I'm Not What You Think Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Prelude to Forbidden Love (Part 1)

A few days later, Danny would meet Jimmy. Danny even suggested meeting his parents, much to Steph's dismay. But, if the dinner would go smoothly, Danny wouldn't be so hard on Steph.

-Fast forward to the night of the dinner-

"Come on Stephanie! You've been hogging the bathroom for hours!" Michelle whined, needing to freshen up.

"Wait a sec!" Steph moaned, clearly annoyed at her bratty sister's complaints.

"You said that five minutes ago! Hurry up!" Michelle was getting frustrated, and she tapped her foot, impatient.

Steph rolled her eyes, and she was finally done putting the final touches on her look.

Steph wore a casual, little black dress with gothic floral pantyhose. She wore her black Converse high tops, and had her hair down, with cute little skull earrings. Steph had natural looking makeup, because she didn't like to look fake. Despite the dress, she looked like a sexy tomboy.

After a sprit of her perfume, she finally got out of the bathroom. Michelle looked at Steph with awe.

"I'll have to admit, that looks really good on you Steph. And I'm not being a bitch this time." Michelle smiled.

Steph laughed with warmth. "Why thanks Michelle. You look good yourself too."

Michelle smiled. "Why are we being nice to each other?"

"I like this better than arguing." Steph confessed, and Michelle nodded.

"You got a point. I gotta get ready. You looked somewhat overdressed for just dinner at home." Michelle teased, her eyes filled with mischief.

Steph feigned shock. "And I thought you were going to be nice to me."

Michelle giggled. "I am, but you're slightly overdressed."

"This is one example you do when you're in love. You do some crazy crap Michelle." Steph joked, and Michelle shook her head, her older sister crazy.

"Well if you excuse me, I'm going to get ready. See you downstairs!" Michelle closed the bathroom door behind Steph, and Steph smiled.

If Michelle wasn't so bitchy, she and I would get along a whole lot better, Steph thought. She walked downstairs, and waited for the Watsons.

"Wow Stephanie, you look so beautiful! But you seem overdressed, my dear." Vicky said, teasing Steph. She knew Steph did this for Jimmy, because Vicky knew the ropes when it came to love.

"Oh be quiet Vicky, don't sound like a hypocrite." Steph laughed, while Vicky smirked.

"Alright you caught me! But hey, I'm the master at it." Vicky said smoothly, while Stephanie snorted. Vicky could be so strange, but she was a foil of Danny. Thank God.

Vicky and Steph hung out at the living room, talking about various topics, when the doorbell rang. Steph bolted to the door, almost tripping on her own two feet. She turned the knob, and she swung the door open, revealing the Watsons.

"Hey guys! Come on in!" Steph smiled, gesturing the Watsons to enter the living room.

"Hey Jimmy." Steph cooed, feeling cutesy all of a sudden.

"Hi Judas, wow! You look... you look so... wow..." Jimmy said, his breath taken away at Steph's sight. Control yourself; let's not have any difficulties... Jimmy thought.

Steph just kissed him to shut him up, and he gasped in surprise. She pulled away, and gestured him near her.

"Finish the sentence." She whispered seductively in his ear.

"Seductive..." He quietly growled, feeling his blood rush south. Control yourself... Jimmy warned himself.

Steph winked. "Well you look sexy yourself too." She licked her lips and bit down on one, she knew it drove Jimmy insane. Jimmy growled lower, and she walked over to Vicky, with hips rocking side to side.

Steph will be the death of me... Jimmy thought, feeling more blood rush down south. He had to excuse himself to the bathroom and calm down.

"Is Jimmy ok?" Vicky asked, seeing him rush upstairs.

"Probably has to use the bathroom." Paul chuckled. "He's cool though."

Vicky nodded in agreement and smiled. "Well let's go into the dining room and wait for Danny, shall we?"

"Of course, come along dear." Sunni said, as she followed Vicky to the kitchen, along with Paul.

"I'm going to see if Jimmy is alright." Steph called out to the adults.

"Good idea sweetheart." Vicky called out.

Steph headed up the stairs, and she knocked on the bathroom door. "Jimmy, are you ok in there?"

Jimmy opened the door. "I'm cool. Why?"

"Vicky was simply concerned, that's all. But I'm glad you're ok." Steph kissed Jimmy's cheek.

"You cunning minx, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you?" Jimmy pulled Steph by her hips as she squeaked.

Steph smirked. "Clearly it's working." She pressed herself to Jimmy, and she grinned like the Cheshire cat. "And it's working for your little buddy too."

Jimmy was so close to revealing his sexual aggressiveness, and he looked very turned on. "Tease." His voice was horse and filled with lust.

"I do what I want." Steph purred.

Jimmy simply kissed her hard, pressing her against the wall. Steph moaned in surprise, and started kissing his soft spots on his neck.

Jimmy growled, feeling more like an animal with each sinful kiss Steph gave.

"So damn sexy..." He breathed hard.

"Hell yes..." She moaned and felt his upper body, craving him. Desire consumed the lovers, wanting nothing more than to ravish one another. It was still too early in the relationship, but they fulfilled their desires with lots of kissing and mild touching instead.

"You're such a naughty girl." Jimmy teased and kissed her neck with lust.

Steph threw her head back and bit her lip, stifling her moans. She held onto Jimmy's shoulders for support, feeling her legs turning into Jell-O.

"Please stop." Steph's breath was rapid. Jimmy stopped, and held his dear Steph to him. "I can't risk being caught by my dad, and this is his first time seeing you. Which it would turn out ugly."

"I understand. We should go to the kitchen, so the adults aren't suspicious." Jimmy suggested.

Steph nodded. "You're right."

The couple began to walk down the stairs that led to the kitchen, and Jimmy abruptly stopped.

"Yes Jimmy?" Steph asked, facing her lover.

"You won't say 'please stop' when we eventually have sex." Jimmy smirked, feeling like Loki, the God of Mischief.

Steph smirked. "You're absolutely right."

Jimmy kissed Steph once more. "That's my Judas."

They walked hand in hand to the kitchen, laughing hysterically.

Author's Note: We finally glimpse a steamy moment with the lovers! I love my version of Stephanie in this story; she's full of confidence and has a kick ass personality. I finally know the path to the story, so cheers my readers! This chapter title isn't from a song, to let you guys know. I don't own Full House, it belongs to Jeff Franklin. For you comic book fans, I made a few references to Loki ;) Read and Review my fellow fanfic readers! Rock on :)