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At the garden? But, it'd probably take the rest of third period to walk over there, maybe a little more than that. I bet if I leave now and sprint my way there I'd probably be a bit early or perfectly on time…but why the hell does all this stuff happen to me anyway? If things continue in like this, you could say I'm living in an anime world…The first day wasn't bad at all, the second day was when that half-assed rumor was spread, then the notes, and then I finally get three days of peace and now a note to meet whoever it is?

"Crap…" spoke the emerald eyed female; loud enough for her Sensei to hear.

"Kuga-san, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Sensei, I just feel a bit…ill. May I go to the infirmary?" said the young Kuga with a convincingly frail voice.

"Yes you may." Nice, he fell for it. "Just don't forget to get the notes we've gone over from one of your classmates." shouted the oh-so-irritating Sensei while Natsuki slid the door to the side. Now all I have to do it get there on time…

[Earlier this Day]

"Morning, Natsuki."

"Oh, hi, Shiz-…Mai?" said the girl while shifting to the side. Normally when she heard the words 'good morning,' it meant that she was going to receive a hug, or to be more accurate, a glomp, from the Kyoto girl; shifting to the side was almost like a reflex to avoid the action of affection.

"Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not Fujino so yes, Mai. Oh Natsuki, I forgot to ask, whatever happened to the whole rumor incident?" said the girl while rushing Natsuki until she finally started heading for their classroom.

"I got that solved a few days ago. I bet that first year ran off crying or something." Emerald eyes showed pride and a smirk appeared on her face.

"First year?"


"…okay then. Hey Natsuki, by any chance do you have last nights handout?"

"Uh, yeah, actually I did it in class so let me get it; it's in my desk. Anyway, how come you didn't do it?"

"I had to watch over Takumi at the hospital, then got home and forgot."

"Oh, well at least he's alright." said the girl searching for the handout which her friend longed for only to find it right before her eyes. Once she pulled out the sheet of paper, a scrap fell out as well; it was neatly folded and a faint scent lingered along with it- one she could not distinguish- so, she knew that it was recently placed there. "Here." said the girl while trying to hide the note from auburn haired companion.

"Alright, settle down." was once again said by the class's homeroom teacher and then followed by a 'good morning' once everyone had returned to their rightful seat; the typical morning routine. Except, the famous Shizuru Fujino still hadn't arrived.

'Where the hell is Shizuru?' thought the blunette gazing out the window. 'Oh…I almost forgot, I haven't read that note.' pondered the girl while she stuck her hand into her desk and made sure her Sensei wasn't looking over and cautiously began to read what was written.

'Meet me at Fuuka's garden fourth period, I'll be waiting.'

[End of Flashback]

"Are you kidding? They ditched me." snarled the midnight haired teen. Her expression was no longer puzzled, it had turned unpleasant, grimace you could say. As well as her eyes which had turned dark and full of irritation instead of the childish curiosity she held within her. Who had it been? That was the question that lingered throughout her many thoughts. But despite the fact that she had this much ambition, for the knowledge that is, she had not forgotten the fact that she was furious.

I can't believe they ditched me. What's worse is I don't even know who did. It could have been pretty much anyone though, plus there were a few people out who could come later. Okay so Shizuru, Takeda, Tate, and Reito were out but, the handwriting seemed to be neat and perfectly readable. Tate is out since he has awful penmanship and even if Reito has great handwriting, it's always script for some odd reason. So all that's left is Shizuru and Takeda… that idiot didn't have the balls to tell me what he wanted to say?!

"Well, now that I know who it was, I should go back to class." Natsuki said followed along with a sigh.

"That's all for today, you have about three minutes to yourself." heard the girl while still being a short distance from her class. She had to admit though, she pretty much trudged her way up the stairs and through the hall since she no longer wanted to attend her lesson. After all, half the things they had gone over were simple review for her since she was about a year ahead; although even is she was ahead, she still studied as much as possible, not for herself, but for her mother who taught her to the end. But, even with that motivation, who would miss out on skipping a subject that you're already acing?

When she finally entered the bell had rung, everyone was rushing towards the door to head to their next class and some still readying themselves to get out. She couldn't help but notice that a boy with spiked haired was still sitting at his desk. Once she retrieved her possessions, she stuck her hand into her pocket and walked over to the so-called idiot's desk. "Here." said the girl while throwing the note upon his desk.

"K-Kuga? What's this?" inquired the boy, who just barley was looking Natsuki straight in the eyes. His actions weren't helping her suspicions of him. Now she knew it was him who gave her the note.

"You should know. Don't bother giving me something like that without going along with it as well." Spoke Natsuki, before walking right through the door to her next class.

The day went by pretty quick, as a matter of fact, Natsuki didn't even feel the time pass by. Although, despite there actually being peace in her day, she felt a bit empty inside. All that mockery she received on a daily bases wasn't there to lighten neither her morning nor afternoon; no matter how much she despised it, it had some effect on her.

Who knew that a whole eight hours of school would be that boring and uneventful without her? Well, not much I can do…she'll probably be back tomorrow so I ask her why she was out. Thought the forest eyed girl while slowly pulling up the covers to her face; covering each piece of her body. Ever since her mother died, she always did this when trying to fall asleep. She felt as if it was maybe the warmth, moreover love, which only Saeko Kuga had given her. One she had missed, was missing, and the one her father never given her as well.


[Haha = one's mother. Unlike Okasan or, Okasama this isn't referring to somebody else's mother but your own.]

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