Sorry, folks, but Baby-Sitters Club belong to Ann M. Martin.

"I'll be having a huge sleepover party at the mansion this weekend on Saturday and you're all invited," said Kristy Thomas.

"Sure. Count me in," I said.

"Yeah," agreed the other girls.

It was a Monday at the Baby-Sitters Club. Later, I found out I wasn't invited to the sleepover party all of sudden.

"Didn't Kristy say we were all invited?" I asked looking confused.

"She mentioned it to me after the meeting," said my stepsister, Dawn Schafer.

"That's a lie. She would never leave me out," I said.

I did not believe a word that Dawn says. But the next day, I learned she was correct: Kristy told me I wasn't invited. We were at lunch at the time.

"Since when? You said we were all invited to the party," I said.

"It's my party, my choice," said Kristy.

"I don't care. You never leave me out. I never do that to you because that wouldn't be a true friend," I said.

I walked away. Dawn gave me I told you so Look, but I ignored it and sat somewhere else.

"How could you do that, Kristy? Since when you don't invite your own best friend?" asked Stacey. "You lied to us during the meeting when you invited all of us."

"Yeah, that's so not cool," agreed Claudia.

I'm Mary Anne Spier and I'm a sensitive fifteen-year-old tenth grader at Stoneybrook High School. I get upset easily.

"Mary Anne nearly didn't believe me," said Dawn.

After school, Kristy almost started an argument in front of entire school outside, but I walked away.

"Don't walk away," said Kristy.

At home, I was already told Jennifer left for vacation for two weeks. Jennifer mentioned that to me and Cam two days ago and reminded us again yesterday.

"You should've listened to me," said Dawn.

"That's still not sound right to me," I said. "Because of what she did that caused us to have a fight even though I walked away ignoring it instead of adding to the fire."

"It doesn't…," started Dawn.

"Don't start with me. I'm not in the mood," I cut her off.

As you can see, Kristy leaving me out caused me to be in a bad mood. I might change the way I look, but would my father approve my changes?