1AN-Happy Birthday Seiya, a quick one shot.

"Fighter," Kakyuu said seeing the starlight lean against the balcony of the Kinmoku Royal Kingdom. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Kakyuu," Fighter lied closing her eyes feeling guilt wash over her, of course something was wrong. It was July 30th, her birthday and nobody had gave her a gift.

"You sure?" The princess asked as Fighter continued to nod. "Then why are you so sad? You're twenty-six today."

"It's just..." Fighter muttered. "I miss her." Kakyuu felt her heart break for the youngest starlight and had a wonderful idea; the black-haired female saw Kakyuu smile her normal, but yet caring smile.

"Fighter, no, Seiya," Kakyuu said walking around Fighter like she was a sculpture. "I have a present for you."

"You do?" Fighter asked; she hadn't heard the name Seiya in ages-it wasn't her real name. "Where is it?"

"Take my hand," Kakyuu said as Seiya grabbed it then felt her body tingle. She suddenly felt a little chiller.

The black haired girl opened her eyes and she was on a building with beautiful lights in baggy black pants and red shirt...she was back in Tokyo.

"Odango," Seiya whispered.

The light dashed into the elevator and down to the nearest payphone booth with a phone book on it and search for Tsunkino and there it was. She dialed the number.

"Hello?" asked a rather sleep Usagi.

"Be outside in ten minutes," Seiya said then hung up.

"Pardon-" Usagi got cut off.

Seiya hid behind a building


Fighter then dashed into the night, she had a feeling where Usagi was. She soon arrived at a small little white house with a blue roof and sat in a tree waiting for the bunny.

The door opened a couple minutes later, it was Usagi standing out in her pajamas. She had pink bunny pajamas on with a blue top and her hair loose from it's normal hair style, Fighter only smiled.

"I wonder who could've been on the phone," Usagi said as Fighter jumped to the ground; Usagi looked shocked.

"F-Fighter," she said a little stunned. "Wh-why and how did you get here?" Fighter walked up to Usagi and cupped her cheek.

"Does that really matter?" Fighter asked as Usagi blushed then hugged Usagi tightly, never wanting to let go and letting her transformation go.

"Seiya," Usagi said still slightly stunned as the light giggled.

"Odango, I don't have a real name..." the black-haired girl said. "Remember?"

"To me, you're Seiya," Usagi said smiling as Seiya relaxed. "You'll always be Kou Seiya, to everyone here."

"Thanks, I can't stay...Odango..." Seiya said kissing Usagi's cheek and Usagi remembered that day ten years ago.

"I know," Usagi said simply as Seiya took her to the ground kissed her; Usagi wasn't holding back and held Seiya tightly.

"Happy birthday, Seiya," Usagi said smiling. "Happy twenty-sixth birthday."

"You remembered?" Seiya asked as Usagi nodded.

"I remember you told me before you left," Usagi said as Seiya smiled, her eyes filling with tears.

"Odango...why did you kiss me like you wanted to?" Seiya asked randomly, "not that I'm complaining."

"Because..." Usagi said. "I just wanted to out of a feeling of love."

"You love me?"


Seiya held Usagi's hand and kissed her.

"I need to go now, Odango...good night," Seiya said as she disappeared and was back on the balcony in her senshi uniform.

"Did you like your visit?" Kakyuu asked.

Fighter smiled and nodded.

"Good, happy birthday," Kakyuu said. "Fighter and Seiya."

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