"You okay, Connor?"


Kevin looked around the waiting room. He had only been in a hospital once when he needed stitches after falling off the school playground. Connor, however, had never been and was visibly nervous.

Kevin grabbed his hand. "It's gonna be fine."

Conner sighed. "I hope so."

"Connor McKinley?"

The two boys looked up at the door where a nurse stood holding a clipboard. She motioned for Connor to follow her. Letting go of Kevin's hand, he stood and walked towards the door stopping to give Kevin one last look before walking out of sight.

Kevin let a tear fall down his cheek. He knew he needed to be brave for Connor but he was terrified about what was happening. Ever since they had returned to Uganda, Connor had suddenly grown very thin and frail. He was constantly sick and had no energy. The first thing they had done was visit the doctor to try and see what was wrong. Now it had been a week and with every visit, the results look grimmer and grimmer until the doctors began to keep his condition confidential from them until today.

Every time the door opened, Kevin looked up to see if Connor was coming through. About half an hour later, the nurse came back out.


He stood up and walked to the door, searching around for his friend.

"He's in the third room to the right."

Kevin thanked her and walked as quickly as he could to the room. When he opened it, he found Connor wiping away his tears. Kevin ran to his side and hugged him, letting Connor cry on his shoulder.

"What's wrong? What were the results?"

Connor shook his head. "I'm... I... It's really bad..."

Kevin could feel his heart sink. "Positive?"

Connor nodded. "HIV."


Yeah. That was probably really bad but I was watching RENT and somehow came up with this. Hope you enjoyed it (even though it's pretty sad)