Another Cinderella story

For every girl has a happy beginning and only few have happy endings…

There lived a young girl named Leia skywalker she lived a happy life on corellia with her mother pamde and Anakin skywalker until one day her mother died a sickening death and her evil aunt Beru moved in with her two evil cousins jasmine and willow and a year later her father died leaving her with her evil aunt and cousins

For in the same country that leia skywalker lived in there was a dashing young corellian prince who was the son of corellia's king Jonash solo his son was named Han Solo he grew up in a palace having a few friends including his loyal servant or to his point of view best friend Luke Oragana together they'd ride horses and play in the village for prince han would someday take the crown as the royal heir to the throne

But soon these two souls would meet in a much unexpected place…

Leia was now 15 she was a beautiful young girl with chocolate brown eyes and hair that dragged the ground in memory of her late mother she'd tend to the every whim of her aunt and two cousins every morning she was expected to make their breakfast feed the animals and get her chores the first chore of hers to do was to go to the market place and pick up the groceries from the grocer so as soon as she made breakfast and fed the animals she took her horse Amelia to town her first stop was to pick up the bread
han was told to go to the market as well for a few things he was now as well 15 about to turn 16 in a month and a half he rode his horse maximus into town he stopped to get bread as well disguised as a loafly commoner when he got off his horse and headed to the baker he bumped into leia "oh my!" leia said embarrassed "I'm so sorry" han said helping her gather the scattered groceries off the ground "please pardon me" she said "it's fine what's your name?" he asked quickly "oh I'm leia… uh leia skywalker what's yours?" she asked "oh me I'm… I'm uh Yohan… Yohan Antilles" han lied through his teeth he knew he'd not want the attention of his princely form even though he was the prince "well nice meeting you leia" he said kindly walking the other way

I left ya in a cliff hanger what will happen next? Well you'll see that prince han solo will find leia at the dance and I'm not gonna spoil it anymore!

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