Mitchell Reese sits in his car across from the police station. He had watched from the hotel across from the motel when his weapon was arrested. Now he watches as the team from the BAU leaves the station. By everything they are carrying he can tell they are done with their investigation. He laughs.

"No one ever notices the janitor," he whispers.

It had been so easy. He'd done this same thing 3 other times in 3 other cities. Got a job as a janitor with either a police department or a TV station. He'd find the woman who is too trusting, too nice but who still didn't quite notice the janitor as anything more than a person taking up space in their workplace. They weren't rude, just indifferent.

She would wonder what the hell she had done with her keys. And then she'd be ever so thankful when the janitor finds them. He would watch her, go through her desk at night to find what's important to her. He would enter their houses with the key forged from the mold he'd made when he took their key rings. And he would keep going back until he found the person in their life he could exploit.

He would manipulate his weapon, he would make a nobody a serial killer, and then he would approach the inspiration for the murders. When the police got too close, he would make her understand that 8, 9, 6, and now 4 women had died because of her. Then he would kill her himself, putting an end to that run of death. He would then kill his weapon, a nobody who had yet to be missed in any of the towns where he'd hunted.

And then he would move on. This time they had been too close. He had just gotten to his car when the dark-haired agents showed up at Rickey's house. He had been preparing to kill Lucerne when the agents found him at the motel. Too close. He would be more careful next time.

Well, as careful as he needed to be. After all…no one ever notices the janitor. With a smile on his face, he drives off into the sunset to find his next hunting ground.

A/N: Come on…they can't catch them all! Even the show let one get away! :o)