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The Evil War

It was eerily dark. Stalagmites covered the ground, stalactites,threatening to fall, were suspended on the ceiling, and the haunting sound of millions of suffering souls screaming in anguish echoed off the dark walls and into the ears of a young man. Blood dripped from his head. Pain, an unwelcome guest, made his home all over his body, leaving not even an inch of his being out of it's territory.

"Again..." a stern voice commanded him.

The young man slowly got up, leaning on his katana, and assuming a stance in front of his winged trainer, gashes and bruises covering his body. Revontheus could see the pain he was going through. He could see his pupil's body shake fiercely after the intense, rigorous beating he was forced to endure.

"Weakness is not welcomed in this army..." Revontheus said, gaze piercing his trainee. The pupil had suddenly stopped shaking.

"And mercy is an unnafordable luxury..." the pupil replied breathing heavily, blood trickling down his arms, forming an unnaturally large pool of crimson liquid beneath him. He smiled.

Revontheus grinned, and charged at his intriguing pupil, katana ready for a finishing blow. Suddenly a sickening sound reverberated throughout the cave-like area in the Underworld. A katana had met its mark...

Three years...Its been three years since I've decided to do anything. As I stepped out of Yulgar's inn, bright sunlight hit me. Of course, after being recluse in an inn for three years, I wasn't used to sunlight, so my eyes had trouble adjusting to the bright assault upon them. After recovering I took in a deep breath of fresh air, felt the wind passing through my short brown hair, looked down at my simple brown healer robes and simple wooden staff, and breathed out. "Conn!" Looking up, I immediately recognized that voice. It was my sister, Kimm. She smiled brightly, waving, her white healer robes flowing in the breeze, along with her long brown hair. She wasn't as recluse as me, but she didn't travel or fight as much as the average adventurer here on Lore either. No, we barely fought, and not just because we were healers. We grew weary of fighting. The horror of it, the bloodshed, the tears spilt over such a thing because of corrupt politics, or even money. To me it was sickening.

"Back from helping Twilly heal passing by adventurers?"

"Yup! and guess what! You'll never believe who I saw passing by today!"


"Green Warrior!"

"Ahh Kaiban's cousin! How is he? Has he seen Kaiban?"

"Yeah him! He's doing fine. He told me he was going to spend the night at Yulgar's before proceeding on his journey, and I dont know, I forgot to ask, sorry."

"Its fine, knowing Kaiban he's probably on the front lines of the battle against Chaos...I just hope he'll be fine."

"So do I, but hey, he's been fighting out there for four years now! He's probably stronger than both of us combined!"

"He was stronger than both of us combined before this whole Chaos war even started, remember? Haha"

We hadnt seen Kaiban in four years. I almost remember the memory like it was yesterday.

We were amongst castle rubble, two royal healers were carrying the wounded King Alteon out of his throne room, and we quietly sat on a fallen pillar, silenced by what we had just saw.

"I'm going to find that castle..." the rougue, Kaiban, said as he got up, gripping his curved dagers fiercely.

"That castle? You mean Sepulchure's?" Kimm asked in disbelief. "Why would you want to find that place? Are you after gold again?"

"No, it's just...Something I need to do." Kaiban said quietly. "Goodbye." he almost whispered as he walked away slowly.

He had joined the side of evil, I presume. Its a shame really, he was always the guy with the plan. Heck, he even lead me, Kimm, and at least two other adventurers to the throneroom during the battle preceeding Sepulchure's death and Chaos' reveal.

Kimm and I, we stayed in Swordhaven for a year, joining the side of good, and learning all we could about healing magic. After that year we returned to Battleon where I stayed shut in at Yulgar's inn, while Kimm actually put what she learned to use, and helped Twilly heal passing by adventurers, much to my dismay. I hated it whenever she told me stories of how adventurers tried to steal her heart, or get her to travel with them. I'm protective of my sister, and, if I had the strength, I would duel and beat every single guy that looked at her with malicious intent. Unfortunately, I can't do that, so I have to bear with her stories. I just realized I've been standing outside of Yulgar's front door this whole time...I'd better move and find Green Warrior, I have many questions to ask him of his travels...

It was late night. Past Midnight to be exact. The inn was bustling, loud and full of life. Drinks were being chugged, stories being told, trades being made, and music was being played...But I had no part in it. I never took part in it, not one night in all the three years I stayed at this inn. Kimm did occasionally, but preferred sleeping early so she could help Twilly even more the next day. Me, I just didn't feel like I'd fit in, so I kept my distance.

Finding Green Warrior that morning was easy enough. His bright green robes with black trim, stone shoulder plates, and weird spinnin circle thing weren't that hard to spot from where i was. He was in the Battleon town square, casting the Refreshing Rain spell in the marketplace just so he could see the fish in the stands go berserk. It's amazing that a young boy like him, so impulsive and unlearned, was able to become an Evolved Shaman. It's weird, no one knew his real name, only Kaiban and himself. It amazes me to no end that we really have been calling him Green Warrior for the past four years. It aso saddens me a bit.

"Hey Green!"

"Huh? Oh! Conn! It's been a while!"

"Yea, two years to be exact."

Three years ago, back when Green Warror was actually a warrior, he had stayed with us in Swordhaven, learning(at least when he payed attention) fighting skills and how to be a knight. He didn't stay to learn chivalry or things like that, he just wanted to learn how to fight, so he could go out and find his cousin. He was a good fighter. Young, impulsive, but still a good fighter. He had little patience, and was often made to run around the gate surrounding the city because of sleeping in classes, or being disrespectful to superiors. He joined the side of good, and worked hard, but I knew he would probably switch sides when he found Kaiban, or at least when he reached Shadowfall. Seeing him now, a learned Evolved Shaman. I am both proud as well as confused.

"Yeah, two years...Dang thats so freaking hard to believe."

"I know righ? Whats even more unbelievable is that you're an Evolved Shaman now!"

"Haha I know right! Thank God I didn't have to stuy any books or anything like that!"

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, I got this class from Itzachi over there," he said as he pointed to the Evolved Shaman selling a Skyguard Grenadier class to a weak looking healer. I either facepalmed, or dropped my jaw to the lowest I ever have.

"So you've been in Battleon before?"

"Yeah, a year ago."

"A year ago? Kimm never told me!"

"Yeah, I'm not surprised."

"Why not!" I asked, fuming so much smoke probably escaped from my nose.

"We went out on a date," the young man said passively. He even looked at his nails and wiped some dirt off of one.

"A...A date? A FREAKING DATE?" If I was fuming before, my head was probably on fire at this moment.

"Dude chill out, it sucked anyway," he replied once again, any type of emotion absent from his face besides boredom.


"No! It was awkward and that dragon in the freaking forest didn't help either!"


"So was I! Gah, that ghost sucked too..."

"WHA-...wait, ghost?" I instantly calmed down out of curiosity.

"It's a long story...I'll tell you some other time."

"Alright..." I glared at the young man before me. "Anyway, you're staying at Yulgar's right?"

"Yeah..." the boy replied carefully.

"You should have dinner with us, we've been staying at Yulgar's for the past three years, and theres room in our room for one more."

"You have three beds?"

"No, but theres a floor."

Silence followed.

"There's food right?"

"Of course."

"FREE food?"

I sighed. I wonder if he got that from Kaiban.

"Yes, Green, the food is free."

"Alright cool...And can I have the-"

"No, you can not have or share any of the beds in the room."

"Awww alright..."

With that, we left and headed for Yulgar's.

That was this morning. Now we were waiting for Green Warrior to finish eating his dinner. God, he ate so much! It's as if he hadn't eaten in at least a week.

"Ahhh," he sighed as he leaned back holding his stomach, obviously pleased with his dinner. "That was great! Best I've eaten in the past week!"

"Not surprised," I replied back, eager to ask him of the whereabouts of my childhood friend.

"So have you heard from Kaiban?"

Suddenly Green Warriors demeanor became sullen. Possibly even lifeless. His skin became pale, and his breathing became slower.

"I heard..."

"Yes, yes, what have you head?" I asked frantically, ignoring the change in his persona.

"I heard he had died..." he almost whispered back.

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