The next day, I decided to go see Kristy during Gym.

"We need to talk about something," I said.

"What about?" asked Kristy.

"Do you realize you hurt me very bad? What did I ever to you to deserve that? I accepted the invitation, didn't I? The others did, too. And, you excluded me all of sudden? That wasn't a true friend what you did. Best friends don't leave each other out. That's not even right. They also don't make fun of each other. You wouldn't like if I did that to you. I don't want to feel left out. I want to have fun. We always do everything together," I told her. "There's no need for you to be mean at all."

She must have gotten my point because she said, "You're right and I'm sorry."

We worked it out and somehow, we made up. Kristy decided to let me join after all. Good! I'm glad I took Marci's advice by talking to Kristy to tell her how I feel. I'm just happy that Kristy and I are best friends again, there was no way I'd let it fall apart because what she did.

Later, at home, I was happier than ever.

"Whoa. What's with you?" asked Dad who was off today.

"Well, Kristy and I made up," I replied telling him about our talk.

"Good," smiled Dad.

"I know. If Marci didn't suggested about talking to Kristy, we'd still have problems even though she was the one who was tough, not me," I said.

"That's true," agreed Dad.

Later, my other friends and I made up. They all apologized me for betraying me. I forgave them and I made them promise not to do it again. I excused Mallory and Jessi since they were at Stoneybrook Middle School at the time. They felt bad for me when I told them about it one time after school and the others didn't know that I told them.

The next day, we had fun at the party. I'm just glad I'm not stressed anymore. In fact, I lost a lot of weight. That made me feel better.