Chapter 1: You Don't Know Me

It was another Saturday morning, and Stephanie woke up with the sun shining through the window. She cringed, and shoved a pillow over her head, to block the sun. She didn't have a good sleep, since she had cramps and forgot to take a pain pill. Sometimes Steph wondered how stupid she could be for forgetting to do such a simple thing.

Oh freaking well.

She removed the pillow over her head, and looked at her alarm clock, and it read 8:45 A.M. In just 15 minutes, her happy go lucky dad would come swooping through her door, and say in a happy yet annoying voice:

"Honey, it's time for breakfast!"

Steph wasn't a little girl anymore, and the way Danny talked to her made it seem she was. It constantly annoyed her, and started to ever since she turned 13.

"Dad, I'm not a little girl anymore, will you please stop talking to me like I am one?" Stephanie said politely and with persuasion.

Danny looked slightly stubborn "As long as you live under my house, I can talk to you in any tone I wish."

Stephanie knew she wasn't going to win this time. Even at 13, she knew what Danny was doing.

Treating her like Michelle.

Now at 17 and in her junior year of high school, Danny still was very strict over her.

She wasn't allowed to be out at night after 8 P.M. on school weekdays, and on weekends, she had to be home by 9 P.M. Boyfriends? Yes, but don't be alone with him, don't go further than kissing and hugging, and absolutely no sex. When she would come home from school, she had to do homework first, and then some chores and she was free to do whatever she pleased.

Besides the strict rules, her life wasn't that bad. She dances and does a little bit of acting. She hangs out with her best friend Gia, her best dancing friend Jane, and others. She gets to go shopping at the mall, drives a car, and does what other teenagers her age do.

But something just bugged her.

The Tanners are a tight knit family. With a house with a lot of people, it got kind of frustrating for Stephanie. Everyone had to know what everyone was doing, and there was little privacy, except for using the bathroom, sleeping, and for Stephanie, her journal. Even Nicky and Alex were picking up on Danny's annoying habits. Stephanie couldn't agree on Nicky and Alex being a clean freak, nosy person.

Anyway, Stephanie loves being in a family as nice as hers, but she felt like family and rules has revolved around her life 24/7. She couldn't have all the time in the world to just be in solitude. Whenever she wanted to listen to her Walkman, her uncle Jesse wanted her to watch over the twins while he and her aunt Becky went out for dinner. Or when she wanted to take a walk, Vicky would call Stephanie to help her make dinner. What she wanted to do was throw a ball of profanities in frustration and not give a damn for their needs. What about hers?

Even though D.J. finished college and was engaged to Steve, Stephanie was the eldest girl in the house, so obviously her family was going to rely on her. Family comes first, but it was getting so overwhelming.

Stephanie began to have a significant personality change. She wasn't very nosy anymore, and she became to love the classic rock culture, in which uncle Jesse was very happy. Her favorite band of all time was Led Zeppelin, and she appreciated what rock had to offer. She wore band tees, skinnies, and converse, and had her hair just above her chest. Obviously she couldn't dye her hair due to her dad's damn rules, but wearing all black was almost outlawed, until her uncle Jesse said to Danny:

"She's still the nice and caring girl you always known. Don't let her be caged to express herself."

Stephanie felt like Uncle Jesse was her only ally. So were Aunt Becky, Joey, and even Vicky. Danny, felt like they shouldn't tell him how to raise his middle daughter. Her dad was the main reason she would feel so caged. Yeah she would feel mad she had to be relied on by her other family members, but she didn't let that get to her so much. Her dad is a control freak, and sometimes too much rules could make a teenager rebel.

Stephanie felt like she was going on that road. She'd always have manners, and to be nice, but she wanted to feel herself around Danny and not to hide her true self. She curses, but not at home, where it's forbidden. She is very perverted, but her dad thought her daughters shouldn't say such things, so she acts like that around her friends.

Somehow her dad wanted to mold Stephanie in Danny's image, but she would fight it secretly and subtly. She would not let it happen.

Stephanie got dressed, wearing a black Aerosmith shirt, red skinnies, and her black converse high tops. She went to the bathroom and brushed her hair, put deodorant on, washed her face, and put on some lotion and some perfume. She would brush her teeth after breakfast. Finally, Stephanie put her feather earrings on and her studded bracelet.

"Cool outfit Steph." She said to herself, smiling in her bathroom mirror.

Soon after, she heard her annoying dad call out "Steph! Breakfast!"

She rolled her eyes and came down the stairs, smelling French toast and bacon. 'Maybe this day won't be so bad after all.' She mused in her mind.

Only her morning will tell.

Author's Note: My first Full House fanfic! Hoped you liked my first chapter. I don't own anything related to Full House, all of it belongs to Jeff Franklin. I wanted Stephanie to be a rocker but with a love of dance and acting, but other than that, everyone is pretty much the same.