Even with his eyes closed he could tell it was dark outside. The gentle sway underneath him and the smooth rumble of her powerful engine told him he was riding in the Impala. Sam's head hurt, he couldn't quite remember why but he was sure he was waking up from being knocked out. He just couldn't quite open his eyes yet. But if he was riding in the Impala that meant Dean was driving. If Dean was here, not still in Purgatory, everything was going to be okay and he was content to hover in semi-consciousness.

A sudden lurch to the left sent his body thumping against the door, and now his eyes were open. "What the hell, Dean?" He was so glad to have Dean back he was bitching at him out of instinct.

"Sorry. I'm not used to driving this fast." A female voice said from behind the steering wheel.

Sam turned to where his brother should be and saw a woman struggling to keep control of the car. Now he was fully awake. And he noticed they were going very fast down a two lane blacktop.

"We needed to get away from there." She answered his question before he could ask what was happening. She slowed down a little and the car settled back down to gliding down the road. It all came back to Sam…..


Author's Note: I'm reposting the first two chapters now that I almost know what I'm doing.