50 years later

I sat on my bed, strumming my black-and-white electric guitar. I remember what happened when West brought me to his/our place – he'd shown me the room he'd fixed up for me in the basement, complete with a television, my own bed, carpet, and an electric guitar. It was so awesome to finally have a room to myself, living with my brother and not a psychotic bastard.

I'd gotten right to work writing down the lyrics and music for my awesome song. My awesome little bird was perched on his… uh… perch, on the other side of the room. I think he was sleeping. It was great to see him, too.

And speaking of seeing people, it was great seeing everyone else when I'd returned. West held a big welcome-back party with just the eight of us at our house. It was really fun to pick on the prick again, and tease Hungary. France and Spain and I messed around like old times, and Romano was… Romano. Italy was pretty happy to see me, too, even though he clung to West's arm for most of the time.

Times back then and soon after were pretty hard for the nations. It seemed like everyone was in debt to everyone else, like America, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Spain… but thankfully that was all resolved about fifteen or twenty years after that whole mess started. There was something about global warming around that time, too, but science stuff has come a long way since then, too. A lot of things now are more eco-friendly, like cars that run on water and stuff.

Around 2010 or so, I don't know exactly when, some dude set up a new micro-nation of Prussia. It was awesome, but it definitely wasn't my kingdom of Prussia. West said that there was a lot more stuff to go through than just claiming a place as 'Prussia' if I were to ever get my country back.

Recently, Poland went into serious financial trouble. I don't know exactly what happened, but he cut part of the west part of his land off and is offering it up to the highest bidder. It's kind of weird to give up part of your country, I guess, but it might be a good way to make money.

West has been going to these meetings for the past two months, every week or twice a week. He hasn't told me what they're for, and keeps insisting that it's a surprise. I think he's planning to buy that part of land Poland's offering up, but like I said, if he is, he hasn't said why.

Oh, well. That's all complicated stuff anyway. West would be back in a couple of hours, so I had time to play a round or two of my awesome song. I stood up and cleared my throat, picking up the guitar.

"Jemand ruft, ich werde gerufen

Alles klar, überlasst es mir, los geht's

Mehr! Mehr!

Zum Osten und zum Westen

Werde ich laufen

Wenn du dir das auch wünschst,

Werde ich kommen und dich liebkosen!

Das ist richtig, wenn Kämpfen deine einzige Ansicht ist

Dann ist es das, was du tun musst!"

Damn, it always felt good to play that. My awesome little bird fluttered over and perched on my shoulder.

"Das großartige Ich ist das Beste! Das Stärkste!

Der, der zuletzt lacht, yeah!

Es ist natürlich das großartige Ich!


Das Beste! Das Furchteinflößenste!

Ihr Leute könnt mich preisen

Ich werde euch meinen gewaltigen Traum zeigen

Eine Siegesfolge ist sicher!"


"Alleine in meinem Zimmer

Schreibe ich es auch heute—"


Huh. I looked around, up, and down. What was that? Felt a bit strange… oh well.

"Die Memoiren des großartigen Ichs

Mehr! Mehr!

Hey kleiner Vogel, der meinetwegen zwitschert

Es wird mich heilen, niyo niyo!

Das ist schlimm, ein panda, der Fröhlichkeit bringt

Ich lasse mich nicht täuschen!"

B-bmp b-bmp

"Das großartige Ich wird sich zeigen! Auflodern!

Ich werde machen, was ich will, und ich werde es gewalttätig machen

Alter Mann, pass auf mich auf!"


Okay, what was that? Oh well, I'd check it out after the song.

"Mein Gott!

In einer Zwickmühle! Schlagen!

Manchmal zittern selbst Kämpfer

(...ich belasse es hierbei)

Eine Umkehrung in dieser situation, ich werde mich beeilen!

Alle Karten werden eines Tages in diesen Händen liegen...

Ich werde lachen, wenn ich dadurch renne

Das ist richtig, es ist nicht, weil ich schwach bin

Es ist, weil ich zu stark bin!"

B-bmp b-bmp b-bmp

"Das großartige Ich ist das Beste! Das Stärkste!"

I started crying when I realized what it was.

"Der, der zuletzt lacht, yeah!"

Hot tears fell from my eyes.

"Es ist natürlich das großartige Ich!"

B-bmp b-bmp b-bmp b-bmp


Ihr alle! Kommt her!

Lasst uns e-mail adressen austauschen

Alleine zu sein ist viel zu lustig

Alles wird in diesen Händen sein! Ihr müsst nur abwarten!

Eine Siegesfolge ist sicher!"

So he did buy that land.

"Beobachten sie es bitte, Fritz Vater!

Beobachten sie es bitte, Fritz Vater!

Beobachten sie es bitte, Fritz Vater!"

I played the last few notes before dropping the guitar on the bed and falling to my knees, sobbing. West really was the best little brother a guy could ask for. I put my hands over my beating heart and let the tears fall.


Story's done~! Thank you all for your support, minna-sama~! I love you all ;_; you guys are awesome like Prussia!