Chapter 1: Betrayed

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Nico, Thalia, Jason, Leo, Piper and I just got back from a huge quest involving the 12 Hercules Labours and looking for a legendary Pegasus. But that's a whole different story. I'm back and in one piece and have this pretty big grin on my face.

Getting away from camp was good for a change, getting away from my new brother Louis. Louis is that guy on the beach with a surfboard. He reminds me of Luke, which is a reason why I'm pretty much always on edge with him. I just don't like him. Most of the camp doesn't see his resemblance to Luke, so maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I'm walking down the beach, holding a small crystal box in my hand. Today I'm going to propose to Annabeth. By the beach, I spotted those rare parties that almost never happen at Camp Half-Blood. My vibe's good, I'm holding a ring, I'm so happy right now not even Louis can bring me down. I think a party is right what I need.

"Anne, you're so amazing. You know that right?" I heard Louis's voice. Anne? Who's that? Never knew a camper with the name Anne.

"Aww…Lou. You're so sweet," Annabeth- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Annabeth? What is she doing there?

Chants of "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" was heard by the campers.I took a peak. There was everyone. Dad, Zeus, Athena, Camp, Annabeth, Louis. The couple were in each other's arms, Annabeth smiling like she used to with me. I was too awed to move. I took in my surroundings. I could hear every noise see every movement, as if I were in a dream. Louis picked her up and spun her around. She looked happy. Almost happier with him than me. I was locked in an abyss; I thought I heard something cracking.

"I never wish Percy would come back! Louis, my son, he's nothing compared to you!" Dad said. So determined. I thought I heard something broken. I wanted so scream, but I couldn't. I finally regained my ability to move. I didn't know what to do, so I dropped the ring and ran. As fast as I could and as I ran I could feel hurricanes, waves, and earthquakes all at once. They were obeying my command. I was blind, I had no idea where I was going. I felt the water spray on me. I felt the wind through my hair. And I almost wondered why I was wondering.

A box, left by the beach. It was cold and empty, separated from the loud crowd. A ring was inside it, decorated by small pearls. A carving of Annabeth's name so was in the band. The box was small, with writing too small to be seen.


I hopped on Mr.'s O'Leary and shadow traveled to my second home. I didn't bother with camp. I yawned a bit, almost dropping my bag of some golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides. Father told me that he and Persephone loves those apples, so I decided to get some as a souvenir. I know that they don't show much emotion, but I'm sure that they aren't emotionless.

After the familiar sensation of the cold feeling of the shadows stopped, I was in the Underwrold. I stepped off my huge hellhound and walked to the hall next to my dad's throne room. I was in the shadows, about to step out when I heard dad's voice.

"Tom! You truly are wonderful! No one has ever made me this proud!"

"You are actually one of my husband's children that I don't want to turn into a flower! "

I froze. My dad and Persephone both praising Tom. What did he do?! I stepped out of the shadow and regretted it the first second I did.

"Guards! Put that boy to prison! He doesn't deserve to be my son!" I dropped my bag and ran. I could hear Hades' voice echoing down the hallway. The Dead were everywhere, but my emotions were in the way. I was shooting hellfire everywhere; ground was shaking, creating ditches everywhere. I finally got to Mr.'s O'Leary and took a good look around me.

"Come on girl, we won't see this place in a long time."


I was walking to the Artemis Cabin holding a quiver made from the skin of the Mares of Diomedes that hold a never ending supply of arrows made from Imperial gold that suck some of the powers of a beast and turn them into a gem on the quiver as a sign you captured that beast.

I was approaching the cabin when I noticed there was some kind of party going on. I was about to touch the silver knob when Lady Artemis appeared in front of me.

"Lady Artemis," I bowed down, a bit disappointed that she interrupted my party.

"Thalia. Do not come in here. I have no idea what is going with the Hunters but they seem to worship Michelle. You must go. I heard that Michelle convinced them to kill you and that Percy and Nico ran away. I want you to run and find them," Artemis stated. It took me a while to take that all in.

"What?" I don't know if I heard her right. What about Michelle?

"You are still loyal and my lieutenant this is an order. Those new half-bloods are crazy and have enhanced everyone at camp somehow. I want you to run and find Percy and Nico. And sadly, while you are gone, I am making you quit the hunters," I knew that Artemis wasn't going to budge so I just bowed. I had a feeling it was going to be long before I saw My Lady again. A teardrop fell before I realized.

"Yes, my lady!" I shouted, my eyes closed with emotion. How dumb, the great Thalia, sniffling? I wiped my eyes and ran.


Finally back. After Gaea fell, the Greek and Roman camps build a tunnel connecting the two camps together and we're getting along great. I was humming a song, tapping my fingers against my pocket that had my box for Reyna. Today is our one year anniversary.

I walked down of one of the streets in New Rome when I noticed the tallest restaurant seemed to have some sort of party. I walked down there leisurely when I saw Hazel running away.

"Hazel, what's wrong?" I asked urgently. Her face was pretty frightened and looked like she had stains on her clothes.

"Jason! Run! Their having a party of you gone and Bradley being the new Praetor and Bradley and Reyna's third month anniversary!" Her voice was high and she spoke too fast, I almost didn't catch what she was saying.

"What? She was cheating on me? I was gone on a quest with Percy for almost three months on a quest with Percy and she just cheats on me? Jacob is the new Praetor? There having a party for me gone?" I tried to remain calm, but I felt my eyes sting.

Hazel nodded. I sighed and tried to control my temper. I let go of her.

"What am I to do?" I muttered, not looking at anything in particular.

Hazel didn't respond. She sat next to me, intertwining our fingers. Her hands were cold, it wasn't much of comfort. But I felt grateful.

"Thank you, Hazel," I lifted myself a few feet above the air.

"Jason?" She asked as I let go.

But I was already too far away to explain.


I was in the forest walking to bunker 9, holding a bag of some of the claws of the Namean Lion and some fangs of the Hydra. I was making a blueprint in my head on what I could build when I tripped over something.

"What the Hades?" I walked to the place I tripped and I saw a crystal. Since I'm a curious guy (Not really I was just curious.), I started digging…Oh Zeus. My hand started to bleed. I grabbed my bag and started to run to my bunker to get it bandaged.

I grabbed my bag, and started to jog. I was a bit unbalanced because of the blood I was loosing. It's a pretty deep cut. I tried to sprint thinking on how much longer I could go without losing more blood.

"Woo! Jacob, you are one of a kind! You built that thing so fast, even faster than me! I can't believe it!" I heard Harley's voice. Then I heard some confetti noises and heard another voice.

"Son, I'm so proud of you I think I should give you control over fire, twice the power of any demigod," Dad? Why is he there? And why Jacob? And I felt myself drift. I couldn't think of anything, but I felt a cloth wrapped around my hand before I closed my eyes.


I strolling down to my cabin, holding a pouch filled with some never ending supply of feathers of the Stymphalian Birds we defeated on our quest. I'm sure the cabin would love to use them as clothes. I sighed as I smelled the heavily smell of perfume of Barbies and Kens. I smiled slightly to myself, it was a scent that I was familiar to. It was home to me. I opened the door to my surprise there were clothes, accessories, and blasting music. I usually skipped the cabin parties, maybe even joined a few if I was in a good mood.

But Crystal was here. My crazy half-sister. She was prancing around the room as if she was a model. I was getting frustrated now, making some noises. I think that were kind of loud because, well everyone noticed me.

I thought Crystal said something, then I saw daggers, lipstick shooters and eyeliner swords. I looked to Lucy who was looking confused in her eyes, but was getting a weapon. I didn't understand what was going on.

I tried to speak, charmspeak. "Guys! She's-" But I got cut off. I felt my eyes growing heavy, as they closed.

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