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The sparks of fire and flakes of cinder flew through the air, the hot, stinging stench of burned flesh occupying the space amidst them. A shaky breath was heard in the darkness between two ruined walls. It was getting hard to draw another as it felt like it was setting her already raw throat on fire with it.

Far away from the crackling of flames, she heard an incoherent string of shouts, screams, commands and desperate cries. A sign that there was still someone or something alive in this nightmare.

The small shadow stepped out of its sanctuary, into the open of scorching flames and dropped to her knees, folding her hands in silent prayer.

Her lips moved, quietly and without a sound, reciting the words which were taught to her.

"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name."

It took just a couple of seconds before she was subdued. A couple of hands pulled her arms apart and forced her to look down. A golden cross fell out of her torn and dirty shirt, loosely dangling on a simple rosary.

A short grimace moved over her young face when her scraped up and blistered body moved and her closed eyes cracked open just a bit.

The man in camouflaged clothes titled his head and gave the other one behind her a curt nod. Just a second later, she felt a hand gripping the back of her head, getting a hold of a portion of her short blue hair.

Then it tried to push her roughly down towards the ashen ground beneath.

In this moment, their gazes met.

Her back straightened, every tired muscle was shaken awake to resist the force from behind her. The man before was clearly amused by her vain attempt to resist. An ominous smile spread on his dry, split up and bloody lip and he lowered his rifle.

In this very moment, he proclaimed himself as the victor of their little game of hide and seek. For him, she was just a tiny fly caught in the net of a spider.

Slowly he bowed down to her eye level, his gaze moving from her face down to the golden rosary which he then took carefully into his black gloved hands. He let out a quiet whistle and chuckled as his gaze moved up to meet her again.

"Well look at that. You know that stealing things is a deadly sin, don't you?"

She closed her eyes again, speaking the next line.

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven."

Then young woman's lips curled up into a gentle smile before she answered: "As is killing. And you still think you will get out of this alive. How do you are better any than me? How fool..."

She was cut off as his fist connected with her stomach, driving the air forcefully out of her lungs. His fingers intertwined with her dark, messy hair and brutally yanked her back up so that she was forced to look into his grinning face again.

"It seems that I have to remind you of your place, scum."

In the end, this insult earned him nothing more than a weak chuckle. A trickle of blood formed on the corner of her lips but her eyes were defiant and her expression unnaturally calm for this situation. She looked at him, almost as in pity, looking down on him although their places were reversed.

Then she spoke up again. „A man who kills for the promise of money...," She shook her head as far as his grip would allow it. "Pitiful. Do you really think you have the right to call me scum?"

Her mocking voice betrayed her still gentle smile. Traces of raw anger flickered over his face and she knew she was testing his patience. She closed her eyes, waiting for him to release this emotion on her.

The next line was just a thought in her head, silently waiting for the treatment which she would certainly receive.

"Give us today our daily bread."

This time, he kicked her but she bore it without a whimper escaping her throat. After the third kick, she could swear that she tasted something metallic on her tongue. The other one told him to stop while still holding her upright. She wasn't useful when she was dead. The man agreed with a grunt and grabbed her chin, tilting her head upwards again.

"Are you ready to tell me, where you friends went?"

After spitting out a little bit of blood, the young woman gave him the same look as before. Then a soft chuckle escaped her. As she parted her lips again, it wasn't the answer he wanted.

"And forgive us our trespasses."

She stayed silent even when he repeated this words in a more forceful tone, pulling on her hair again, forcing her to stand up.

"Answer my question, scum!" He was furious and his voice lowered into a hiss as he added. "Or I swear by God, I will make you regret it."

He looked down at her like an executor waiting for a confession.

"Where are they hiding?"

He threw her roughly to the side, kicking her again. Her eyes were hidden behind the fallen bangs of her hair as she sharply breathed in, feeling the burning pain moving through her tattered body.

He waited, believing she would finally talk now after the beating she received and how she curled up in a ball in self-defense. She started to shiver as his comrade finally put her again into an upright position.

"I promise you I make it painless if you just spill it." Now he was mocking her with a softer tone. She stirred, her head moving up and she could see his smile return as he came closer again. He didn't want to miss a single detail of information coming from her mouth.



Then she started to shiver again but this time, he noticed that she was actually laughing quietly to yourself. The soldier frowned irritated as if she had lost her mind. The young woman looked at him, the grimace of pain gone and a smirk firmly placed on her bloody lips.

"As we forgive those who trespass against us." She continued the prayer which she had started without haste before chuckling again. "What fools you are."

In the next moment, her right knee connected with his stomach while she snapped her head back to hit his comrade in the face with it. Both lost their balance, surprised by her sudden attack and stumbled away from her.

Her right hand formed a simple sign as her gaze was still locked with the person in front of her. The gentle smile was gone, replaced by something sinister.

A second later, she heard a surprised yelp behind her which died as quickly as it came.

"What the…" The man in front of her stopped mid-sentence and his eyes widened as he watched his comrade disappear in the darkness of the alley. The young woman tilted her head to the left.

Three shots followed, the mouth of the rifle lightening up shortly in the darkness behind her. Then a panicked scream followed which was cut short by the sound of something else tearing through flesh.

Something moved behind her. The sound of eery chuckles echoed through the tight alleyway. While the remaining soldier stared and his face paled, the young woman sighed deeply as she rubbed her reddened wrists.

With her attention on her wrists, she frowned and spoke again. "Just catch this malnourished person. She is alone. Nothing bad will happen. Easy prey." The woman's gaze fell on him again, but this time, he stepped back from her. "Honestly, I took you for proud fool but not being that much of an idiot."

"You little…!"

Before he could ready his weapon, she stood in front of him. A fist hitting his throat, making him cough and choke before one of her legs caught him at his waist and sent him to the ground.

He tried to scramble on his feet again. As expected from a hired soldier, he could withstand a certain amount of pain or the adrenalin just did its wonders. Immediately he tried to reach for his rifle.

"And lead us not into temptation" With a smile on her lips, she placed a foot onto the weapon and just before his fingertips could even touch the metal, she kicked it away.

The man cursed at her. Unfortunately for him, she hadn't the time to spare and play around with him. Just in the moment, she wanted to pick it up. Something shifted behind her. The face of the man on the ground lightened up. He hoped for his comrade to help him.

As if just somebody wanted to answer his unspoken prayer with a cruel twist, it was his comrade but he was on the ground, cuts all over his body and face. Desperately he tried to claw himself out of the shadows, face pale, eyes widened in horror. The men shared just one look before he was dragged back into the shadows, screaming, pleading and kicking around.

The screams grew louder and then silence. His body emerged out of the shadows again, bloody and broken, eyes glancing empty towards the other man on the ground.

Immediately his hand searched for another weapon on his belt but due to the shock of what just happened, he fumbled helplessly around, unable to get the gun out properly.

She kicked him so he landed on his back and then stepped on his neck, slowly applying force with each passing second. The rifle was in her hands and she slowly loaded it.

"But deliver us from evil."

A soft click echoed as she slowly removed the safety mechanism, their look towards each other unbroken. The fear danced vividly in his eyes but he tried to save some dignity even in this hopeless situation.

"E-even if you rid of me now, you still will be captured and killed like...all the other scum."

The woman suppressed a chuckle.

"Scum..." She laughed up curtly and then looked at him, her voice sweet. "Fool, do you now have any idea who I am or where you are?"

He didn't answer.

"No?," She smirked. "Oh poor sinner, waltzing right into a trap and now it's too late."

Dark figures stepped out of the shadows, drawing closer to him. Suddenly panic gripped his very body. He began to shiver, starting at the moving figures and then back to her.

"You should know it very well as a sinner...Now confess."

He had the idea of trying to run instead and she just shot in his right leg to prevent that from happening. Then she shrugged her shoulders, stepping off him. "And there I thought I will give you a painless death…A pity, really." With a simple sign, she motioned the shadows to gather around him as she walked away.

She closed her eyes and heard him scream at the top of his lungs.

"For Thine is the kingdom; The power and the glory"

As she slowly open her eyes again, the burning air was gone as was the sky. A white metal ceiling greeted her. Her eyes moved on the person sitting in front of her at the table. It wasn't a soldier this time around. The atmosphere around this man with blond hair and white coat was dignified and elegant but also cold.

"They might have already informed you but I wanted to take the chance myself to congratulate you. You, of all contestants, have shown to be compatible with the new God Arc."

There wasn't a competition and there was no prize to gain from this. Even after they had cleaned her up, black bruises still showed on her white pale skin. He didn't make a remark on it, keeping his calculated look on her face.

He placed her golden rosary on the desk.

"So, I will still ask you," He folded his hand in front of him again. "Will you consider joining the Far Eastern Branch?" Her lips curled upwards and she knew that he was aware of the truth. He just needed someone for his experiments and then - if she survived them - someone who could fight.

Her head tilted to the right. She had heard of these 'God Eaters' and seen one or two doing their work. Her hands wandered to the cross, letting the chains of the shackles around her wrists clash against each other.

She finally spoke up as she looked at the trinket. "Director Schicksal was the name, wasn't it?"

He gave her a simple nod instead of giving her a full reply. She felt his gaze observing her carefully. Each reaction and expression she made was carefully monitored by him as if he was trying to read and study her.

"I appreciate the offer." She continued. Her eyes moved back towards him. "But do you think it's wise to hire a nobody like myself? You know nothing about me. I have to say that that's a very dangerous game to play, Director."

This time around, she gave a fair warning. It was a sign of respect to answer his bold move. It stirred her curiosity.

"What is a game without taking a couple of risks once in a while?" He retorted with a sigh.

A chuckle escaped her, amused by his reaction. "Oh well, when you know how to play then I will be under your care, Director."

He mirrored her faint smile and looked satisfied.


Her shoes clicked in steady rhythm against the hard pavement as she walked through the dark corridors of her new home. Her new red wristband almost glowed in this dark twilight as she caressed the cross with her fingertips and placed a kiss on the golden surface. A mere whisper escaped her lips, but it wasn't a prayer this time.

"…Let's start this game again, shall we?"

And the woman smirked at the looming darkness in front of her.