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Over one hundred years has passed since the night peace was declared between the Anami, (Vampires) and the Lycaons (Werewolves), and the Prince of the Lycaons is growing restless. With each decade that passes in his immortal life, it is becoming harder and harder to hold back the beast within him that each male of both races must fight an everlasting battle against. There is only one salvation from the insanity of the untamed wildness within and the thirst for lifeblood that every Immortal carries and that is to find his soulmate, the one woman born of their race destined to be bonded with them and soothe the beast within. With Immortal females few, due to millennia's of war, Darien is losing hope for both him and his kind to find peace within the chaos of the beast within. It's not until Darien meets a human woman, Serena that his hope is renewed but how can it be? Serena is human, a mortal with no attachment to the hidden world of the Immortal creatures of the night, and Lycaons and Anami alike cannot mate or bred with humans. Is this new hope for salivation for both of the races or will it bring about the end for all, Immortal and Mortal alike?


For nearly six thousand years a war has raged between the two powerful Immortal races of the night.

The Anami – Vampires – and the Lycaons – Werewolf-like creatures with the ability to choose between two forms at will – human and the great wolf.

The true cause of the war has long since been forgotten by most, held in secrecy only by the eldest and wisest of the Immortal Races who were charged with keeping the histories and secrets of the Immortal pasts; these trusted are known as the Keepers.

Both immortal races were once charged with the duty of protecting human kind, of nurturing them into their maturity, but long ago a rebel group of Anami betrayed their duty and fed on human life's blood. With the first drop of life's blood they became forever more cursed, forbidden from ever again entering the sun's warming light and the thirst for blood would haunt them for always. More and more fell to the curse until nearly half of the immortal race of the Anami was consumed by it.

Those still loyal to their duty fought against the cursed but were left at a disadvantage against those strengthened by the life's blood of humans; the war became perilous and futile.

With every drop of immortal blood spilt, hatred between the two immortal races grew until there were three sides of the war.

The Anami who hated the Damned but eventually refused to stand any longer with the Lycaon race due to the great numbers of Damned the Lycaon race had been forced to kill. The Anami agreed that the Damned had to be stopped but the Damned were made up of their brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, friends and allies. The deaths of their own people, of those they loved, was too much to bear. And this gave birth to hatred of the Lycaon by the Anami people.

The Lycaon race, who like their true counterparts were loyal to their own and to their duty to their very core. They refused to stop battling the Damned, to give up on their sacred duty. This sparked a war between the Lycaon and the Anami races.

And the Damned, who sought the blood of all mortals, their goal to enslave and butcher the human race. The Damned had no mercy in their evil beings and would kill Lycaon and Anami alike.

This three sided Immortal war took more and more mortal and Immortal lives with each passing year.

And so both Immortal races deemed it best for the sake of mankind to fade from the world of men and to live in the shadows of the night. To protect the mortal race, the Immortals from then onward fought in secret. And so the Immortal Races faded into legend and myth in the world of men.

But living in the shadows came with a terrible price. Without the light and the righteousness of mankind to keep the Immortal races steady and good, the darkness within the immortals grew stronger. The Lycaon race called this darkness their Beast, the animalistic side that the human side continuously fought to keep at bay. The Anami called this their Darkness; more appropriately labelled their Thirst. And slowly, one by one, the immortals began to succumb to the seductive darkness and both Immortal races became susceptible to falling into Damnation.

And with this the war changed.

Those devoured by their Beast or the Darkness became of the Damned and it wasn't long before the Damned grew to uncontrollable numbers and a fully-fledged war erupted against the protecting races, wanting mankind for themselves without challenge. The thirst for human blood was unquenchable.

But the gods of old had not forsaken them. As a salvation for each of the night dwellers, for both the Anami and the Lycaon people, a Soulmate would be born. One of their own race that was destined to be bonded with them and would bring light and hope to the darkness. The soulmate would save them from the insanity of immortality in the darkness.

After so many millennia of war and hatred, many had grown weary of the war which was once again beginning to spill into the world of men. While they were no longer humanity's guardian as it had been decided long ago that man was old enough to care for themselves, still the immortal races had to protect man from the worst and the insane of their kind. With that also came the task of keeping their own world a secret, as unlike humanity, their races were baring the consequences of millennia of war and their numbers were few. Females had become fewer and fewer which resulted in many of both kinds turning and embracing the darkness within them. Both races could no longer afford to fight a war against each other when so many of their kind were facing a war within them for their very souls.

And so peace was sought . . .