgeous and stacked. A major, who'd found herself up against the wall, their commander's tongue shoved down her throat in a kiss that made even Flint blush. A major that had barred the General from ever setting foot on her base for running down the runway in a jeep, in his underwear firing a gun into the air and causing every single fighter to be sent to Luke Air Force Base as he and his fellow generals were chased by half the security police on base. A major, the General announced would be the future Mrs. Clayton Abernathy.

"I remember a good meal, good whiskey and good friends. And a very nice security police officer." Hawk remembered everything, including the kiss he laid on the SP major. Especially the kiss he'd laid on the SP Major. But, he wasn't about to let his men know that. They didn't need to know his ulterior motive for training at Kirtland, for seeing one Major Kathleen A. Kincaid, USAF again. He'd already checked up on her. She was single, and one hell of a security police officer.

"Make sure all those listed on that sheet are ready by sixteen hundred." Hawk left the room.

"He doesn't remember a single thing about that night does he?" Flint noted.

"Either that, or he's up to something." Duke said as he pulled out his bottle of aspirin and poured out four for himself. "And frankly, both scare me. More than if Shipwreck found a sudden bout of energy to do work." He handed the bottle to Flint who took just two aspirin and looked at Duke, wondering just how right the first sergeant was.

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