They sit side by side on rocks, looking over Lake Floria. Zelda stares down at her reflection on the water's surface, her expression unchanging.

"You look like you've got something on your mind." Link leans forward, trying to get her attention.

Zelda remains silent. Her eyes look just as tranquil as the water. She wonders if those eyes could give away secrets.

"Zelda, how long has it been? Don't think of him as dead... Just think of it as returning to his vessel."

"Six months, Link. I know. I don't need reminding."

"I just don't want to see you unhappy."

"I'm not unhappy, Link. What gave you that idea?"

"It's just that...never mind. It's a beautiful day. I want to see you enjoy it."

Zelda gets to her feet slowly.


"I'm just going back to the village to rest. I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Zelda had come to know all the details of the day the demon king had been defeated from Link. In the time since that day, the people of Skyloft had established new homes for themselves on the surface. Zelda walks through the small village taking in the sights. Life went on, but to Zelda, things feel at a standstill. Children play in piles of leaves that the adults had painstakingly raked up.

She misses her loftwing, but she truly loves the surface. There is always something new to discover. A new Knight Academy and bazaar had been built. After their adventure, both Zelda and Link were declared graduated. Zelda had even been given her very own green tunic.

Zelda makes her way to her home where she keeps to herself these days. It is a fairly large house towards the back of the village. The main room is very spacious. There is a bed, a place to cook, a table, and a hearth.

Zelda begins to get ready for a short nap. She pulls off layers of heavy clothing, stripping down to her undergarments. She unravels binding from around her stomach and lets it fall to the floor, stretching as she arches her back, rubbing her hands over her belly. Suddenly it's like he's there with her. He wraps his arms around hers, his hands slide over her distended belly. His ivory lips kiss her neck. She smiles. Another daydream.

Zelda asks herself how this is possible and wonders if maybe it is her punishment. She still doesn't know the answer. She has to admit she had some extreme reservations at first. She wondered what kind of offspring a demon and a human would produce. Then one day she felt the sensation of a tiny foot kicking from deep inside and she felt some comfort in that.

She wonders to herself if she can stand to go into the spare room today. For Zelda, it is too painful to look. It rests there now, as merely a decoration, the Dark Master Sword. Sometimes she entertains the idea that he is still alive somewhere inside, still aware, still thinking of her. Does he miss her as much as she misses him? She soon dismisses these thoughts.

She climbs into bed and pulls the covers over herself. She feels another kick. As she falls asleep she decides she will tell someone soon. She can't keep this a secret forever. She knows who she will tell first.

"Zelda, I have something important to tell you. Something I've neglected to tell you for far too long, but you need to hear this now..." Link's tone is serious. Had he been keeping a secret from her, too?

Zelda was initially taken aback by Link's reaction when she told him the truth. Link wasn't surprised, and he apparently had vital information to share with her regarding the subject.

"Before Demise was sealed inside the Master Sword, he said an incarnation of his hatred would always follow our descendants. This child of yours will not only have the blood of the goddess, but also the blood of the servant that betrayed him... Zelda, are you afraid?"

" worries me, but I suppose I can't expect a being such as Demise to let something like that go so easily."

"So, Your Grace, who's the father?... Is it that handsome man over there?" The rotund, middle-aged sheikah woman cheerfully asks and points to Link, who sits across the room from them. Her new guardian is so different from Impa in every way, but Zelda can't help but be reminded of her.

Zelda looks down and shakes her head 'no'.

"Well, I'm sure your baby will be a beautiful blessing from Hylia, regardless."

"...Thank you..." Zelda says. She no longer feels like her life is standing still. She feels freedom.

A few months later, her child is born on a cold day. Snow is falling outside, but Zelda is far too preoccupied to be cold.

"She's perfect...just like her father was perfect." Zelda says quietly, noticing a tiny diamond shaped birth mark on the little girl's cheek.

The sheikah midwife tucks the baby girl in her crib before departing for the night. Zelda finds she is exhausted and falls asleep not long after sunset.

Zelda stands in an endless expanse of shallow water that reflects the sky. She thinks of Skyloft and momentarily feels a little homesick. She realizes she is dreaming, but she doesn't want to wake up. It is so peaceful.

"...She's beautiful...just like you, Zelda."

An almost inaudible gasp escapes her mouth as her mind registers who the voice belongs to. Ghirahim materializes before her. His red cape sways in the wind. He smiles at her. He is whole again. There aren't any sign of the injuries Link had described to her. Zelda's voice catches in her throat. A few seconds pass before she can speak. This isn't a mere daydream. She knows it's a dream, but there is something real about it.

There's only one thing she can think to say. "I've missed you so much..."

"As I have missed you."

"I am afraid...afraid for our child. I know the demon king won't let someone like her go unharmed."

"I will protect her. I know now that this is my new purpose. My vessel is a powerful weapon and I will watch over her. I may be confined to the sword, but I cannot be destroyed. All I've got is time."

The sound of an infant's cry fills the air. The awareness that this is only a dream is suddenly and painfully manifest.

"I have to go now, Zelda."

"No, wait...please don't go away. Even if this is only a dream, I want to stay here with you... Please..." Zelda rushes forward, reaching for him, but instead her hands grasp something cold and hard.

Zelda opens her eyes, only to realize she is kneeling on the floor of the spare room, the Dark Master Sword rests in her hands. How did she get here? Had she sleepwalked? She hears the cries of her child drifting from the main room. Zelda reluctantly lets go of the sword.

Moonlight reflects off the snow outside, illuminating the main room. Zelda takes the crying child in her arms and sits down on the edge of her bed.

"Someday I will tell you the legend of the goddess reborn and a powerful demon lord. I'm sure you will play a part in all of this, too. Yes...this is only the beginning..." Zelda smiles. She begins to sing a lullaby. The baby soon falls back to sleep in her arms.

Yes...someday, when you're older, I'll teach you how to use a sword.

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