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5 years later

"I never gave much to if, when, or how, I would fall in love, or who I would fall in love with. And I certainly never expected it all to happen this way. " I told the people sitting in front of me. "If you asked me 5 years ago, if I learned and liked any of the things I experienced, I would have said 'hell no' and that 'this was a sick joke, fate was pulling on me'... but now I have a new perspective of it."

And to think, none of this wouldn't have happened if I didn't move to Forks Washington, I'm Isabella, and this is my story.

5 Years earlier

"Bella... you don't have to do this." My mother, Renee, told me for the tenth time today.

I was going to live with my dad, Charlie, in Forks Washington. Renee and her husband Phil were going traveling around the U.S. My mother had been longing to go with Phil around the U.S on his baseball career, but I was the one holding her back. She knew she wouldn't be able to leave me, so I told her that I wanted to stay with Charlie for the rest of my years in high school. Renee didn't like the idea of me leaving, she felt as though she was abandoning me. I assured both Renee and Phil that I wasn't upset with them and to have a good time. So now here I was, at the airport in Phoenix Arizona, on my way to Washington.

"Mom, it's alright. Go travel, have fun. It's about time I start spending more time with Charlie anyway." I said with a smile and got out of the car.

"Now I love you both, but we've all got a plane to catch." Phil said, coming to wrap an arm around me, I smiled at him. Phil and Renee were already starting their little journey.

"Alright alright... but just call me as soon as you get there. And make sure Charlie doesn't bore you to death." Renee said, I almost rolled my eyes. My mother left my dad when I was a toddler, saying that she just couldn't take living in a place like Forks, with nothing to do, it's left a scar on my dad, and you can tell that he's still in love with her and hasn't moved on.

"Bye, love you guys." I waved to them, as my mother cried and waved back. I sighed and turned around, walking to my terminal and to my future.

Three hours later I had landed in Seattle and got off the plane. Charlie was there, waiting for me in his police uniform and I inwardly groaned, that must mean we where going in his Police cruiser. I walked over to him and we both shared a somewhat awkward hug.

"I've missed you Bells." Charlie whispered in my ear.

"I missed you too Ch- dad." I said back and smiled. I didn't normally call Charlie dad, I guess I better start.

"I hope you don't mind. But I have to drop you off at the house and head back to work." He said, picking up my luggage, "So I'm leaving you with some money to order pizza. I also got you a welcome home present." He said, I stared after him as he walked out to the cruiser and placed my things in it.

"Really, what kind of present?" I asked, biting back the urge to tell Charlie that this place wasn't my home.

"You'll see when we get there." Charlie said with a smile and got in the car, I did the same. The car ride to the house was about 40 minutes to an hour. Charlie lived around the woods, like the most houses in Forks, in a white medium sized house.

I looked around at the familiar house, the familiar trees and the familiar wetness of the area. But one thing, sitting in the drive way caught my attention, and I smiled. "Wow, nice truck dad." I said as he pulled into the driveway. Any of my friends and family would know that I was a vehicle person, I loved anything with wheels. And in the drive way, was a new red chevy pick up truck, well it wasn't new, but it was new enough for me. It had to be a 2004 or 2005, but I still loved it, it was pimped out, with the rims on the tires, and tented windows, and the nice clean paint job.

"Glad you like it, because it's yours." Charlie said, and I turned to him with wide eyes and a jaw drop.

"Are you serious?" I squealed, as Charlie tossed me the keys, and I tried but failed to catch them. I picked them up.

"Your mother, Phil, and I, all pitched in to get it. So you can get around town and things, go to the mall." Charlie said with a shrug and smiled. He pulled my things in the house. I normally don't like shopping unless I have money in my pocket, and I'm by myself. But if someone is out shopping with me I hate it.

"You can go to the mall tomorrow, and get you a few pairs of clothes for school and things, here's twenty dollars for pizza." Charlie said, handing me the money as I looked around the familiar house, with it's creamed color walls, and it old but nice living room. Honestly, Charlie hadn't redecorated since Renee left. Well, now that I'm here, I can change that.

"Hey dad, can I buy some things for the house to?" I asked innocently, "It's just... it looks a little old timey." I said.

Charlie hesitated, after looking around the house, but he eventually nodded, "Sure, just don't over do it." He said and looked at the clock. "I need to get going, and head back in the station. I should be back around, 11:30, midnight." He said. "Don't wait up for me."- Didn't plan on it, I'm tired. - "The pizza guy usually takes about 20 minutes to get here after you order." He said walking out of the door with a wave.

I watched him leave, locking the door behind him and looked down at the keys in my hand and grinned brightly. I opened the front door, I could go looking around town and be back in an hour, with pizza and unpack my things. I watched as Charlie's cruiser disappeared down the road, before hopping in my new truck and smiling, it was going to take some getting used to this big thing.

I drove out of the drive way and down the street, you can't really get lost in Forks, because everything is touching. The town only had a diner, the school, a small grocery store, and that's it. Then there is La Push, right next to Forks, it has a beach and that was it. If you wanted to really get something you had to go to Seattle or Port Angeles. I started school on Monday, so tomorrow morning I'll ride to Port Angeles to the mall and get me a few clothes for school, like Charlie said I could, and go sight seeing around there before coming back home. Port Angeles was on 20 minutes away.

I was driving down the road when I noticed it. It was breathtakingly gorgeous house, looked like it should be on one of those tv shows. I wondered who lived there, probably some old people, there was 3 nice cars parked in the drive way. I noticed a Volvo, a Mercedes, and a Jeep Wrangler. So whoever lived here had some nice ass cars.

After ogling at the house, seriously I stayed at that house, across the street is where I parked of course, for like 10 minutes, just watching it. I made it home around 8:30 PM, with a pizza in my hand. Considering that I was really hungry, I decided to eat first, settling myself on the sofa I turned the TV on and flipped through the channels, munching on a meat lovers pizza. After a ate, I showered, washing my hair and drying it. I then decided that it was time to unpack my clothes, I had two medium sized suitcases, one had my clothes in it, one had my shoes. All together my shoes filled a quarter of my closet, and my clothes filled 4 of my dressers. I really needed to shop tomorrow, I couldn't bring all of my things, because it was too costly.

There was no TV in my room either, I wouldn't buy a TV for my room just yet. First I wanted to get some paint, and a new bed spread, and possibly a rug, because my room still looked like it did when I was a baby. When I get completely settled and get a job, I'll buy a TV and a new bed... or maybe I can get Charlie to buy the bed now... I still have a twin bed and that just won't work.

The rest of the weekend was filled with me figuring out what I was going to wear for my first week in my new school, and me redecorating the house. Charlie did not like it, he just sat and watched me as I put some pictures in the living, painted around the furniture and got new curtains, he refused to let me get rid of hi old dingy looking chair. But I agreed that it could stay, and in the end Charlie liked what I did with the house, including my room, and agreed that he would buy me a bigger bed, by two weeks.

Tomorrow was school, at Forks High, and boy I was not ready to meet new people. Especially THESE, new people.