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January 19, 2008

Buffy was pacing…she hated waiting…for anything…especially something as important as this.

Glancing down at her watch again she hurried over to the test strip sitting on the bathroom counter and glanced down at it.


Her shoulders slumped in disappointment as she looked down at the pregnancy test in her hand, she'd hoped it would be positive this time, but once again the little blue strip indicated she was not with child.

'It's been a month since we stopped using protection…why aren't I pregnant yet? We forgot protection just once after Katie was born and BOOM, Liam was conceived…so why aren't I pregnant yet?'

With a huff, she dropped the used test into the trash and mopped back into the bedroom.

"Buffy? You ready to go?" Angel's voice carried up stairs from the living room.

"Coming." She yelled and grabbed the kid's diaper bag and a few odds and ends before rushing down to join her family in the kitchen.

"Something wrong, ghrá (my love)?" Angel asked as Buffy entered the room, he could immediately see something was stirring behind her eyes.

Pushing the disappointment away she smiled at him, "Nope, just needed to grab a few things." She lied as she took a well bundled up Liam from him so he could help Katie zip her coat.

She hadn't told him about the pregnancy tests, nor did she want to yet. She had no idea why, it was just something she needed to work over in her own head first before she could rationalize it to him.

He knew he was being lied to, but nodded. "Ok." He hoped she'd tell him what was wrong later…or he'd be forced to investigate.

A few minutes later the family exited their warm home and made a bee line in the snowy driveway towards the already running SUV.

Once the kids were buckled in their seats, Angel backed out and headed down the street to their destination.

As Angel drove, Buffy pulled the tickets he'd given her earlier that day from her pocketbook.

"Happy Birthday Beloved." Angel spoke into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and slipped an envelope into her hands.

"Ohh, Prezzys, I like those." She beamed, taking the item and eagerly opening it.

Reaching in, she pulled out a set of four tickets, reading 'Disney on Ice.'

"It's not exactly what I originally planned…" Angel admitted, feeling her shoulders tense beneath his hands. Instantly he felt it was a failure on his part, he'd wanted to take her to a figure skating show since he remembered she'd loved Dorothy Hamilton as a child and her father used to take her every year on her birthday…but the ticket office was sold out…and they had the kids to worry about getting a sitter for on short notice…but a Disney show they could all attend…

"If you don't want to go…" He muttered unsure.

She turned in his arms, a big smile of her face. "Of course I want to go!" She hugged him tight, "Thank you."

He pulled her tight and saw her eyeing the tickets again. "I know it's not the most romantic place to bring your wife on her birthday…" He started, a little worried she didn't like the gift and was just putting on a show for him. He didn't think many woman would be thrilled to go to a packed ice rink full of little children on their birthday if they had more adult options available.

"No." She interrupted quickly, "It's perfect."

Standing on her tip toes, she caught his lips in a hungry kiss, pouring all her love into it.

When they finally broke apart he accepted that she really did love the gift.

What she'd really wanted for her birthday was to be able to tell Angel he'd be a father again, but since that wasn't an option, an ice show with her family was a decent runner up.

She hadn't been to an ice show in years, but she was indeed looking forward to it.

The fact it would be full of little kids didn't really bother her so much, she was actually looking forward to going someplace they could bring the kids. Previous activities spent outside the house or work hadn't involved bringing toddlers for obvious reasons, they were loud and demanding. Other than to the park, work or friends and family's houses, Katie and Liam really hadn't been anywhere yet. Buffy liked the idea of their first experience at a show to be on her birthday…of course that thought might come back and bite her later.

Luckily it didn't.

They arrived at the show location in Cleveland with plenty of time to find their seats and get settled before it began.

Normally, they only went to Cleveland when the Hellmouth was active and spewing demons, but the change of pace to visit while all was calm was rather pleasant.

Once in the arena, the show stole all her thoughts, it was mesmerizing.

During the performance, the kids were mesmerized seeing their favorite cartoon characters gliding around in front of them, Buffy was mesmerized by the expertise and fancy footwork of the skaters, some wearing rather large and clumsy outfits but still hitting every note and step in perfection, and Angel was mesmerized by his family's enthusiasm.

Angel was pleasantly surprised to find he actually enjoyed the show, his tastes tended to drift more towards adult themes, but his old world love of live performances and music made the show quiet enjoyable. He felt no shame admitting to enjoying musicals and ballet, and it seemed Disney on Ice pulled at the same cords in his heart.

"Ariel!" Katie cheered, along with half the little girls in the stadium when the red headed mermaid slid across the ice in a graceful arc, which should have been impossible for a being with fins…but the children didn't seem to notice that fact.

Liam squealed and clapped as Mickey and Goofy twirled around the stage, soon followed by a number more of the Disney gang.

Angel found Buffy clutching his hand when Beauty and her Beast did a solo skate together, a song professing their love echoing in the theater as they danced across the ice.

He leaned over the two seats their children occupied between them and whispered with a fake voice of insult, "I hope you're not inferring I'm the beast?"

She turned towards him, a mischievous gleam in her eyes that told him that was exactly what she was thinking.

"Gee thanks for the blatant insult." He muttered grumpily, slightly annoyed she was basically calling him ugly and hairy…which he very much perceived himself to be neither.

"My sexy beast." She whispered, pulling him in for a kiss.

In turn he growled pleasantly into her mouth, making her giggle at the vibrations on her lips.

"Hey, my kid can't see!." A fat lady sitting behind them said none too quietly, bringing a few eyes towards them.

They quickly moved apart, their kids hardly noticing as they watched the show with large awed eyes.

When the show ended, the dutiful parents waited in an impressively long line so the kids could meet their favorite characters.

Buffy took the opportunity to talk skating techniques with Prince Eric and Beauty as Angel held Katie and Liam for pictures with Arial and Mickey.

During the drive home, Katie and Liam were at full rambling speed as they garbled constantly about the show.

"That was perfect." Buffy smiled to her husband as he piloted the SUV towards home.

"Glad you liked it." He replied, very happy he'd bought the tickets.

"We should go to shows more often." She hinted.

He grinned, glancing towards the passenger side of the vehicle at his wife. "New birthday tradition?" He offered, knowing she used to go every year with her dad, so maybe it could evolve to every year with her family.

She thought about it a moment, a little pang of remorse for her long absent father sparked in her heart, she didn't even know if he knew he was a grandfather twice over.

"I'd like that." She answered her husband, a smile on her lips.

A short time later, her hand fell onto his knee, giving it a light squeeze and leaving a promise for more.

He spared his eyes off the road a moment and looked over at her, reading the gleam of want in her eyes.

"I think you know what else I want for my birthday." She said huskily against his ear as she bent closer, her hand moving up his leg to rest dangerously close to his groin.

His foot twitched harder onto the gas, bringing them home that much quicker.

February 14, 2008

It wasn't that unusual to wake up finding Angel watching her, it was one of his old stalker habits that he hadn't quite shaken yet.

Truth be told, she didn't much mind.

"Morning" He smiled at her, leaning down for a good morning kiss.

She obliged, letting her tongue play a little peek-a-boo with his.

His throaty laugh brought a giggle from hers, the vibrations tickling her mouth.

"Mmm, you taste like coffee." She mumbled as she went in for a second helping, letting the rich flavor of Angel and dark roast mix on her taste buds.

He pulled away after a moment, bringing a frown to her lips.

The frown vanished when a moment later he placed a steaming mug in her hands, filled to the brim with hot, perfectly prepared coffee.

After taking a long sip, she smiled back at him, "You're a godsend."

He just grinned and slipped down beside her, his own mug cradled in a big hand.

Silence fell between them for a while, light and comfortable, as they drank themselves more awake.

"Giles called, he can't watch the kids. He has a date." Angel broke the silence.

"Giles? Date? You're kidding….right?" His wife asked from beside him, those words waking her more than the liquid caffeine in her mug.

"I'm not. Turns out, everyone has Valentine 's Day plans this year." He informed her.

"Dawn?" Buffy asked, "Xander? Willow? Connor?"

"All booked for the day." At her pout he leaned down and kissed her cheek, unable to resist. "Sorry babe, but they have lives too."

"I know…it's just…weird" She continued to pout, her dream of an evening alone with her hubby was being squashed by the harsh boot of reality.

"Weird that people we know can have normal lives?" He questioned with a smirk.

"Maybe." She shrugged, not sure how she felt about her adoptive father on a date. "So, who is this woman Giles is going out with?" She tried to sound casual about it.

Angel didn't buy it. "Oh no, you keep that cute little nose of yours out of it. Giles doesn't need you scaring off another potential girlfriend."

"I didn't scare off the last girl!" Buffy shot at her husband, "She was totally not good for him! I did him a favor…she was…creepy."

"She wasn't creepy…she just…owned a lot of cats…" The part time vampire defended weakly.

"Yes, crazy cat ladies are filed under creepy." The slayer verified.

"Ok, she was…a little off." He admitted, remembering how the woman had made quilts for each of her cats, their names and birthdays embroidered on each one.

"That's putting it lightly." Buffy muttered, withholding a shutter.

Once they were able to pry themselves out of their warm and inviting bed, they each collected an awake but sleepy tot from their respective rooms and began the day as they normally did.

Angel prepared breakfast while Buffy cleaned the kids up and strapped them into their booster seat chairs.

Both children's mouths were running at full by then, asking a million questions or just making noise for the sake of hearing sounds.

Their parents didn't mind and were hard pressed to keep up with the questions that were spoken in a form of language which resembled English but couldn't quiet be called it yet; just a strange form of toddler garble that only a parent could understand.

The patter of little mouths muffed then fell silent when Buffy placed a sippy cup full of juice in front of each of the little chatter boxes.

A few minutes later, Angel divided up the eggs he'd cook, two larger helpings onto plain white dishes for him and Buffy and two smaller servings onto the little plastic dishes they reserved for the kids. Those were the unbreakable kind with pictures of Disney characters or dinosaurs.

The ex-undead wolfed down his breakfast, swallowing down buttered toast and bacon with every mouthful of egg.

Buffy shook her head fondly at her husband, rolling her eyes at his ferocious appetite while she made an egg sandwich out of her toast.

Katie was more interested in mashing her serving between her fingers and Liam worked hard to deep condition his hair with his eggs before actually eating them.

When breakfast was eaten they cleaned the kids up and set them loose to play in the living room, Angel flopped down onto the couch to watch them as Buffy went to take a shower and dress for the day.

For the better part of an hour, he really did just watch them. He was fascinated with his offspring; how they played, the things they did, how their little minds worked to put the square block in the square hole.

Scooting down onto the floor he sat with them, Liam instantly walking over like a drunk man to collapse down in his father's lap.

"Hey Buddy, what do you have here?" Angel asked as his son stuck a bright blue toy truck in his face.

"Fuck!" Liam yelled.

All the color drained from Angel's face.

Personally, he wasn't adverse to harsh language, he had been a murderous vampire for a good portion of his existence, so in reality, 'bad words' didn't have much of an effect when you considered his previous habit of slaughtering humans by the droves.

But if Buffy heard her baby boy cursing, he was a dead man...again.

"What?" Angel blurted out, startled at his boy's choice of vocabulary.

Liam held the toy up again and loudly pointed out "Fuck!"

Relief washed over the partial demon, Liam wasn't cursing at him less than a week after his second birthday, he was just mispronouncing the word truck.

"Oh, you mean Truck. TR-uck." He sounded the first two letters out so the boy could hear the difference.

He figured he should fix that mistake quick before someone got the wrong idea.

"Tr-uck." Liam parroted back, repeating the word as he 'drove' the little blue vehicle over his father's lap then onto the carpet.

Making little vroom, vroom noises the toddler crawled away with his truck, over to the little rug with a birds-eye picture view of a city, streets and parking areas specially designed for little cars to be driven on. Buffy had spotted the item a few weeks before Liam's birthday and Angel had agreed it would make a wonderful gift for the blooming car fanatic.

"Daddy, it broke!" His almost three year old daughter cried as she ran over to her father with a plastic doll, the leg having popped off when she pulled too hard while slipping on a stylish pair of jeans.

Smiling at her pout, which was identical to her mother's, he pulled her down into his lap and kissed her temple. "Its ok sweetheart, let me see, I'll try and fix it."

She pushed the doll into his hands and watched him work with a look of anxious worry akin to someone watching surgery performed on a loved one.

Angel easily popped the limb back into place but made a mental note to replace the doll with something more sturdy in-case more small chocking hazard pieces fell off where Liam could find them.

They learned after finding a small lego in his diaper that nothing was safe from his mouth.

Once, the little boy snagged then shoved a large piece of watermelon in his mouth while Buffy was wetting a washcloth to clean his face. She tried to pull the piece out, but he'd gotten it lodged in his throat. Angel rushed over as she screamed his name, full panic in swing as their son turned blue from oxygen deprivation. A freaked Angel gave him a few hard whacks on the back and Liam managed to spit the piece out.

They hadn't had any issues like that with Katie, she'd been more into shredding and breaking anything she got her little hands on, but not so much eating things she shouldn't.

Seemed she was still in the 'break it' phase of her development.

A big smile lit her face while Angel handed her back the fixed toy. "All better."

"Thanks daddy!" She cheered, giving his an exuberant hug and kiss, then rushing back to the small dollhouse that come with the doll to continue playing.

Buffy appeared a short time later, dressed with hair and makeup in place for the day. "They behaving?" She asked as she stood behind her still sitting on the floor husband, resting her hands on his shoulders and bending down to press a kiss to the top of his head.

"So far." He grinned.

She stepped back so he could stand.

"Leave me any hot water?" He asked once his feet were under him.

"Maybe." She answered back with a smirk.

"You better have." He warned and headed for the shower, but a moment later he turned to her and added, "Watch Katie's doll, the pieces can pull off."

She nodded that she understood about the chocking hazard and he vanished up the stairs.

Buffy plopped herself down where Angel had been and resumed his 'guard' over the kids.

As she watched them play she found herself thinking again about having another baby, both the pros and cons bouncing around in her mind. It was true she and Angel were taking no actions to prevent pregnancy, but thus so far those 'reckless' actions had not resulted in one.

Buffy found part of her was thankful for it.

She did want another, but she was still conflicted about if she wanted one 'right now'. Her oldest was not even three yet, her youngest just turned two. Buffy wasn't sure if adding another baby to that would result in utter chaos.

She knew they could make it work if it did happen; Angel was almost scary when it came to how seriously he took being a father. If anyone deserved the 'super dad' award, it would be him.

She knew he wanted more kids, and she really did want to give him that. She loved feeling a part of him inside of her, their love taking a physical form and growing within her body, the feeling was incredible.

However she couldn't say the same thing for the other side of the spectrum; Mood swings, weird cravings, swollen everything, mini feet dancing on her bladder, and topping it all off, stretch mark from growing to the size of a small house.

Although Angel never seemed to mind the negatives, in fact she knew her growing belly was a huge turn on for him…and she did enjoy the pampering.

Of course she hadn't forgotten her previous threat to him when she found out Liam was residing in her womb, "Just so you know…" she said sleepily, "If you ever get me pregnant with one still in diapers again…I've giving you an at home vasectomy."

She also knew he hadn't forgotten.

In the back of her mind, a decision was made, not entirely consciously but finalized.

'When Liam's out of diapers, I'll be ready to have another baby.'

Hearing the water turn on upstairs, she shook her head and focused on the two living expressions of love right in front of her.

Liam and Katie were engaged in a serious play-a-thon between her dolls and his cars.

Picking up one of each toy, Buffy scooted over and joined them.

The day progressed like any other, they entertained the kids and in turn, themselves. Buffy put lunch together, consisting of cold meat sandwiches, chips and fruit.

Angel really didn't trust her anywhere near the stove or oven.

After they ate, Angel stretched out of the couch and the kids joined him for an hour long afternoon nap.

Some of his vampiric traditions still stuck around, and that one turned out to be particularly helpful in getting the kids to nap too.

During the downtime, Buffy got all her finger and toe nails filed and painted.

All-in-all, it was a very laid back Valentine's day.

When the nap ended, Buffy would have suggested Angel take the kids outside to build a snowman in the still nearly foot high mound of way-too-slowly-melting snow in the backyard, but at Liam and Katie's age, they most just watched Angel build it and that attention span didn't last long enough to merit the work involved with suiting them up.

So after the kids woke, and Angel quickly following when Katie accidentally kneed him in the groin when she tried to crawl out of his arms, Buffy collected the little devils and popped a movie in to entertain them…for a few minutes anyways.

After making sure her husband wasn't 'mortally wounded' from Katie's blow below the belt, she figured the house could use a good cleaning and since they weren't currently occupied with any romantic plans; wielding the mighty vacuum, Buffy the dust slayer began an age old battle between the forces of clean and the ever growing army of dust bunnies lurking around every corner.

By four o'clock, the house was spotless…or as spotless as a house with two toddlers residing within can be considered spotless…

And Angel and the little rug rats where no where to be seen.

She knew he was still somewhere in the house, she could feel him, inside, as always.

But exactly where he was wasn't part of the sensing him package. It's wasn't like she had a mini map splayed out on her mind with a little blinking light appearing on it to signify where her husband was at all times. No, it was more of a slight strengthening or weakening of the warm tingly feeling she'd come to associate with Angel as she grew closer of further from him.

So, just a general sense of direction was all she had to go on. However in this circumstance that was enough, the feeling indicated he was above her…since the house only had the two levels (excluding a mostly unused basement), it wasn't hard to surmise he was upstairs in one of the bedrooms or bathrooms.

Half way up the stairs she heard Katie giggling, or rather trying to stifle a giggle, which led to a rush of curiosity at what her husband was up to. Opening the door, her eyes settled on Katie standing in the middle of the room wearing an outfit similar to a lady bug, but instead of circles there were hearts decorating the wings. In her small hands she held a cardboard sign, written on it was 'We (Heart) Mommy'.

"Uh oh." The little girl frowned, looking as if she'd been caught doing something wrong, "Weer bussed."

"I was going to draw them and give it to you as a gift…but as Katie put it, we're busted." Angel's voice came from the joining bathroom beside her.

Turning she couldn't help but laugh as he put Liam down, the toddler teetered towards her, arms outstretched in the universal 'hold me' language of all babies. He was having trouble walking though, because a pair of little wings on his back was throwing off his fair-under-ideal-conditions balance. A sash wrapped across his chest written in fancy scroll letters identified him as cupid.

"Oh, how adorable." She cooed, kissing his cheek as she scooped him up.

The small blond boy promptly ignored the affection as he happily chewed on the red foam arrow he'd been holding.

She turned to her daughter and wrapped an arm around her, "You too my little Love Bug."

"Yucky!" Katie dodged a kiss, scurrying off out of her mother's clutches.

Buffy rolled her eyes, silently hating whoever taught her little girl that.

"Well if she doesn't want it, I'll take it." Angel grinned, stepping in and stealing the kiss from his wife that his daughter didn't want…however the version he received contained far more adult content than the original.

Their lips may have stayed together for far longer that they did if Liam, still in Buffy's arms, hadn't of been pressed between then and very vocal about not enjoying it much.

He did like to be held, but wasn't big on being squished.

"Ok, ok." Angel surrendered, backing off before Liam wailed again.

For a normally taciturn kid, he had a hell of a pair of lungs when need be.

"You're still drawing me that picture, right?" Buffy asked when she noticed Angel was putting away his sketchpad.

He turned towards her, "But you already know…that kinda ruins the whole surprise factor."

"Yeah, so what?" She asked, "That just mean I expect it now."

Shaking his head fondly, he took the pad back out of his drawer, "Ok, well since you know about it now, you're going to be in the picture too."

It took a while to get the kids in position and smiling, but once they were it didn't take long for him to sketch out the image, but even done quickly, the portrait was immaculate.

Walking past her with a fusing Liam under his arm, he bent and whispered huskily into his wife's ear, "How about later tonight you put your corset on and pose for me alone?" Follow by a brief butt pinch.

A shocked expression whisked across her face, a moment later replaced with a devilish smile, "We'll see."

Almost the second it was done, Buffy stole the picture from him, already eager to frame it in one of the empty frames she'd bought for just such an occasion.

While she went off to dig one out of the closet, he occupied himself with getting the kids changed back into their footie Pajamas.

When dinner time rolled around, in lieu of cooking, they ordered take-out from an Italian restaurant down the street. While Angel went to pick it up, Buffy took his Valentine's day present out from her closet and set everything up for after dinner.

They had made plans to exchange home made gifts that year, as part of a rotating idea to keep things fresh and new instead of falling into a routine of buying generic store issued presents.

Although Buffy had purchased the massage oils she'd slipped from her closet, she figured the long luxurious massage she planned to give Angel would be completely considered homemade, besides, the sketchpad and pencils Angel used to draw her present were store bought, so she figured it evened out.

Since it was getting late, they fed the kids first, knowing the two little terrors would only make a mess and need baths after slurping down spaghetti.

They weren't disappointed.

For once, Katie actually consumed more food than she either tossed across the floor or mashed into paste on her booster seat tray top, but still left the floor looking like a crime scene.

Liam managed to dye his hair red as usual, but did eventually eat a majority of his portion.

Angel and Buffy spent a good hour just scrubbing clean the kitchen and then the kids in the tub, then tucking the tired tykes in for bed.

Liam was asleep in her arms as Buffy laid him down in his crib, his thumb finding its way into his mouth as he sucked securely on it. She smiled down at him, bending to place a light kiss on her baby boy's cheek.

Buffy stood watching him a moment, just basking in the sight of her youngest child. He looked so much like her, same nose, same eyes and hair color, but personality wise, he was so totally his dad, although when he had one of his 'terrible twos' meltdown, he acted more like a crazed hell demon.

"You're going to be such the little heart-breaker when you grow up." She whispered, pushing his needing to be trimmed bangs out of his closed eyes and observing his will-be-when-he's-older-incredibly-handsome face.

Remembering she had another beautiful man in which to gaze at, (and do more than just gaze at) she tucked her boy in and quietly shut his door.

She found Angel in Katie's room, reading to the tired-but-too-stubborn-to-sleep little girl. Standing in the doorway, she watched them as she had watched Liam, just silently observing what she had.

Katie was curled up on her father's lap as he read her one of the many books he'd stocked her little bookshelf with. He didn't really need the book itself, it was more for Katie to look at the pictures. He knew the words by heart to almost every book on the shelf.

It wasn't inconceivable for a man who could remember what he did in 1793 to have memorized his children's favorite stories.

The nearly three year old's big brown eyes blinked slowly as they grew heavier with every passing word her father spoke, his low voice drawing her down to sleep's clutches.

Angel smiled affectionately as he felt her heart rate slow and her breathing deepen as she fell asleep in his arms.

"Goodnight sweetheart." He whispered while kissing her forehead and tucking her in with the little stuffed pig she never slept without.

He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist as he stood.

"Would I be a terrible mother if I wished they came with remotes so we could turn them off like the TV?" Buffy asked into her husband's back.

He chucked a little, "No, but if you invented it, we'd be filthy rich."

She leaned into him, snuggling up against his side so they could both look down at Katie as the tot slept as soundly as a rock.

His left arm wrapped around her shoulders as they stood there, just basking in being proud parents, especially when said children were sleeping.

A growl from Angel's stomach brought them back to the fact they hadn't eaten dinner yet, together they exited the room and headed down to enjoy a little adult-style eating, involving real plates and silverware instead of paper plates and fingers.

To 'set the mood', Buffy lit a candle and placed it in the center of the table as he heated the cooling dinner up in the microwave.

Feeling a little risque, she poured them each a glass of red wine.

Neither were big on the alcohol, it tended to cause them more problems in the long run, (like Angel's bachelor party and Willow and Oz's wedding) but occasionally they'd share a little wine or have a few drinks if they went out or to a party.

"This is nice…and quiet…really quiet." Buffy sighed as she twirled her pasta onto her fork.

"Want me to throw my garlic bread at you and rub sauce in my hair?" Angel asked jokingly.

"No, then I'd have to give you a bath and put you to bed." She smiled, thinking of the kids.

He grinned something wolfish, "I might not be opposed to that idea." His thoughts defiantly pointed towards a more mature audience.

She rolled her eyes at him, and then seemed to rethink the options there.

When they finished dinner and cleaned up, Buffy took Angel's hand in hers and not quite gently led him towards the stairs and into their bedroom, her eyes promising he'd get something he'd like.

He followed eagerly. "Are you dessert?" He asked, as they entered the bedroom.

"Strip." She ordered as she shut the door behind him, not answering his question.

He turned towards his wife, a little shocked but incredibly turned on by the command.

The Angelus in him could be very bullheaded towards people barking direct orders at him, but under these circumstances, he offered no resistance.

"Yes Ma'am" He responded, unbuttoning his shirt.

"Light those when you're done." She said in the same almost drill sergeant voice, pointing towards the candles she'd set out earlier around the room.

"And what will you be doing?" He asked inquisitively.

"Getting changed." She replied cryptically, disappearing into the adjoining bathroom.

Curious but intrigued, he did as he was asked, eager to see what was on her mind.

When all the candles were lit, he stood waiting in the center of the room.

The bathroom door opened to reveal Buffy in her leather under bust corset, as he'd hoped she would be.

She stood in the doorway a moment, just admiring the image of her nude and borderline aroused husband. 'God is that man beautiful.'

He was thinking the same thing about her.

The heavy but comfortable silence was broken by Buffy's, "On the bed."

Slowly while still facing her, he backed towards the bed, his eyes never wavering from hers.

She advanced at the same pace.

He reached the bed before she reached him and with perfect grace he slid onto it.

She reached the bed a moment later and bent forward to whisper, "On your stomach."

He cocked an eyebrow at that, but obliged, if not a bit uncomfortably with his slight arousal getting in the way.

A second later he felt her slip up onto the bed with him, crawling up his legs to straddle his thighs.

"You know this position is far for effecting if I'm on my back." He suggested into the mattress.

"I beg to differ." She answered while running her fingers up his back.

She bent and placed a soft kiss over his heart, then squeezed the massage oil, he hadn't even seen with the distraction of her exposed cleavage, onto the bare flesh of his tattooed back before her.

His sensitive noise picked up on the jasmine and vanilla scent instantly, the smells helping relax him as Buffy's hands glided over his now smooth and oily skin.

"Ok, not what I thought when you first brought me up here…but I think I can manage." He mumbled, already thoroughly enjoying the sensations his wife's fingers were trailing up and down his back and shoulders.

Almost the second she started massaging his back, she felt him relaxing into her touch. She knew from past experiences to not massage too well, or else he'd be sound asleep on her in no time.

"You like that?" She asked into his ear while she leaned down and worked a particularly hard knot from his shoulder.

A grunt of pleasure was his only reply.

Before he could nod off, she leaned in and peppered the back of his neck with a few feather light kisses, promising more to come in the near future.

Working steadily, she rubbed down his back then traveled down towards his butt and thighs.

He tried to sit up and roll over, but she shoved him back down.

"This is a full body massage, so be patient or you get nothing." She warned him.

His thoughts to further the interaction onto a more sensual path were rendered null as she threw a sheet over him to keep the chill factor down and slowly began to massage him all around, starting where she left off and traveling down to his feet, deliberately avoiding the one area that was getting very hungry for Buffy's touch.

Surrendering, he laid still and endured the beautiful torture of being touched but not able to touch in return.

She focused on the small portion of his body that was exposed from the sheet, then covered that area and moved to the next, slowly but surly building up his arousal for her.

She did everything by the book, professionally working his muscles free of the stress and tension of life with children and impending demon attacks. Only when she finished the foot rub did she allow him to roll onto his back.

'At least if he's turned on he wont fall asleep on me.' She thought with a devilish grin.

To Angel is seemed to take forever to get to his chest again, her fingers making magic everywhere they traveled. The only thing keeping him from just grabbing her and making love to her on the spot was the fact he was really enjoying the massage.

'I think she's turning me into butter.' He though lazily, feeling his body releasing all the buildup of stress and tension from the last few months.

He was all groaned out and half-asleep again when she finally finished, and realized she'd need to take some quick actions before he was out for the night.

'Oops, too much.' She thought, seeing his eyes glassy and half lidded.

"You are not falling asleep on me." She ordered, pulling the sheet off him and replacing it with herself.

His lips responded quickly enough when she enticed him back to wakefulness with a kiss.

It took only moments for his body to remember the steady buildup of sexual tension she'd been stewing as all the other tension was being released.

With a yelp and a giggle, she found herself on her back, Angel hungrily nipping at her neck and ear.

Her oily fingers interlocked into his hair as his tongue invaded between her lips, conquering her mouth as his own.

Eventually he pulled away so they could both draw in much needed breaths, but he didn't stay still for even a moment. His lips traveled down her neck and went right for the ample cleavage just begging to be touched.

Buffy was losing track of time and thought as he moved around her body, taking what he wanted and slowly moving south to where he really wanted to be.

His name escaped from between her lips in a low moan as he disappeared under the sheets, his lips reacquainting with those not on her mouth.

It was almost ten minutes and no orgasm later that she realized something, he was taking his sweet time on purpose.

He was keeping her riding the thin line between pleasure and ecstasy but not letting her topple over into oblivion.

"Angel!" She whined out, wanting, no needing him to finish her.

His sensitive ears instantly picked up on the need in her voice, exactly what he'd been holding out for.

A moment later his lips, still hot and wet from her depths where hovering above her mouth. "Yes, ghrá?"

"Don't 'yes, my love' me, inside…now." She commanded breathlessly, using some slayer strength to roll him onto his back and straddling his hips.

Before he could reply, she was lowering herself onto him, feeling the rush of tingles and mini explosions of pleasure from her oversensitive nerve ending caused by his earlier ministrations.

Yanking a pillow behind him, he sat up, wrapping his arms around her and helping guide her as she begin to steadily move against him.

Their lips met again as her arms snaked around his neck, fingers curing into his hair and arms squeezing him tight.

It took little time before both of their bodies were tumbling over the edge they'd been leaning over, the powerful orgasm consuming them both.

When Buffy floated back to the land of the conscious, she found her head pillowed on her husbands shoulder and her body still wound tightly with his.

She had thought at first Angel was asleep, but something told her he wasn't.

"Angel?" She called quietly, just in-case she was wrong.

She couldn't see him very well in the darkness of the room at night, but she felt him turn his head and place a kiss on her forehead. His fingers brushed along her scalp, drawing back a few strands of wild blond that had fallen across her face during their earlier movements.

That rash jealousy of his vampire funded night vision reared its ugly head again, slightly angering her that he could see her but she couldn't see him. Her own night vision was well above average for humans, being a slayer afforded her that, but his had been built up for over 300 years.

"Something wrong, Lover?" He asked, his other hand drawing slow and steady circles on her back.

He didn't usually call her that old nickname, unless he was mad or in this case, half-asleep, but sometimes the old demon personality would pop up.

Buffy could honestly say she didn't mind the reminders from his soulless Angelus days anymore, that particular being was long dead, even in the demon itself remained, the heartless bastard that he'd been no longer did. Now he was just Angel, a mix of the soul and demon personalities, but still her Angel, always.

"Nothing." She whispered, mildly hoping he'd just fall asleep. She had wanted to talk to him for a month now, but suddenly she really didn't want to.

"That's not your nothing face." He replied back, mildly rubbing in that supreme night vision again.

"I…can we just go to sleep? I'm tired, I don't want to talk right now…" She said quickly, burying her face back into his shoulder so he couldn't read her expression and hoping he'd let it drop.

For a full minute, she thought he did, until he asked, "Is this about the pregnancy tests?"

He felt her stiffen against him and got his answer.

Instantly she sat up and pulled away, "How did you know? Are you snooping on me?" She asked, angry at him.

Calmly he looked to her, "Babe, I take the trash out…I saw the tests when I emptied the barrel."

He could see the flair of embarrassed red in her cheeks. "Oh…right…"

"Sometimes these things take time..." He began, thinking she was upset she wasn't pregnant yet.

"It's not that." She admitted, feeling the words just rushing out into the darkness towards where she knew he was sitting. "It's that…I'm sad when it comes back negative because I feel like there is something wrong with me…but I'm glad too. I do want more children with you but…"

"Just not right now?" He offered.

Taking a deep breath she nodded her head, "Yeah, I just…I don't think I'm ready yet."

He sighed and yanked her against him, rubbing a hand down her back, "Buffy, there is nothing wrong with you and not being ready is nothing to be ashamed of. Having a child isn't something you just wake up and decide to do."

"You do remember our two children weren't planned, right?" She threw out there.

He gave her a look but quickly realized she couldn't see it, then added, "The point is, if you want to wait, I'm fine with that. I'll buy condoms tomorrow."

"You don't have to do that…" She tried, knowing he never really said it, but he hated condoms with a passion.

"Yes, I do." He ran his fingers down her back again, helping to loosen the tension she'd acquired during their talk, "Buffy, you know I don't want to do anything to you that you don't want done, that includes children. If you're not ready to carry a child, then I have no desire to help make one. That being said, there is no way in Hell I'm abstaining from sex, so if my options are condoms to nothing…I'm taking the condoms."

She gave him a weak smile, his demon side very much active on the last sentence.

"What if I don't want to make love to you until I'm ready for a child?" She asked in a serious tone but only to get an answer.

Even in the darkness, she could almost see him blanch.

She had no intentions of stopping sex, making love to her husband and raising their kids was what made life worth living.

"Ah…I…um…well…uhh…" He stuttered, at a loss for words.

She laughed but felt guilty for toying with him. "Ok, cruel joke. I'm sorry, couldn't resist." She said quickly to stem the 'bleeding wound'.

"Which part?" He asked seriously.

She quickly sobered, telling him truthfully, "I thought I was, but I'm not ready for a baby." She wrapped her arms around his neck, "But I'm always ready for you." She finished by kissing him an apology which he quickly accepted.

That being said, he laid back down and she snuggled back up against him.

After a moment she muttered, "Some romantic Valentine's Day huh?" Meaning the talk they just had.

"Technically it's the 15th now, so doesn't count." He answered.

She nodded against him, glad their February 14 had ended on a good note.

He was almost asleep when a thought popped into his head, "Buffy?"

"Yeah?" She asked against is chest.

"What if…you get pregnant from tonight?" It was a conceivable point, they were just intimate and the last few days saw some action between them as well.

After a long pregnant silence she answered, "Then I'll have 9 months to get ready."

"Would you really be OK with that?" He asked, wanting to know how she actually felt.

She turned her face and looking up at his shadowy features, "I'd have to be. No force on this Earth would ever make me destroy a life we created together."

The corners of his lips twitched into a smile at that. Kissing her temple, he settled back down and together they finally found sleep for the night.


More Stories will follow.