Diana closed the door to Nightwing's room. After the accident, the entire team had been staying in the mountain and she and Dinah had taken to checking on all of them at least twice during the night. Nightwing was still sleeping fitfully. A blue glow down the hall lead her to the briefing room.

Once again, he stood scowling at the monitors. He pressed replay for what she was sure was the hundredth time that night. With a deep sigh she walked forward to stand behind him.

"Bruce." She raised her hand to his shoulder.

"I already told Clark I don't need to sleep." His voice was almost a growl.

"Everyone needs to sleep. Even Batman."

Bruce scrubbed his hands over his face. "I'll sleep when I get to the bottom of this."

Always looking to solve a mystery. She brought her other hand up and attempted to work some of the tension out of the back of his neck. If anyone else had been around she wouldn't have dared such a familiar touch. She was a little startled to see him reach up and twine his fingers with hers. She leaned forward to look over his shoulder at the screen. It was playing different views from the security cameras around the satellite tower. "What are you looking for?"

He pressed replay again. "I do not believe in coincidences. That bomb was at the communications center for a reason."

"Someone wanted to hurt people. Villains don't always have a higher motive." She looked at the side of his face. He was blinking sleepily. "Bruce, you aren't going to see anything if you can't keep your eyes open."

"That's it!" He released her hand leaned forward; he squinted at the screen.

"Bruce-", she started but he cut her off.

"There!" He pressed pause and the frame stilled. The camera view was from the building across the street from the communications center. In the lower part of the frame, she could see the Team filing into the bioship with Superboy holding Nightwing carefully in his arms.

"I don't see anything." Diana stepped closer to him to peer at the screen.

"Right there." He pressed a few buttons until the upper right corner of the screen was enlarged.

"Simon." Diana exclaimed. She looked at him for answers.

"That's not all. Squint."

She was a little apprehensive but looked back at the screen and squinted. She almost gasped. On the side of the building was a huge question mark. Made entirely of Joker cards.

"Bruce what's going on?"

He sighed heavily then turned to look at her.

"They know."

Author's Note: So obviously Batman knows something. You'll just have to tune in to the sequel (As yet untitled. 'Why do we fall?' will be in the summary though.) to find out why he was watching the security tapes. And just to clarify, "They know." means Simon, The Joker, and The Riddler know who Nightwing is.

Update 8/23: The sequel has the pending title 'Why so serious?' Can anyone guess why?