For once, Ian is supremely happy that there's glass between them. Right now, he's pissed enough to take a swing at Mickey (wouldn't be the first time they'd come to blows either). When Mickey gestures for him to pick up the phone Ian merely glares at him through the glass. Mickey gives him one of his patented "Are you fucking serious?" looks. Grudgingly, Ian picks up the phone. "I can take care of myself, Mick."
Mickey doesn't even bother glancing around before answering. "Look, nobody, and I mean, nobody, messes with you." His stare is intense. "Not while I'm around."
Ian shakes his head, "He offered to buy me a drink, Mickey. Nothing more."
"He was practically drooling on you. Don't give me that 'just buying you a drink.' shit."

Ian stares at him through the glass. "You're jealous."
Mickey stares back and a look of panic flits across his face before he shrugs, and nonchalant, says, "I don't share."

Mickey watches Ian through the glass as the officer opens the cell door. The irony of him being the one to pick Ian up from jail isn't lost on him. Usually things are the other way around, and suddenly he has a newfound appreciation for what Ian goes through every few months. But that's what's making his forehead crease. Mickey being in jail isn't a big deal. He's a fuckup, he knows that. But Ian. Ian is supposed to be the golden boy. The one who rises past all of this Southside bullshit and gets out. He shouldn't be sitting in a cell at the local precinct. He nods at the officer as he steps out of the way.

He and Ian don't say a word until they're outside in the fresh air. Mickey lights a smoke before saying, "Did you really have to hit her?"
Ian glances away, "She knew what would happen if she came around again." He smirks, "She's lucky I got to her before Fiona did."

Mickey grins, "Woulda paid to see that shit." He gives Ian's sleeve a tug as they start down the sidewalk towards the L. "Next time that bitch* comes 'round looking for Lip, you let Fiona deal with it."

*The bitch in question is Karen. Sorry, but after her actions in the end of season two I don't think Ian or Fiona would be very happy to see her again. Especially around Lip.