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Chapter 7

"Again!" Laken yelled. This made Green rush forward and swing his sword down onto Laken's katana, causing sparks to fly. His blade bounced back not even a second after, and Laken took this to his advantage. Laken charged forward, thrusting his katana straight into Green's head. Green shut his eyes, then after a while, opened them again. He saw Laken's sword right in front of his left eye.

"You're an Undead Champion now. Fight like one," Laken said, detest evident in his voice as he cut down on Green's eye. Green screamed in pain, the laser the katana emitted had burned his eye, and the katana's blade itself also had cut it. Conn rushed over to Green, healing him from afar. They had been training under Laken for two days now, and Laken demanded perfection from the two.

"One day..." Green said in a low voice, catching Conn's attention.

"One day I'll kill that bastard! Or at the least defeat him! And then I'll beat Kai-"

"Ha! Beat me? You're thought processes are unfortunately illogical my hasty pupil," Laken said as he returned to his two students.

"You'd probably have trouble trying to kill one slime from Swordhaven, let alone me... or Kaiban for that matter,"

"You know Kaiban?" Conn asked in disbelief.

"Yes, you dolt, he's Green's kin, and one of Nulgath's generals now," Laken said, not paying much attention to Conn.

"A general?" Green said in surprise, hand over his eye. Even if it healed, it still hurt like hell. "How do you know this?"

"I bought the information off of some mercenary, it wasn't difficult in the slightest," Laken said as he walked away from the pair, leaving them to ponder this new turn of events.

"He's...a general," Green said.

"Yeah... Hey! If he's a general and Kimm's with him, she'll be okay right?" Conn asked, finally smiling for the first time since they've arrived at Dage's camp.

"Maybe," Green said, continually growing angrier with each passing sentence, "Or maybe he's killed her. Maybe he's left her to fend for herself in the army. Maybe he didn't notice her. Maybe-... Maybe he forgot us..."

"That's absurd Green! Kaiban would never forget us!"

"Oh yeah?! Then if he IS alive, why hasn't he contacted us in four years?! Why didn't he come back?! If he cared, why didn't he at least send someone to tell us he was alive?!" Green said, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

"I don't know Green," Conn said, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder, who was now slumped on the floor sobbing quietly.

"I don't know, but we'll find out..."

"Kaiban!" Kimm yelled as she ran up to her old friend. She's been seeing him less and less lately, usually cause of his new job.

"Oh Kimm, what's up? I'm kinda busy right now, and I have to go to meet with Dilligaf to plan-"

"Never mind that! You can't just stay and train for a while?" Kimm interrupted.

"I can't. I already told you I can't, that's why I said find a different teacher, remember?" Kaiban said as he tried to slowly walk away, but stopped short when Kimm replied.

"But I couldn't find anyone! All I found was-"

"Teej and Leo?" Kaiban interrupted in a rush.

"How did you know?! Were you stalking me?!" Kimm inquired, eyes wider than fine china with her hands over her mouth, which was wide open.

"No, I-"

"STALKER!" Kimm exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Kaiban. Needless to say, everyone around them had their eyes fixed on the two childhood friends.

"Calm yourself, dammit," Kaiban said as he lowered Kimm's hand.

"I don't stalk you. I know them. Teej is a friend I met in my travels and Ulo I met before I left for Shadowfall. When I sensed their presences here I decided to say hi. Surprisingly they knew who I was, so I didn't have to explain everything," Kaiban concluded.

"Oh, okay," Kimm replied after a few seconds of silence. The crowd watching them was now slowly dispersing because of the lack of scandal in the vicinity.

Kaiban started walking away before he stopped and turned his head back a bit and started speaking.

"Ask Teej to train you. He'll do it," he said before walking away towards the war tent.

"You fail at being cool!" Kimm yelled at Kaiban who was far away by now.

"Well it wouldn't hurt to ask..." Kimm said before walking in the other direction, towards Teej and Leo's tent.

Green and Conn simultaneously groaned as they both collapsed on their own respective floor mats.

"These three a day trainings are hell," Green said as he stared at the ceiling of the tent, wishing he never had to move his body ever again.

"It makes us stronger though," Conn replied, taking heavy breaths in between every few words, "I can fight a whole lot better now that we've started this, and my healing magic is getting even stronger,"

After a few moments of silence-save for the pair's heavy breathing-passed, Green spoke up.

"You think Kaiban went through this too?"

After a moment of thinking, Conn answered.

"I think he went through worse. Think about it, Nulgath's army are war veterans, almost every single one of them; and those are the newer recruits. Kaiban is a general now, so his training and time there must have been so much more worse than what we're experiencing now," Conn concluded.

"Damn, you're right...how long do you think he's been with them?" Green questioned.

"I don't know. Three or four years, most likely," Conn replied. Silence enveloped the pair once again.

"Hey Green,"


"You know where I've been for the past three years, so where have you been?"

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