2 weeks after the final battle

The first thing he felt was pain as he opened his eyes "Where am I?" he thought to himself. The last thing he recalled was telling the Catalyst to shove it before jumping into the light of the Crucible. He heard voices growing ever closer as he was engulfed by darkness once again.

"We found another one" Commander Daniel Evans shouted as he stood over the partially buried body. He reached down and started moving aside rubble to get a better look at who it was, and he saw the strange skull on the side of the armor and gasped "Get over here now!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, frightening everyone around him. They got to work extracting the armor encased body as quickly as possible.

The figure was placed upon a gurney and Commander Evans stepped forward and pried the helmet off of the soldier before them and gasped again "Get T'soni on the line now! I want to make sure it's him" Daniel shouted.

"Why sir?" one of the new recruits asked.

Daniel pinched the brow of his nose as he felt a headache coming on "Just do it already!" he bellowed at the poor private.

"This is Dr. T'soni, how can I help you commander?" a female voice echoed out of his omni-tool

"Doc we got one hell of a find for you." Daniel responded

"How so?" she replied

"I think we found your s and Spectre William's boyfriend mam but I just want to make sure it's him."

There was silence on the other end of the line for a period of time before the response came "Bring hi-m-m to me imm-mediately" she said in a desperate voice.

"Alright mam and you might want to contact Williams as well; it's not a good idea to keep your other partner out of the loop." Daniels finished

"How did you?" came the response on the other line

"Mam ya'll weren't very discreet about it before or after the attack but no one is questioning you because everyone understands." He responded

"Yes I'll do it just-"

"I got it I'll guard him with my life."

"Thank you." And the line went dead

Daniel nodded "Double time it rookies." Daniel shouted as he watched the gurney be loaded into the Reaper in front of him. "You're clear for takeoff Dominion." Daniel shouted.

The Reaper in question made that creepy reaper noise and lifted off the ground and headed towards the hospital where Dr.T'soni was.

Daniel sighed and felt another migraine coming on "The Reapers are helping us now, what's next we find out we're all part machine or something." He turned around and watched another Reaper land and start performing sweeps of the area as it scanned for survivors. Yep definitely another migraine coming on.