Dec 4, 2007 – 3rd Anniversary. (Modern gift, Crystal. Traditional gift, Leather)

Buffy snuggled further into Angel's strong embrace; she loved waking up in his arms. That sensation would never get old, no matter how many years they spent together.

She lifted her head from his chest and looked down at him; he was still more asleep than awake.

'I can fix that.' She thought and leaned down, kissing his chest and slowly moving up towards his lips. By the time she reached said lips, he was fully kissing back.

"Good morning" she whispered to him as he glided his lips along her throat.

"Could be a very good morning." He told her, making his way back to her lips.

His hands had begun to wander over her back, tracing ticklish patters across her spine.

She giggled against his ear, nipping it since she was there. She knew he loved that.

She was defiantly feeling her arousal when he suddenly pulled back, cursed and began to get out of bed.

"What?" She asked, wanting her husband of three whole years today to keep doing what he started…or what she started…didn't matter who long as it got finished.

"I'm late" he said looking at the clock again.

"Late for what" She asked, sort of mad he was leaving on their anniversary. 'Does he even remember?' she thought sadly.

"Work, I needed to be somewhere…like twenty minutes ago." He said quickly, pulling some clothes from his closet.

"Where? For what? How come I don't know about it?" She demanded, following close behind as he hurried into the bathroom to rinse with some mouthwash and comb his bed head.

"I'll tell you after, promise…" He hurried as he finished up.

"How long will this take?" She fished, wanting a time to expect her husband back home and not out chasing demons or 'Powers-That-Be' knows what…

"Honestly, no idea." He stated, hurrying to tie his shoes and get his belt on.

"Angel…" Buffy addressed him, tying her robe and sporting a grimace.

Her tone stopped him short.

He turned and kissed her deeply, his minty fresh tongue apologizing for the rush out the door in a way words tended to fail. "I'm so sorry Buffy, I swear I'll be back as soon as possible."

Normally she would have fought him for a real, detail orientated answer on exactly where he was going and what kind of dangers he might be facing…but in light of what day it was she opted to let it slide. Maybe this was some secret anniversary present? Starting the morning yelling at him certainly wouldn't help the romance.

And if he actually forgot…well being yelled at would be the least of his worries when she next saw him.

He kissed her again, and told her he loved her, asked her to kiss the kids good morning for him, and then he was off.

Once the car disappeared from the driveway, she sighed she went to Katie's room, figuring the nearly 3 year old would be waking up soon.

Instead of a sleeping tot lying in the crib in Katie's room, she found a note in her place.

"What? Katie?" Buffy looked around, confused and worried.

Quickly picking up the note she read:

"Buffy, don't panic. Liam and Katie are staying at grandpa's today. I wanted you to unwind for our special day."

Buffy looked up and shook her head. 'I'm so killing my husband when I see him.' She thought, grinning slightly at what her sneaky spouse had planned. Realizing the morning 'I'm late for work' act was really just a cover.

Returning her eyes to the note, she continued to the next sentence. "Relax this child-free morning, take a hot bath. Use the lavender bubbles, they make you smell even more amazing."

Shaking her head she checked Liam's room too, finding a note in the boy's crib just like his sister. "I meant it Beloved; just go take a bath and relax. The kids are perfectly fine."

'What? How did he? So staking him.' With a smile of her lips she went into the bathroom and started the water, as she did, Buffy realized a long hot bath was just what she needed this morning. 'Although taking one with Angel would have been much more fulfilling…'

When she pulled down the bottle of lavender soap, she found a deep red rose lying with it. 'He's so corny.' She thought, smelling it but secretly loving the little gift.


The water was getting cool and her fingers beginning to prune when she figured she'd basked in perfection long enough. Not to mention her tummy was rumbling.

As she pulled a big fluffy towel around her another note dislodged from the fabric and fell to the floor at her feet. It read; "How was your bath? Perfect I hope. Feeling hungry yet? Why don't you head downstairs and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and grab something to eat?"

'What's he got up his sleeve now? And how'd he know which towel I'd grab?' She wondered, a little wigged how dead on his notes were while she patted dry and changed into a pair of fuzzy Pjs to lounge around the house in.

Ok, so bulky fuzzy pajamas weren't exactly sexy or the latest fashion or her husband's much too large for her but still fit perfectly shirt…but it was winter in Cleveland…and they were warm and soft and Angel had bought them for her when he'd seen her eying them. Which had actually surprised her, he usually preferred her to sleep in nothing…or anything as close to nothing as possible. Although when she wore them to bed, she could swear he snuggled up to her like she was his own personal life-sized teddy bear.

Heading downstairs, her slippered feet padded softly in the quiet house. A house that was so rarely quiet it was a little creepy. No children playing or demanding attention, no hockey playing on the big screen in the living room, no chatter from various friends and family…just her…alone.

Her sense of alone vanished when her hazel-green eyes landed on another deep red rose lying on the coffee machine, but didn't spot an accompanying note.

She inhaled the sweet scented rose with a smile and quickly placed it, and the first one she'd brought downstairs too, in a vase while making her coffee.

Reaching up to grab her favorite mug from the cabinet is when she found the little scrap of paper just like the others. 'How the heck did he know I would grab this mug?' She wondered, pulling it out of the cup so she could pour her just made coffee into it.

"Eat something light, don't want to ruin your apatite for when I take you out for lunch."

'Lunch huh?' She smiled checking the clock and finding it still only 8:30 in the morning. Grabbing a yogurt, she took her coffee and went into the living room, eyes keen for more notes as she settled onto the couch to watch the news.


After learning the weather would bring a chilling 24 degree that day she opted to head upstairs and shuffle though her closet for something to wear later, keeping in mind the cold but also wanting to dress in something revealing enough to make Angel drool when he saw her.

When she opened her closet, inside was a large garment bag hanging that she defiantly didn't recognize. Another rose was attached to it, along with a note. "Worrying about what to wear to lunch already? You shouldn't, you're always beautiful, no matter what you wear (or don't wear). Whatever you chose, your anniversary present will go with it, black goes with everything."

Almost jumping up and down at the prospect of new clothes, she grabbed the bag and quickly pulled the item out.

Her heart nearly dropped out of her chest when her eyes settled on the most beautiful leather jacket she'd ever seen. Immediately slipping it on, she felt the soft plush black lining glide across her sleeves. It fit her like a well worn pair of gloves, perfectly hugging her curves while allowing her room to move. She zipped it up and tied the belt, admiring the sleek stylish jacket in the mirror. 'God I love leather!' She breathed in the new coat smell deeply, while hugging it around her. This wasn't a slayer patrolling coat, this was a woman's 'all dressed up and going out' coat.

'He got me an expensive leather jacket…and I got him what is essentially a piece of glass…I'm a terrible wife…' The thought only bothered her for a second before she was admiring her leather clad reflection in the mirror again. 'Eh, I'll make it up to him with sex.' As she twirled in the mirror she added, 'And boy is he ever getting lots of it.'

After spending the morning deciding what she wanted to wear and just enjoying a very rare lazy day at home, she got ready to surprise him when Angel arrived to pick her up for lunch.


She shook her head when the doorbell alerted her someone was at the door, but she already knew who it was, she could feel Angel when he was close.

Grinning she adjusted her new coat tighter and opened the door, "May I help you?" She asked, as if she was just a housewife and the man at the door was a stranger.

"I sure hope so." Angel grinned back, "Was hoping to find someone to accompany me out to lunch." He looked at the coat he'd bought her, saw how wonderfully it snuggled against her body.

"Oh, did you make a reservation?" She asked playfully, pulling away from the doorway and gesturing for him to enter.

He was a little curious as to why she was having him come in when they should be leaving, but didn't show it. "No, the place I have in mind doesn't usually crowd until dinner." He replied, looking down at her smooth bare legs as they perched in her impossibly high heels.

"That's good, now we won't have to cancel." She smiled, opening her coat and letting it fall onto the chair behind her.

Angel's eyes widened when he immediately observed underneath the coat she wore his favorite outfit.


"Oh." He replied dumbly, eyes caught in her chest, hungrily drinking her in.

A second later their lips were interlocking as she backed him towards the couch, eager to show him how much she liked her present.

As he fell backwards onto the sofa he laughed, "I need to buy you leather more often."

"Yes please." She replied, jumping on him.

A moment later, talking dissolved into something more primal.


Buffy was running her hands though her husband's hair, his head resting on her chest as they lay curled together on the couch.

"I like when our anniversary doesn't involve an apocalypse." She stated, enjoying the down time and the previous few hours of pleasure.

"Mmm." He mumbled against her, eyes half closed in contentment.

"Hey, you best not be falling asleep on me, I'm so not done with you." She warned, seeing what they had just done as nothing but a warm up to the marathon she was planning later that night.

He chuckled, "Really? What else did you have in mind?" He asked seductively, now perked up a little at the prospect of more one-on-one time with the wife.

"You'll see." She answered cryptically, then forgetting her plans as he slipped her right nipple between his lips.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lost in lust and love, leaving the couple free to express their feelings without the wonderful burden of children to interrupt them.


When 5 pm settled around Angel glanced at the clock and groaned, rolling out from under his wife. "Damn, I told Giles we'd pick the kids up half and hour ago."

A flood of loss washed over Buffy as her love rose from the bed, taking a significant amount of warmth with him. "Already?" She pouted. As much as she loved her kids, a break from them was a blessing.

"Well we could always pick this up after they go to bed." He teased, bending down and kissing her neck.

"True." She giggled and pulled him back down, letting their lips get lost for a few minutes.

"We should go." Buffy reluctantly pulled away after a while, "The kids must be driving Giles nuts by now."

"We could always ask him to watch them for the night." He suggested, nipping at her scar.

As temping at the thought was, she did miss the little monsters. "We can't take advantage of him like that." She denied, worming out of his grasp.

"He loves having them over." Angel insisted, having lost his will to leave the bed if his wife was still naked in it.

Realizing this, Buffy wrapped the sheet around her bare form, halting Angel's wandering eyes. "Sorry, Buffy World is now closed for the time being."

He growled a little in disappointment, but being cut off did let the blood flow back northward into his brain. "Right, we need to go pick the kids up."


Once they arrived back home, each with a rambunctious tot in their arms, life as normal resumed.

A.K.A, chaos.

Katie scarring the pants off them as she jumped across the furniture, Liam running around naked, walls being used to host crayon artwork, banging of pots and pans…normal.

Instead of cooking they ordered out, getting Chinese and enjoying the craziness.

Soon after dinner, they gave the kids their baths and tucked them in for the night. Angel had just shut Liam's door when Buffy slid up to him with a box in her hands. "I didn't get the chance to give this to you yet." A little nervous about what he'd think of his gift.

"You mean I get something besides sex?" He grinned, causing her to elbow him in the ribs.

"Sex isn't a gift." She stated as she had many times before, 'usually.'

As she handed him the small box he could feel her excitement rolling off her in waves. "Open it already, I wanna know if you like it." She urged. When she'd learned the modern gift was crystal she'd nearly gave up hope on the spot. 'What the heck would Angel want made out of crystal? You can't kill demons with it, can't eat it, and can't show it off to your guy friends…all around it's just totally not a manly thing.' She'd thought dejectedly. Until she found what she got him at least.

Curious about what she'd found, he took the box from her hands as they walked back into their bedroom. He sat on the bed and opened it, pulling out a wallet sized piece of crystal with his favorite picture of Buffy holding the kids engraved inside the clear material. All three were smiling bright smiles in the picture, he knew it well enough since he himself had drew it.

"What…how did? It's a picture in a crystal." He stated, amazed by it but equally perplexed.

A grin washed over her, seeing he liked it and feeling a flare of smug at knowing something Mr. Knows-Everything knew zip about.

"Special lasers, make little tiny voids in the glass. With enough, they make a picture that will never fade or discolor." After a second, "Do you like it?"

"I love it." He agreed, pulling her in for a kiss. "I have to admit a ghrá (my love), I thought I was going to have to fake liking your gift, I mean how unmanly is crystal? I couldn't have been more wrong. You did wonderful. It's going right on my desk at work."

"Your desk has like ten zillion pictures on it already." She countered, hoping the present wouldn't get lost in the crowd.

"I only have 6 pictures, and I can never have too many images of you and the kids." He finished by kissing the tip of her nose.

"That why you never get any work done? Too distracted looking at us?" She teased him, knowing he works hard.

"I wouldn't mind being distracted by you right now." He grinned, leaning in and kissing her neck.

"I bought you something else." He mumbled into her skin a few minutes later, "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind trying it on for me." He added with a hint of hungry predator in his eyes.

"Another gift?" She asked, shocked, "Angel the coat was more than enough..."

"Well actually, this is more of a gift for me really." He replied quietly, unsure if she was going to like what he got, or if she was going to shove it down his throat in a fit of anger.

"What is it?" She asked, seeing the lusty gleam in his eye.

He just smirked and slipped out of bed to pull a tissue sized box from his sock drawer.

She eyed him, unsure how much she trusted that smirk. "We'll see." She told him, taking the box and disappearing into the bathroom to open it and decide if she'd 'model' for him or not.

When she removed the red wrapping and opened the box, her jaw fell open at the item inside. 'Where on earth did he get this!' She thought, pulling out the beautiful leather and brocade underbust corset. It had a black leather clasp down the center with leather trim and accents, but deep red brocade woven in intricate designs.

Intrigued she tried it on, fastening the lacing in the back and slipping on the barely there matching thong.

'Damn, I'm sexy.' She thought smiling, checking out the hot mama in the mirror. She was a little wigged about the corset hugging just below her chest, leaving ample amounts of cleavage open and free hanging. 'No wonder why Angel picked this one...pervert.'

Taking a deep breath and mustering up her courage, she opened the bathroom and door and stepped out.

Her mouth fell open when she spotted her husband, also having sported an outfit change. " in leather..." She whispered, drinking in the image of Angel wearing nothing but a tight leather thong.

"The saleswoman insisted I match." He managed before his thought process stalled out on Buffy's appearance.

In the words of the late Cordelia Chase "Hello salty goodness" Buffy muttered, shocked to see him in sexy lingerie. I mean yeah, he did wear those 'I always have a heart on for Buffy' boxers, but this was... 'Am I drooling?' She wiped her mouth as they both walked forwards, mesmerized in lust.

"Gotta say, liking the leather on you." He grinned, swallowing hard his desire to just pick her up and carry her into bed...or maybe just press her against the closest wall...

Neither of their leather 'outfits' remained in place for long.


Some time later.

They were curled up in bed together, outfits long since shed in lieu of the flesh of the other.

In the stillness of the night, her mind wandered to the date. 'If I didn't lose it, our baby would have been born this month.' Buffy thought sadly as she nestled in beside her husband, her hand brushing briefly over her flat, toned but empty stomach.

She didn't dwell on the miscarriage anymore, but the realization that she would have been a mother again this month did yank at the short cords of grief in her mind.

Automatically Angel placed a kiss on her forehead, tightening his arms around her as she snuggled closer to him, his solid form providing strength and love.

"Do you…want another child?" She asked him as she rested against his chest.

He grinned and chuckled a little, "Shouldn't you have asked that before we forwent protection?"

She blushed a little, remembering her hormone induced tearing off of his 'outfit' and jumping him without so much as a though of protection. "I got caught in the moment…and that wasn't an answer." Leather clad Angel = Mental overload.

He ran his thumb down her cheek, looking lovingly into her eyes, "Yes, with you…I could have a dozen."

She snorted at the insanity of that, "I'm not birthing twelve kids, so you might as well smother that idea mister."

He smirked, "I'll settle for half a dozen."

She rolled her eyes, "I'm not having six kids."

He leaned up and kissed her forehead, "Then I'll be happy with whatever you give me."

She sobered a little, wondering if her miscarriage was telling her something. "What if…I can't anymore?"

"Hey, you know the rules, we don't use 'if' statement anymore." He hugged her a little tighter, "Besides, I told you before, I love you, I love what you've already given me...I'm happy with what I've been blessed with, I don't need more. Yeah, if more is an option, I'd love more…but if not, I'm still happy. I guess it's kinda like chocolate cake."

She screwed her eyes up at him, "Chocolate cake? Ok you're either really hungry, or too much sex has somehow damaged the blood flow to your brain."

He chuckled, "Neither…well maybe a little hungry…but defiantly no brain damage."

"So…cake? Splainy?"

He thought a moment and explained his reasoning, "It's like, life with you is a slice of cake, it was perfect and delicious just the way it was. But then we had Katie and Liam, adding two more slices of cake to our piece. It didn't make the first piece any less delicious, only better because there was more to enjoy. The same rule follows, adding pieces only makes it better, but even if no more pieces are added…it's still the best cake I've ever had."

She looked down at him, actually surprised how beautifully simple yet perfect the explanation was. "That was beautiful." She kissed him, explaining with her mouth in a way without words how much she appreciated his analogy.

She loved that his heart was hers no matter what. That even if she couldn't give him another child, he'd still be content with the life they already had. She loved that if she wanted more children, he'd openly accept a new life into his arms.

She loved that he loved her unconditionally.

When she pulled back from the kiss they shared, she slapped his chest.

"Ow, what gives?" He protested, not actually hurt but a little spun by the unfounded assault.

"Now I want cake." She grumbled, the chocolate craving in her mouth at full speed ahead being totally his fault.

He grinned, feeling his sweet teeth chiming in too. "We can go buy one."

"It's 3 AM Honey, nothing's open…" she stated.

"We can bake one." He suggested.

She cocked an eye brow at him, "Remember the brownies I tried to bake once? Even you couldn't choke them down." They must have been really bad if Angel refused dessert.

He cringed a little at the memory; as much as he loved his wife...those were some vile brownies...more akin to square rocks. "Well…they were a little overcooked…."

"They were black." She countered. "Little puffs of smoke…I may have seen hellfire…"

"Ok so I'll bake the cake." He offered.

"Remember the cookies you baked? Those ended up hellfire too." She Shot down. He's proven on a near daily basis he could cook amazingly good food, but not everyone who could cook could bake too. As much of a sweet eater Angel was, she'd never really seen him actually bake anything, only binge on store-bought goodies.

"Hey! In my defense, you and Liam were sucked into a portal and my attention was a little diverted with the being unconscious thing. It's not entirely my fault they got a little overdone." He defended.

"Oh fine, you get a rematch." She surrendered.

"Ok, then let's find out if I can bake." He smirked, pulling her out of bed.

4:30 AM

"Mmm…I love cake!" Buffy grinned as she devoured her piece of perfectly baked warm from the oven and generously frosted chocolate cake.

"See…it's only gets better with every slice." He verified by added another piece to her now empty plate.

"We're going to get fat." She moped, feeding him a forkful off her plate. 'The more he eats, the less fat I'll feel.' She reasoned.

"I don't know, we're pretty good at burning off extra calories." He smirked, sharing a chocolaty goodness kiss with her.

"We are aren't we?" She agreed, wrapping her arms around his neck and sliding into his lap. "After splurging on all this cake, we could use to burn a little more…" She offered with a wink.

"Hmm, dessert followed by dessert. I like it." He agreed.

"Dessert followed by dessert followed by dessert." She corrected, having started the night with a little 'calorie burning'.

"See, if it wasn't for you keeping me so well exercised, I'd have a double chin by now." He grinned, lifting her into his arms as he stood.

"Can't have that." She smirked, wrapping her legs around his waist to free up his hands. "I like my men lean."

He snorted and they heading back upstairs to their bedroom to add a little more sweetness to their night and maybe if they're lucky, start baking a new slice to add to their cake.


End, for now.