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A quick recap:
Bakura wakes up and decides to go shopping for a convenient neck chain for his Millenium Ring, which is still firmly nailed to the wall and the string which it used to hang by still cut and tied around a chair. Kuriby helps him pick out a chain and a clasp.
Meanwhile, Marik wakes up and decides to randomly take a ride around town looking for something to do because apparently Bakura was currently replaced by Ryou. For whatever reason, he goes to the jewelry shop.
The two meet again outside the store and Bakura decides to let Marik hang out with him.
And then I make the chapter end in a cliffhanger which results from Marik having an evil idea involving Ryou.

But first a warning: (See the (*) in the EndingAN before continuing on. This message is mostly for fans of gnippihsfieht. Also could be known as fieht gnippihs. LOL.)

Ok so let's get right into it!
This chapter is a little longer than expected, so just deal with it. Although, I feel like this is one of my most well-written chapters so far since the first two.


While Marik was silent, Bakura noticed an evil-ish expression had come on his face. A little nervous, he asked, "Um, Marik? Are you okay?"

Marik snapped out of it and looked him in the face. "Yes of course I'm [EFF!]ing okay." He reevaluated what he had said. He looked at Ryou, who had a slightly shocked expression on his face, and realized that he should probably not talk to him the same way he did to Bakura. This guy didn't really trust him. Not really.
Marik vowed to differentiate between the two mentally and not confuse them.

Anyone from the audience want to make a bet with me?
Fifty bucks says he doesn't last the chapter.

This was going to take some getting used to. How can I force my will and ideals on Ryou without treating him like I do Bakura? "Anyway, Ryou..."

"Marik, please don't call me that."

"Why not?"

"Because it feels bloody awkward to hear you calling me by my last name."

"Well what else I supposed to call you?"

"How about my first name?"

"Well that is confusing to me." Then Marik thought that Ryou might not know that he and Bakura hang out, so he might not understand why the name thing was important to him.

"Look, Marik, even though my name is Bakura, you can refer to me as Ryou in your mind if it helps. Just don't accidentally call me any of your friend's nicknames, alright?"

So he does know! This whole thing was getting very complicated. It made Marik's head hurt to think about it. "Look, I'm just going to call you Ryou okay?! Makes things much less difficult for both of us."

That's it!
I'm taking control now!
*changes storyline*

*puts it in place*
*walks away to let the story take its course*

"So, where did you say you wanted to go again?"

"We're almost there..." Marik said as he dragged Bakura along.

For some reason, Marik had chosen the mall of all places to go to. Some how, Bakura felt that the other him wouldn't usually let Marik go to a mall without some verbal restraint or a pranking idea that he agreed on.

You're bloody right.
But it is absolutely hilarious and it improves the story.
So I'll allow it.
For now.

"Seriously, Marik. Where are we going?"

"You'll see!" Marik said.

Bakura then saw that Marik was leading him to a toy store.

"Tah DAAAH~!" Marik said dramatically when they entered the store.

Bakura looked around trying to find something special that Marik had led him to. "What? What's so special about it?"

"Oh, come now. The old man's store isn't the only game shop in town. They must have some better stuff in here!"

In truth, Marik wanted to play a prank on Yugi, which Marik knew shopped there sometimes, and hopefully Ryou would get engrossed enough to leave him be, and then maybe he could laugh about it later and get him interested in Marik's pranks. It was perfect.

"Well, not really... I don't see much dif-"

Marik noticed the pause and asked, "What is it?" Bakura had stopped dead in his tracks and was looking at something. "What the frig are you looking at?"

Bakura pointed at a display. "LOOK!"

"What?!" Marik looked to where he was pointing. It was a small little display with stuff from-

"Monster World!" Bakura shouted. "I've been looking for this one for months!" He said as he indicated one of the figures for the table-top RPG.

"Yes, of course," Marik said, trying to pretend he knew all along that Ryou would like it. "See, I told you this place was perfect." Marik closed his eyes and made a prideful pose as if he had planned it all along.

"I didn't even know they sold this here!" Bakura said. "Thank you, Marik."

"You're we-EH!" He was taken by surprise by an unexpected hug from the side. Marik opened his eyes and looked over to see Ryou hugging him with a happy expression on his face.

The hug only lasted three seconds. Yet it caught Marik off guard in more ways than one. He had the sudden urge to pet him. But then he remembered that it was Ryou hugging him, and not Bakura, and stopped himself from doing so.

However, that didn't keep him from saying, "You're welcome, Fluffy."

The hug ended and Bakura looked at Marik with confusion about the name. "What?"

"What?" Marik didn't realize he had called Ryou "Fluffy".

"Nevermind," Bakrua said, as he turned his attention back to the Monster World display, which was his favorite game. He liked it even more than Duel Monsters. Not that he would let the others know.

Marik looked at him for a few seconds before remembering his plan. "Anyway, I'm going to mess with the Duel Monsters and Pokémon cards as a prank," he said to Bakura. "Wanna help?"

Bakura looked up. "What? Why? And what could I do?"

"You just take these," Marik handed him some rectangular stickers, "And put them on the Duel Monsters card packs. I'll put these," Marik held up some more rectangular stickers, "And put them on the Pokémon card packs."

"What would that do?" Bakura asked as he examined the stickers. They looked exactly like the front of Pokémon card packs.

"It will make everyone who wants to buy Duel Monsters cards buy Pokémon instead!" Marik explained. "And everyone who wants to buy Pokémon will buy Duel Monsters cards instead! Also, the people who produce the Duel Monsters cards will notice the decrease in sales and lower their prices to get people to buy them again. So not only will we confuse people, but we will also be responsible for making Duel Monsters cards cheaper! It's so frigging diabolically funny, isn't it?"

Bakura thought for a moment before agreeing. "You, know that, actually does sound pretty bloody funny. I'll help you."

Marik looked at Ryou, feeling successful at gaining his trust with the Monster World stuff and the interesting him with the prank. He walked away to go find the Pokémon cards.

Bakura first selected the figure he had wanted to buy and headed off for where the Duel Monsters cards were.

Mini 'Transition~'.

Bakura stood there in front of the Duel Monsters card packs with the stickers in hand. He then wondered where Marik had gotten or made them and why he went through the trouble of doing so.

He brushed that question aside for the moment.

Bakura looked around to make sure no one was watching him. When he was sure he wasn't being observed, he started peeling the stickers and placing them on the front of the packs. He placed the sticker backs in the empty bag from the jewelry shop, which he had forgotten to throw away.

Within five minutes, he was almost done. He had only two packs left to go. As he put a sticker on one of them, he looked over at the other one thoughtfully. For no reason that is apparent to us, he decided that he wanted to buy it just for the hell of it, and he didn't put a sticker on it. He picked it up.

His task now done, Bakura headed over to the checkout counter, catching a glimpse of Marik near the Pokémon card display. He bought the Monster World figureine and Duel Monsters Pack and headed back to Marik.

By the time Bakura reached him, Marik had finished his part of the prank.

Marik noticed him approaching and looked up. "So, did you do it?" he asked.

"Yup," Bakura confirmed. "You know, I usually don't do pranks, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing the results of this scheme of yours. It's pretty bloody brilliant."

"What?" Marik was taken aback by Bakura praising a plan of his. Then he remembered that, again, this was Ryou, NOT Bakura. Stupid frigging fail! "Uh... I mean, thanks."

Suddenly he wished Bakura was there with his response. If this person who wasn't used to pranks or Marik praised one of Marik's pranks, then maybe Bakura would have. After all, this prank affected more people than just Yugi Mutou. It also affected the Pharaoh, who used Yugi's deck more than Yugi himself did, as well as everyone else who shopped here, and then eventually everyone who bought Duel Monsters cards.
For once, Bakura might have been impressed with him. Too bad he wasn't here to see it.

But at least Ryou had. My little "turn-Ryou-into-my-little-Marik-prodigy" plan is working. It also might be funny to see how Bakura will react to this. It's sure to annoy Bakura a bit if Ryou starts to act more like me.

It is annoying.
Please stop it.

"By the way," Bakura said, snapping Marik out of his thoughts. "Where did you get the stickers anyway? Did you make them? And why?" As he asked his questions, Bakura held up the remaining sticker he hadn't used.

"That, my friend, is a story for another time!"

*Flashback cut scene*

*At the Duel Monsters card-production place*

"So I want you to make about a hundred stickers as images of the front of the card packs." Marik says to the production manager.

*At the Pokémon card-production place*

"Why should I do that? Why would we waste our time and resources on such as stupid prank request?" the production manager asks.

*Back at the Duel Monsters place*

"Because I command you!" Marik holds up the Millenium Rod.

*Back at the Pokémon place*

"OH YEAH? How exactly do you expect to make me?"

*Duel Monsters*

"With THIS!"
He holds up the rod and it glows a bit.
"Now, Mr. Steve."


"I command you..."


" grant my request..."


"... and when you are done...*


"...give me the products..."


"...and then forget all about me."

*split screen focussing on both production managers*

Both say, "Yes, master Marik."

*regular screen focusses back on Marik*

"How the [EFF!] do you even know my name?! I didn't even tell you!"

*End flashback cut scene*

Then Marik noticed the sticker in Bakura's hand. "Uh, Ryou. You missed one."

"Oh no I didn't. I bought the last one." He took his purchase out of the bag. "See?"

Marik looked at it with a neutral expression. "Okay..."

"So, now what?" Bakura asked.

"I don't know. Maybe..." Marik looked at his wrist to check the time on a watch he didn't have. He then looked at a clock that was conveniently on the wall next to them. "It's about lunchtime. Wanna go out to eat?" He asked Bakura.

"Well we are in the mall after all. We could just eat at the food court here."

"Yes! Brilliant idea Ryourik!"

"What the bloody hell did you just call me?!" Bakura exclaimed.

"Um... uh... nothing," Marik hastily said.

Bakura looked at him with a suspicious look on his face. "You're wierd."

"Yes, I know."


Bakura and Marik were down at the food court, eating and making smalltalk at one of the places there.

In other words, she didn't bother to think of a place to have them eat at.
This probably means something happens in this scene that is irrelevant to the location.

Bakura finished eating and cleaned his hands on his napkin. Then he took out his newly bought card pack. He opened it and put the wrapper on the table.

Suddenly, Kuriby jumped off of his head. He took the wrapper and the empty jewelry store bag and headed to the nearest garbage can to throw them out.

When the kitten had jumped off of Bakura's head, Marik was startled. "AH! Bakura, why is your hair alive?!" In his confusion, and since this was regarding Bakura's hair, Marik had accidentally called him 'Bakura' instead of 'Ryou' like he usually would have.

"It's not my hair," Bakura told him. "It's my kitten, Kuriby. You've seen him before. twice. Right?"

Both of them remebered the two times Marik had encountered the white kitty. Both times, Kuriby had scratched Marik on the leg after Bakura had run away from him.

"OH yes. Now I remember. Stupid frigging cat."

When he said that, Kuriby had come back and heard him. He hissed at Marik and then jumped back onto Bakura's head. Bakura reached up and pet him gently.

Marik hissed back.

Bakura ignored Marik's hiss and turned his attention to the cards he had bought. He shifted through them to see what his spontaneous purchase had given him. His attention suddenly became caught on one particular card.

"What the bloody buggaring hell?" He held the card up to his face to be sure he hadn't been mistaken.

No, he wasn't.

He had found a Kuriboh card.

He brushed away the disappointment and thought of it with a new light. He took the card and handed it to Kuriby. The little white adorable kitten took his namesake's card and layed his adorable little head on it.

Yes, it's true. Bakura had named Kuriby after Kuriboh, not only the weakest creature in Duel Monsters, but also a card Bakura had never even owned before.

It was obvious that he didn't plan to keep Kuriboh in his deck. Speaking of decks...

He took out his deck from his deckholder belt thing and began to sort through his old cards to place his new cards among them.

After having looked through it completely and having placed all of the new cards, Bakura took a double-take, feeling that something was off.

He looked through his deck again.

And then once again.

And then a fourth time.

As he frantically started to look through it a fifth time, Marik noticed and became concerned. "Ryou, are you okay?"

"Uh..." Bakura said nervously. "C-could you look through my deck for me please?" he held his deck out to Marik. "I- I think I'm missing a card... But I could be mistaken though..."

Marik was, again, taken by surprise. Bakura never trusted Marik with his deck. The last time he tried to touch it, Bakura had almost broken his hand and said 'If you bloody touch it again, I'll remove your bloody hand from your bloody body, both of you, and send it to the bloody Shadow Realm!'
That didn't even make any sense, but Marik had taken it seriously and didn't dare do it again.

Now, he hesitated before taking the deck. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am," Bakura said. He looked a bit sad for some reason.

Marik hesitated for only a second more before taking ahold of the cards and looking at them. He didn't allow himself to dwell on the cards themselves. He was only holding them so he could check them. But what for?

The minute he had glanced at all of the cards in the deck, Marik realized that one card was missing. A card that was always there.

"Ryou," he said.

"Yes, Marik?"

"Where is your Change of Heart card?"

Bakura's worried expression changed to one that was shocked and saddened. He banged his head on the table.

Stupid buggaring cat. I'm selling you later. I can make money and keep Marik from saying anything about it.
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