Hey, guys. I just wanna let you know that this is a whole bunch of firsts for me: it's my first Victorious fanfic, it's also my first fic where I switch point of views, and my first fic where it's in first person. I'm actually really nervous about this. I'm not even sure if I'm really gonna continue this 'cause I'm not really sure that I like it. So, review. Let me know what you guys think. I'm completely open to suggestions. Enjoy the story!


Cat's POV

"Let's go, Cat!" my mom calls from down stairs. "We need to go so I can actually be on time!"

I finish retching into the toilet. "Be there in a second, Mom!" I reply, flushing the toilet and rinsing my mouth out with water.


I groan. My mom was not making my day easy already. I don't like it when my mom has to drive me to school. Usually, my brother Frankie drives me, but he lost his car last night. I don't understand him. It wasn't stolen. How do you lose a car?

I leave the bathroom, grabbing my schoolbag on the way to the stairs. I feel my pear phone vibrate as I walk down the first stair. I giggle when I notice it was a text from Robbie, my boyfriend.

'Good morning, cutie. (:'

"CA-!" My mother began, but stopped when she saw me on the stairs. "Will you stop texting and hurry up? Robbie can wait five minutes until we get into the car."

I giggle, but follow her out to the car.

"Oh, Cat, you didn't eat anything for breakfast. Do you wanna stop somewhere quick?"
"I'm okay, Mom. Thanks though." I wonder if this is the first time that she's noticed that I skipped breakfast, considering I haven't eaten it in almost three years.

"Are you sure, sweetie?"
"Yup," I answer, smiling down at my phone. I texted Robbie back.

'Good morning, Robbie. (: Can't wait to see you at school.3'

No, I wasn't going to tell anyone about me being sick. It's only making me throw up more than I usually do, not that I'm complaining.


Jade's POV

I woke up late for school. After quickly getting dressed, I grab my car keys and walk out of my bedroom door.

"Mom?" I call, looking down the hallway. Her bedroom door was shut as always. "Did you wake Jasper up?"

"Mom!" I yell, barging through her door and finding her passed out on her bed. I'm guessing she didn't wake my brother up. I groan. I wish I could count on my parents for something.

"JASPER!" I scream, banging on his door. "You need to wake up! We're late!"

He mumbles something like "okay" and I start to walk back to my room. "I'm not kidding, Jasper!" I yell over my shoulder.

As I reached my room, I take off my jacket and find my favorite scissors in my bag.

I add another cut to my wrist as my phone rang. It was a text from Beck.

'Hey, Jade. Is everything okay? Haven't seen you at school yet.'

I take a deep breath, savoring the feeling before texting him back. 'Yeah. Overslept. Gotta take Jasper to school, then I'll be right there.'

I sit with my back against the door as I grabb something to stop the blood coming from my arm. Jasper knocks lightly on my door. "I'm ready, Jade."

I swallow, get up, and put my jacket on. I open the door, Jasper right on the other side.

"Let's go," I say and he flinches at my tone. I don't know why I'm being so mean to him lately. He's the only other person besides Beck and Cat that I don't just tolerate.


Tori's POV

"TORI!" Trina shouts, pounding on my door and causing me to jump and mess up the makeup that I was applying to my face.
"WHAT!" I shout back.

"Gosh," she says through the door. "I was just letting you know that we've gotta go soon. Calm down, you crabby Cathy."

"Thanks, Trina." I choke out angrily. "I'll be down soon. I'm just putting makeup on."
"Oh, well, in that case, make sure you put lots on!" she calls back to me, her voice actually getting louder as she walked away.

I roll my eyes in the mirror and catch sight of what I was trying to hide. I groan. A big, ugly bruise surrounding my eye. Breaking up with Danny was the best thing to do, right?

My pear phone vibrates. A text from Danny. I groan.

'Tori, I'm so sorry. Please answer me. I love you. Xoxo.'

He's sorry? And he loves me? Maybe I should answer him with what might be happening…

Then I catch sight of my eye again. I sigh. Nope.

I just finished my makeup and checked to see if you could see the bruise as my phone vibrated again. Uh, Danny, just leave me alone!

Trina calls me again when I realize the text was from Andre.
'Hey, Tor. How ya' doing today?'

I smile. He knows about mine and Danny's break up and is worried about me. How sweet.
'Better, thanks. How are you?' I text back.

"TORI!" Trina yells once again.

I grab a plastic bag and shove it into my schoolbag. I guess I'll be doing this at school. "I'm coming, Trina! Cool your chiz!"


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