"Jack I'm off out!" I shouted as I walked though the hub.

Jack frowned as his head popped out of his office. "Where?"

"Out." I smiled sweetly, walking out of the cog door and into the lift. The problem with being Jack's sister is, life went a bit funny. When jack was 16and I was 12,The Boshane Nebula was attacked and we lost our little brother Gray, Jack joined the time agency and we never saw him again. So when I was I turned 13, I packed up, stole a vortex minipulator and tracked down Jack as near as I could, but he'd grown up and a lot had happened, I'd done some research before I'd left and found out he was immortal. Then I met a 13 year old Toshiko Sato and grew up as her best friend, but after my brother saved her from UNIT, she told me all about Torchwood and Jack and Owen and Ianto and Susie, and I came forward. They all spent years trying to get me to join up to Torchwood and finally convinced me to, the day after they met Gwen Cooper.

I walked up to the flat and knocked on the door before it was opened by a smiling Ianto.


"Hey." I laughed before pushing past him and walking into his flat, slumping down on the sofa.

"Drink?" He asked. "I'll admit, I kind a forgot to buy wine."

I laughed as he sat down next to me and I laid my legs across him. "Don't worry, it's not important."

"Tell you what, put off of sex after today."

I laughed, "You'll say that next time you pull, won't you?"

"Shutup." He laughed, poking me in the side. "Do you want to go out and get a drink then?"

"Why don't we just go buy a cheap bottle from tesco and get a Chinese in the way back?"

"Great idea."

"Amy." Ianto mumbled. I opened my eyes to see we were snuggled up to each other on his sofa, with my blonde curls in my eyes.

"What's the time?" I mumbled.

"Nearly 9. Need to be at work soon." I sat up and reached over Ianto, grabbing his mobile and typing out a text and sending it before throwing it across the room half heartedly. Ianto frowned at me before I got up and walked into his room. "What did you say to him?" He asked as I got into his bed.

"Won't be in til after lunch, your sister's busy sleeping." I muttered. "Now go back to sleep or go to work." I closed my eyes and the was a few seconds of silence before I felt Ianto get in next to me.

A/N - ok, only short and it was written on my iPad so yeah... Just a idea I had. It is au although it's set through series 1 and 2, the events from exit wounds and after won't happen.