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Ghostly Double is the definition of ...Doppelganger...and yes, there is a Doppelganger is this story. It may seem a little twisty at first, but hopefully you'll catch on.

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Ghostly Double

Chapter 1


To me, I'd say I was a simple, normal girl that loved music, and reading. To a few other people, I was a closed off, boring person. I didn't go out to parties or sleepovers; I normally kept to myself.

Then, there would be the other people. The ones who would think I was completely insane, but I'm far from insane.

In my opinion, my insane title, if given, comes with a story. A story that most would think was far fetched, and unbelievable.

My whole life changed about five months ago when I met Edward Anthony Masen. He preferred to be called Anthony. He claimed that Edward was a name for an older person, but little did I know at the time, it suited him perfectly.

We met on the first day of school. He was a Senior, with me technically being a Sophomore, but I was taking Junior classes. I had taken extra courses over the summer break to boost up my credits to graduate early.

I had met Anthony in the cafeteria. He was behind me in the lunch line when I turned to grab one more item for my tray, and I smacked right into his chest. I hadn't realized how close he was to me, "I'm so sorry."

"No worries," he said, smiling down at me.

The moment I looked at him, I was done for, but I knew I didn't stand a chance with a guy as good looking as him.

Boy was I wrong. From that day forward, we had been inseparable.

I eventually met his family. They were the nicest people that you could ever meet.

His parents were Marcus and Claire Masen. Both being in the medical field. Claire being a nurse and Marcus a heart surgeon.

He had a brother, also, Emmett, that was a Senior, along with Anthony. I had eventually found out that they were adopted. Emmett was just as handsome, and sweet, as Anthony was.

As the months went by, I started feeling like things were a little off with them. I could never pin point exactly what was causing me to question myself. Anthony always seemed to try and distract me with his beautiful green eyes or by kissing me; to keep me from asking more questions.

I always fell for it; telling myself that the next time, I'd ask him.

We never really did anything with each other; as far as dates or anything for fun. Our time was mainly spent with just each other. We'd watch movies, read or just simply laze around and talk. He seemed too smart for his age, which I assumed was seventeen.

His knowledge about things; events that happened years and years before, seemed to be very accurate, and with great detail. It was almost as if he were there, himself. That's one of the questions he finally answered for me, "I just like to read a lot," he had said one day after he told me a story about something that happened back in the early 1900's. It was really bizarre.

Small things started happening, here and there. I started noticing that when I was over for dinner, they would eat, but not quite as much. They seemed to just pick at their food. Marcus always seemed to have a glass of a very dark red wine. I never questioned it. He was an adult, after all. I witnessed Claire, a hand full of times, drinking the same wine. Again, I never questioned it.

One day, that all changed.

It was a nice day out. Anthony and I had agreed to meet outside by the picnic tables for lunch. I was walking along the sidewalk next to the gym, which was right next to the cafeteria.

My feet came to a screeching halt when I rounded the corner and saw Emmett with his girlfriend, Jane, in an intimate embrace. From where I stood, it looked completely innocent. To me, it looked like he was kissing along her neck; her head turned to the side to give him better access.

It wasn't until Emmett looked up and noticed me, that I knew I had seen something that I shouldn't have.

Emmett's face had blood running down the side of his lips, and I could see, from where I stood, there was a huge bite mark on Jane's neck.

I was frozen for a split second before I took off running.

I didn't get very far. Emmett caught me, wrapping his hand around my mouth to keep me from screaming, "Shhh. . .Bella, please. Let me explain."

The look in his eyes was desperate and pleading. He wanted to make me understand, but I was reluctant to let him try.

"Please, Bella. We all owe you an explanation. Just give me a chance to get everyone together, and we'll explain." He set me back down on my feet, "Promise you won't scream if I move my hand?"

I nodded my head lightly. I wanted to know what the hell was going on, so I complied to his request of being quiet.

Emmett pulled his cell phone from his pocket, and sent a text message to someone. Who? I didn't know.

It must have been Anthony because he was next to us in a flash.

It was only a few minutes before all four of us were in Anthony's car. Emmett drove with Jane, in the passenger seat. She looked calm about the whole situation. Unlike me, my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest. My nerves were twitching to grab the door handle, and try to jump out. I also noticed that Jane had a scarf around her neck. I assumed it was being used to cover the bite mark that Emmett had left on her.

We were quiet the whole ride. I kept receiving glances from Emmett, through the rear-view mirror. Anthony didn't speak; not touching me, which was not normal for him. He seemed almost afraid to get close to me.

When we arrived at their house, Claire and Marcus were on the front porch waiting for us. They looked a little sad and taken aback. It was odd seeing them this way. They were always so happy with smiles on their faces.

I continued to stay quiet; not sure of what was to come in the next step of them explaining. What I had seen at school, how could they explain that away?

Claire greeted me with a hug, "Hi, sweetheart." I nodded slowly and was guided into the living room.

I took a seat in a chair closet to the door in hopes of a quick get away, if needed.

Everyone was quiet for a few moments until Claire entered with a glass of iced tea for me. She took a seat next to Anthony. He couldn't take his eyes off me; he had the same pleading look that Emmett had.

Marcus was the first to speak, "Bella, we'd like to explain a few things to you if you'll give us a chance. Then we'll be glad to answer any questions that you might have."

I still couldn't speak, so I answered with a small nod.

"I'm not exactly sure what you saw, but I'm sure it was enough to lead us here." Marcus shifted his feet; taking a seat on the arm of the love-seat next to Claire, "Could you tell us what you saw?"

I glanced at Emmett and Jane, not sure of what I was looking for. My voice was dry and raspy when I spoke, "I saw Emmett biting on Jane's neck," I scooted close to the edge of my seat, "And he had blood all over his mouth."

Emmett sighed; sinking down into his seat next to Jane. Their hands were clasped together; for support, I was sure.

"Emmett, would you like to justify your reasons to Bella?" Marcus seemed to be playing mediator.

Emmett cleared his throat, "Actually, Marcus, I was sorta hoping you could start at the beginning."

"I could do that." Marcus looked over at me, "Bella, do you have time or do you need to get home?"

I shook my head, "No, my dad won't be home for a while."

"Okay, I suppose I should start then." He got up from where he was sitting and walked over to the liquor cabinet, pouring himself half a glass of some sort of amber liquid.

I had seen Marcus indulge in a drink before, so I didn't question his actions.

He returned to his previous seat, "In 1867, I was a forty year old Rancher. We had. . ."

I cut him off before he could continue, "Wait, wait, wait. 1867? And you were forty? That would make you. . ."

Realization dawned on me and my eyes grew wide as saucers, "Yes, 142 years old. Your math is very accurate."

"Wha. . .how? I don't understand." Confusion filled me and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why Marcus didn't look a day over thirty-five, if he was 142 years old. It just wasn't possible.

"If you'll let me explain, you'll understand. Well, we all hope that you will." I nodded. I waved my hand toward him; gesturing for him to continue.

"Okay, like I said, in 1867, I was a Rancher with more than a thousand heads of cattle and countless acres of farmland. I don't quite remember correctly, but I think I had close to 1,500 acres of property back then. It had been handed down for two generations before it was handed down to me. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be able to hire plenty of ranch and farm hands."

Marcus paused for a minute to take a sip of his drink, "Do you have any questions so far?"

"No, no. Go ahead; I'm all ears." And I truly was. I was still quite dumbfounded over his age.

Anthony still hadn't spoken a word. He sat as still as the others, while Marcus told his story.

"All right. Well, I had about fifteen ranch and farm hands that we provided room and board for. They were mostly passerby's, needing to make a little money on their way to their next destination. Aside from those fifteen employees, there was another ten that lived in town with their families and would come into work everyday. Except for Sunday's of course. I gave everyone an option to take the day off to use it for religious reasons or to just spend it with their families. There was only a pick few that would actually take the day off." He paused and took another sip.

"There was one particular Sunday, though, where everyone had taken the day off to go into town to volunteer with a barn raising. Except for one. His name was Demetri. He had been working with me from the moment I took over the land. If I remember correctly, he also worked there when I was a child, very vaguely, though. Anyway, we had been working out in the field getting it all ready to get a new crop of cotton planted. We had gotten most of what we could, done, so we decided to get on our horses and do a property check. We mainly checked the fences to see if any of them needed to be mended." Marcus shifted, where he sat, looking a little uncomfortable.

"We had come across an area of the fence that was down, so we decided to get it fixed before we lost any of our cattle through it. Anyway, when we approached it, the fence appeared to be cut instead of breaking from normal weather wear. So, Demetri pulled all the tools we needed, out of his saddle bag, and we got to work. Normally, mending a fence didn't take long, but the fence had been cut, so we had to improvise with the stuff we had on hand." Marcus sighed and stood up; walking to the large picture window.

He stood, staring out over the back yard for a few minutes, before he continued with his story, "Demetri had always been a great worker. He was like a part of the family. He'd always eat dinner with us, and attend any social affairs, as part of the family. My kids called him Uncle Demetri."

I cut him off again, not thinking before I spoke, "You had kids? How many?"

"I had three. And a wife, too – Elizabeth. We had been child hood sweethearts. We married when I was seventeen and she was just sixteen. See, back then, it wasn't uncommon for kids to be married that young." He turned to face us, "We had our first son, a year later -Phillip. He was our pride and joy; the spitting image of me, right down to the cowlick, like mine." He pointed to the upper right side of his head, to the hairline of his sandy blonde hair. It was very noticeable.

"Anyway, sorry, I got off track." He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the pane of the huge picture window, "As I was saying, Demetri had never done wrong by me or my family. He never gave us any reason to not trust him. Like I said before, he was family to us." Marcus shook his head; seeming to clear his thoughts, "When Demetri climbed up on his horse so we could pull the barbed wire, tight enough. . ." He trailed off, sighing heavily, "What we didn't expect to happen was the wire snapping. There was so much force behind the wire breaking, that it was like a whip; it slashed across my neck, hitting my jugular. I didn't even know what happened until I felt the pain. It was like a blow torch to the whole left side of my neck. Blood was pouring out of me quicker than I could react, but Demetri had other plans on helping save my life. Next thing I knew, Demetri was crouched over me; biting into his wrist and forcing me to drink his blood from his wound. He kept telling me to drink and that everything would be okay. I wasn't fully comprehending what he was doing, so I just did what he told me to do. It all happened so fast, but before I could recollect what I saw, I had passed out from the pain. It was a pain that I'll never forget; even to this day." As I looked at Marcus, I couldn't see any distinguished scaring on his neck, anywhere.

I looked at him quizzically, "What happened after you woke up?"

Everyone was still quiet, letting Marcus do all of the explaining to me, "I wasn't exactly sure. I woke up in my bed with Elizabeth sitting next to me. She had told me I was out for about six hours. She kept giving me weird looks; some of concern and others, of fear. She kept glancing over her shoulder like she was expecting someone to come into our room, but all my family was already in the room with us. Phillip, Daniel and Joshua were just arriving back from town when Demetri pulled me from his horse to carry me into the house."

I should've been completely confused by his story, but I was understanding all of it for the most part. I just couldn't figure out why Demetri would make Marcus drink his blood.

"Marcus, why'd Demetri make you drink his blood?"

"Well, when I had woken up, I was startled by the fact that I didn't feel any more pain. I just felt like I had a nice long nap. I expected to be covered in tons of bandages, but I wasn't. There wasn't even a mark on my neck where the wire slashed me."

I was definitely confused now. How the heck did he not have bandages all over his neck?

"I know what your thinking," he conveyed; looking at me skeptically, "I was wondering the same thing and apparently, Elizabeth must've known what I was wondering because she got up and told me that she'd get Demetri. When she said his name, the image of him forcing his bloody wrist into my mouth, flashed through my head. I honestly didn't know what to think. I had so many scenarios running through my head. My first thought was that he was some sort of Voodoo doctor or even a witch. Actually men witches are called Warlocks, but I didn't find that out until later in life."

I was confused again, "Wait. . ." I put my hands up; stopping him before he could continue, "Witches and Warlocks?"

"Yeah, well, that'll come later. I wanna finish telling you the rest of what happened, but before I do, I think we should take a break. Claire, would you mind making everyone some snacks? I could help you."

"Oh sure, honey. I think that's a great idea." They excused themselves from the living room; leaving Emmett, Jane, Anthony and me in silence, to head for the kitchen.

Emmett and Jane excused themselves next, heading for the back porch, and I got up, making my way to the bathroom.

I used the toilet, and while I washed my hands, I splashed water on my face. I stood, staring at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out what I was getting myself into. I wasn't even seventeen yet and already dealing with a major issue. I guess I wasn't giving myself enough credit, mentally, to cope with what Marcus was telling me.

I stepped out of the bathroom, and Anthony was standing waiting for me with his hands stuffed into his pockets. He looked at me pointedly, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

I felt like I couldn't deny him. The urge to go wherever he was, was insistent, "Sure. You wanna go up to your room or out front?" No matter what was going on, I was still felt comfortable being around Anthony for some reason.

We started walking down the hall, his hand on the small of my back, "I think out front will be fine."

We continued walking, and passed Marcus and Claire. Anthony signaled with his finger to give us a few minutes alone. Marcus gave a single nod of his head while Claire looked worried.

Once on the front porch, I wasn't sure if I should sit or stand, so I chose to stand, and lean against the banister.

Anthony stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking a little nervous, "I just wanted to let you know that whatever Marcus tells you, my feelings for you are genuine, and I'm hoping that you'll stay a little longer after he's done."

"Anthony, what's goin' on? Really? Honestly, I'm feeling a little spooked, right now." He sighed heavily, and dropped his head, looking at the ground, "You want me to wait until Marcus is done, don't you?"

He looked up at me, pleadingly, "Please?" Was all he asked. I figured that he was already beating himself up inside over the secret that he's kept from me.

"Fine, but I can't promise I'll stay, okay. I don't want to give you a false hope." And I really didn't. All of it depended solely on what Marcus told me.

"Okay. I just. . ." he shook his head, "Never mind. Let's get back inside."

This time, Anthony sat closer to me. I could see the hope pouring from him, and it almost broke my heart.

Once everyone was settled in their seats again, with drinks and snacks, Marcus cleared his throat for everyone's attention, "Are we all set?"

With a firm nod, I especially, was anxious to hear the rest of the story.

"Okay, where'd I leave off? Oh, yes. . .when I was thinking Demetri was a witch or something because I wasn't in any pain, and there wasn't any marks on my neck." His phone started to ring, but he silenced it, "Elizabeth returned a few minutes later, after she left the room, with Demetri following her. He looked like someone had ran over his dog. He looked so sad, and I felt sorry for him the moment I laid eyes on him. He didn't come too far into the room, though; staying by the door while Elizabeth took her seat next to me, again. He didn't beat around the bush about anything and came right out, and said that he was a . . . vampire."

My heart sank at the word. There was no way this was real. They're trying to play some kind of joke on me, "Vampire? Is this some sort of sick joke?"

Marcus shook his head slightly, "I can assure you that it isn't a joke. I thought so, too, until he extended his fangs, for me to see."

"Fangs? That's just. . .that's too hard to believe. You only read about stuff like that in stories. I don't know what all of you are playing at, but . . ."

Marcus stepped forward. I got up and darted for the front door. I needed to get away from here as soon as I could. I didn't make it very far before Anthony grabbed me by the tops of my arms, and looked into my eyes. I was shaking, and scared to death, "Bella, sit down and listen to what Marcus has to say."

I listened, my body moving on its own accord, and went back to my seat without any more argument. It was like my body had a mind of its own.

Marcus came closer to me. I wanted to get up and run for it, but it was like my body had bricks sitting on it, "Bella, please just listen. I'm being completely truthful with you. Look. . ." He opened his mouth just enough for me to see his top teeth, and sure enough, two of his teeth extended down.

I wanted to run as fast as I could, away from this place, and never look back, but I looked around me, seeing that everyone was still seated; looking at me for a chance. I pushed myself further into the chair I was sitting in. I don't know why, but I felt a little safer.

I tried to get my breathing under control, to calm myself down. It took a couple of minutes, and they let me have it, "So, fangs?" I tried to sound nonchalant, but it came out as a nervous laugh.

"Yes. I didn't know what to think at first. My first instinct was to be scared of course, much like yourself, but I looked around the room at my kids, and my wife. They were all focused on me, and I couldn't figure out why they weren't as alarmed as I was. My wife noticed right away that something was running through my head, so she explained that Demetri told them all about what he was, and that all he wanted to do was live a simple life. Which was understandable because that's all we wanna do, but back then we never had any trouble, and we got along with everyone. We had great business relationships with the people in town, so I knew that Demetri was probably telling the truth about not wanting to harm anyone. We were his family, and I felt that we were going to keep things the way they were." Marcus got up from his seat, and went to the liquor cabinet again, refilling his drink.

To say I was still stunned, and nervous, would be putting it mildly, "Demetri eventually went to explain how he had started working for my great grandfather on that very ranch. I had so many questions, and he did answer them, over time." He walked over, and took his seat next to Claire. He crossed one leg over the other; giving me a few minutes to register all the information that he just shared with me.

"We all took the news rather well. I suppose that's where trust fell into place, so I asked why he forced me to drink his blood. He simply answered, "You would have died Marcus. You have a wife, and kids to raise, and they need you." He then went on to explain that his blood healed me. It did the same for him. If he got cut, he was healed within a matter of minutes, but what he failed to mention was, if you were to die while you still had vampire blood in your blood stream, you would turn." He sighed, and gave me a small smile.

"I guess I learned the hard way because as ironic as it sounds, the next day, we were out doing a cattle drive with the 1,500 cattle that we had, and believe it or not, I was trampled to death. My horse had gotten spooked; throwing me from my horse. I landed in the middle of a large group of the cattle, and because my horse got spooked, so did they. What's weird is, I remember dying. I remember the pain as the cows crushed my skull, and broke nearly every bone in my body." Marcus stopped talking as recollection crossed his face. I was sure his memories of dying were hitting him like a ton of bricks.

"So, you're telling me that you're a vampire?"

He simply answered with, "Yes."

My heart was racing, but I knew I needed to ask, "And I'm guessing that everyone else here is, too?"

Emmett spoke up next, "Not Jane."

Confusion crossed my face, "She's my feeder. We can compel any humans to forget."

"Forget? You mean, you could suck me nearly dry, and make me forget what happened?" I shook my head because this was sounding so much like the mythical stories that I had read about numerous times, as a kid.

Emmett scooted forward on his seat, to the edge, "Look, we do it to cover us so no one finds out. I could have easily compelled you, but Anthony would have put a wooden stake through my heart."

"I've seen all of you eat food, and drink sodas. I thought vampires only drank blood?" It was obvious that there was more to them then just being blood drinkers.

Marcus got up, and walked closer; kneeling down to the floor in front of me, "It's hard to explain it if you don't live like we do. We're like a super hero, sort of. We eat human food, drink sodas, and we can even use the bathroom, but blood is what gives us the sustenance to stay alive. We can go close to a week without it. During that time, we eat burgers, fries and pies." He smiled at his attempt of a joke.

A small smile appeared on my face from his joke. It was lame, but it made me relax a little, "You're comedians, too?"

"It was lame, huh?" He quirked his eyebrows at me.

"Yes, don't quit your day job," I simply stated, smiling at him.

"I'll keep that in mind." He stood up from where he was kneeling, "I'm sure you have tons of questions. Did you want to take another break? We can play twenty questions afterward, if you'd like," he suggested. I looked at the clock on the wall, noticing we had been here for nearly four hours. My dad was due home within the hour, but all I needed to do was give him a call, and let him know where I was.

Claire stepped in front of me after I stood up, "Sweetie, would you like to stay for dinner? Marcus could call your father if you'd like?"

"No need to. I just have to give him a call to check in. I'll just tell him I'm staying for dinner." She pulled me into a hug. She still felt like the same Claire that I've known for the last three months.

I did stay for dinner, and my dad didn't have a problem with it.

Tons of questions were answered. I learned everyone's true ages. Anthony was actually 120 years old.

I had to completely push that out of my mind. I had a repulsed feeling at first, but as I looked at him, he definitely didn't look like he was a day over the seventeen years of age, when he was turned.

He also told me all about when he was changed, and that it was his choice. He had been living with terminal brain cancer, and Marcus was his doctor. He said his mother had pleaded with Marcus to save him, but she didn't know the consequences that were being brought forward to save him. All she knew was, Marcus was saving his life.

As the stories went on, it turned out, Claire was actually older than Marcus, but only by a few years, making her 145 years old. They explained how they met in Ireland in 1901, and had been together ever since.

Emmett was the youngest of them all. He had just celebrated his 96th birthday the month before.

I kept playing everything over and over in my head. I had a boyfriend that was 120 years old, and I was sixteen measly years old. I suppose it was nice enough that Emmett and Anthony were changed while they were still teenagers in order to be able to pass for high school students.

My biggest fear, by the end of the night, was being compelled. I don't know if I would ever know it, but I hoped that they never did it.

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